Men glasses

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The conventional wisdom is that glasses do make a man look smarter. Regarding to men glasses, the color and the shape are less than that of women glasses. While women have a plethora of knowledge at their fingertips to help them pick and choose their personal style, men have it a bit rougher. Too little guiding information exists to help them out, and many men are taught that worrying about fashion is frivolous anyway. But when it comes to getting men glasses, it’s important for men to make a decision that’s going to work for them over a long period of time.

Depending on your lifestyle, there are different types of lenses that can serve as valuable assets to you. Do you work outside a lot, or switch from being indoors to outdoors often? Transition lenses darken once exposed to sunlight, and will protect your eyes from UV rays and from over-squinting. Do you drive often, and experience difficulties seeing through glaring from the sun or headlights at night? Your optician can give you polarized lenses that will cut through this glare significantly and give you a sharper image. Also, if your prescription is stronger than a 4.00, you might want to discuss getting your lenses specially compounded to avoid a Coke-bottle effect over your eyes. You may have more considerations to make before choosing your perfect pair of glasses, but these are the bare minimums. If you don’t yet have an optician, major cities are full of qualified clinics waiting to help you. They can also help you look through dozens of frame varieties, and assist you in choosing the pair that is perfect for you as an individual.

Understanding your own face shape is not only important for choosing the best haircut and facial hair style, it will also help you choose your ideal spectacle frames. If you have a square jaw, you’ll want rounder frames to soften out your angular features. For those with round faces, you’ll do well with rectangular, bolder spectacle frames. A heart-shaped face is more difficult to complement, but you’ll find success in rounder frames that pull the focus from the forehead. If you’ve got an oval face, you can wear almost any type of frames you’d like. Unfortunately, no one pair of glasses will flatter each face the same way, so you’ll want to experiment with multiple spectacle frames to see which ones compliment you best.


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