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Create That Retro Sexy Look With Johnny Depp Eyeglasses

December 13th, 2011

Johnny Depp Eyeglasses, iconic item of the hottest man Johnny Depp, have long been considered a great accessory to boost one’s image. Johnny Depp, the multi-talented actor who is worldly renowned for his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Privates of Caribbean series and his numerous collaborations with the eccentric director Tim Burton which resulted in a series of aesthetically arty and commercially successful movies, most notably Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd and most recently Alice In Wonderland, is a true global icon. The People Magazine’s two times “sexiest man” alive winner, by the way, he is only the third who’s achieved that honour, the other two being his fellow heartthrobs Brad Pitt and George Clooney, certainly has a style unique to his own. Since the 1980s when Mr. Depp first rose to stardom by his amazing performance in the hit TV series 21 Jump Street, he has remained a retro vintage style that may look outdated on others but he somehow manage to not only pull off but make sexy as hell. From clothes to accessories, everything that’s seen on Mr. Depp is due to create a craze and huge following among million of his movie fans all over the globe and others who just want to look good alike.

Judging from a number of pictures of Johnny in and out of public, we can easily conclude that Captain Jack in real life is a constant eyeglasses wearer.  He seems to adore those eyeglasses that other celebrities can’t get enough away from. He is also bold and audacious enough to try on just about any type of frames that otherwise would appear completely nerdy or unsightly and make them work. Although there is practically no frames Mr. Depp couldn’t pull if off with, there do exist some styles that seem to be his favourites. Among the most notable ones are the classic tortoise frames that always get to appear on that gorgeous face of his. The delicate retro vintage design completes that sophisticated yet still immensely sexy look over and over again whether on the red carpets outside of premiers or when Mr. Depp is on the Late Show promoting his latest blockbuster.

Depp 1

There is no shame at all in wanting to get hands on a pair of Johnny Depp eyeglasses since everyone wants to look like a star. Unlike the products advocated by other stars though, Johnny Depp eyeglasses come with a profoundly deep-rooted sense of artistic taste. They are the missing piece of a larger picture. To pull them off, it might take more than a set of eyeglasses, but once the missing piece is fitted right and proper, you will surely shine like the mega-star himself with a sexiness that endures days and years.

Recent Trends in Men’s Eyeglasses

August 1st, 2011

If you ever thought your eyeglass was just a practical aid to help you with your eyesight, think again. In a world that requires people to take their images more and more seriously, even eyeglasses have become the latest fashion accessories. They are made with different styles and tagged with top international brand names and shipped to the farthest end of the world where people relentlessly seek that fashionable look everyday.

Although they have always been placed more emphasis on fit, comfort and durability of eyeglasses, men are also concerned with style. It is universally believed that the right pair of eyeglasses can tremendously improve the wearers’ overall image, therefore choosing men’s glasses becomes an important matter. The right glasses can help him shape an intellectual, wise and trustworthy image, while the less than perfect ones can only hide all the metrics and magnify the flaws of his physical features. To choose the right pair of eyeglasses, one needs to acquaint himself with the latest trends. Only in this way can he avoid wearing glasses that went out of fashion twenty some years ago.

Men’s eyeglasses have come a long way. While some styles seem to stay fashionable all the time, others evolve. One example of the former is the retro eyeglasses. Worn by people of all age groups, these glasses will simply never be out of fashion. Another style that is making a comeback is those round John Lennon eyeglasses. 25 years later, they are still around and very much loved all over the world.

While some types of eyeglasses manage to stay in the spotlight, the overall trend in men’s eyeglasses is always evolving. Recently, men’s frame style has become much more bold and masculine. Manly shapes such as aviator glasses and double brow-bar styles have re-emerged, however, made with newer and often more durable materials. While larger and bolder frames shapes are always in, be careful not to go too big if you have a small face. Besides masculine and bold frames, rimless and semi-rimless styles also become popular with people who want a modern or minimalist look. Combined with anti-reflective lenses, eyeglasses with these styles practically disappear from the wearer’s face, giving out a more clean and minimal look. For a younger, hip or retro look, many people are turning back to plastic. Lightweight and comfortable, plastic frames are creating another craze among youngsters despite of their drawbacks of being easy to break.

Classic Retro Eyeglasses Will Never Be Out of Style

November 23rd, 2010

It is a long time since that first pair of eyeglasses emerged. With the development of technology and economy, substantial changes have been in the eyewear industry. Eyeglasses are made of more advanced materials. The styles and shapes are various. It can be said that you can choose any styles that you like. Although new designs appear gradually, some classic styles can’t be forgotten. They will never be out of style, and gain people’s favor still. Of them, retro eyeglasses are a typical one.

In fact, the so-called retro eyeglasses started to be popular half century ago. And the 50s and 60s in last century have witnessed the popularity of the kind of eyeglasses. At that time, characters in many films wear retro eyeglasses. Accordingly, lots of celebrities also attended with them. Fashionable people began to imitate them. So the retro eyeglasses received heated attention.

Until now, it can be one style of classic eyeglasses. For some old people, retro eyeglasses can arouse their memory. For some young people, they can also experience the fashionable elements many years ago. The retro feeling will make people treasure what they have today to some extent and live better.

In a manner of speaking, classic eyeglasses can’t be defined casually. They should stand the test of times. And the common people are the best referees. Retro eyeglasses have a good market for many years. New styles and designs based on the original ones bring into market from time to time. It is enough to prove that people would like to own it. Sometimes, we can say that classic ones are fashionable ones. All the classic things have ever been fashionable. In other words, some of the fashionable ones will be classic ones in some day.

If you want to have a pair of eyeglasses, and hope to wear it for several years, classic eyeglasses are your best choice. Also, there are many other classic glasses for your selection. All of them will never be out-of-date.

Retro Eyeglasses Have Become Fashionable

October 25th, 2010

When lots of new things are throughout the lives of people, they seem not to want them. They hope to look for the feelings of reminiscence. So the retro begin to spread over each aspect of life. Technology products like retro cameras, retro televisions are produced. Clothes and accessories with retro style are specially designed. Even the retro eyeglasses are popular again and have become a trendy fashion.

Nowadays, people wear eyeglasses not only for the vision correction, but also for the fashionable decoration. Everyone would like to attract people’s attention and look different from others. Retro eyeglasses are the best choice for them in these autumn days.

Normally, retro eyeglasses occurred in the market are the glasses with antique vintage styles. But the frames and lenses are made of newer materials with the same classic appearance as retro eyeglasses in the 1950s. The retro eyeglasses first appeared half century ago when the eyewear industry reached its maturity with the introduction of new designs and materials. The typical styles are the horn-rimmed eyeglasses and cat eye glasses. These designs made women in the 1950s more beautiful and fashionable.

Sometimes, it is difficult to explain the meaning of fashion. Nobody has thought that the eyeglasses produced many years ago will be in vogue, again. The so-called retro eyeglass is a good illustration. Maybe it is the psychological need in different times. Something retro can provide opportunity with young people to experience the bygone elements. It sounds good to certain extent.

Why not purchase chic retro eyeglasses if you also need a pair of glasses? You can go to local optical shops and choose a pair of comfortable ones for you. Matched with proper clothes, retro eyeglasses will make you feel fabulous.

From nerd eyeglasses to retro eyeglasses

August 16th, 2010

Since the emergence of first pair of eyeglasses, both lens and frame industries have experienced tremendous changes. The dominant role maintained by single-vision lenses has been greatly challenged by multifocal lenses. Traditional plastic and glass lenses have been largely replaced by lenses made of superior materials like high index plastics and polycarbonate. Today, even prescription lenses can be tinted without offsetting their normal capability of vision correction. Eyeglass lenses are usually transparent and there is nearly no change in their appearance. The majority of lens changes are associated with functionality. However, the situation is completely different in the eyewear frame industry. Eyeglass frames have changed a lot in appearance along eyewear industry. And there are some interesting phenomena in this process. One is the interaction between nerd eyeglasses and retro eyeglasses.

In modern eyewear users’ mind, eyeglass frames decades ago would really be nerd and far from attractive. It is true that there was a time when many people especially teenagers refused to wear eyeglasses even if there was a vision problem. The reason was that eyeglasses at that time were quite disappointing in terms of appearance. Nerd eyeglasses could hardly gain wide acceptance among average folks. Prescription eyeglasses gain public acceptance gradually along with the process of eyewear style improvement. Today, there are even many people take eyeglasses and sunglasses solely as accessories. During this progression, it is a general trend that modern eyewear styles are more attractive than those old-fashioned ones. But there have been some classic styles playing a nerdy and retro role interactively from time to time.

Horn-rimmed eyeglasses are the best example. First becoming popular in U.S. in 1910s and 1920s, they were later considered as nerd eyeglasses in the 1940s. Then they regained popular as a retro style in the 1950s. Renaissance like this occurred several times in its history. And today, these glasses are typically representing a retro style. The implication of this example is that a typical frame style may experience changes in popularity in different times. An ever nerd model may become later as a retro one.

Retro glasses half century ago become popular again

July 27th, 2010

Half century ago, around 1950s, the eyewear industry reached its maturity with the development and introduction of new materials and new designs. Even by today, the most wanted retro glasses is from 1950s. Especially for those fashion fans, what they hanker for is 50s retro glasses. They wear retro eyewear for fashion expressions.

One good example of 50s retro glasses for men are the bold frames. Men in the 1950s wore thicker and wider frames glasses which are now in style again. These men’s retro glasses gained popularity again in 1990s, and some twenty years later, they are in vogue now even.

When talking about the retro eyewear for women from 1950s, the cat eye retro glasses will always be the topic. These upswept styles with the frame ends arched upward brought the beauty and fashion for the women in 1950s, and now these retro glasses are back in fashion once again. Inspired by the 50s classic retro glasses more and more styles have been developed.

Retro glasses are available in two forms. One type of retro eyewear is the authentic vintage glasses from the old time, the other can be the copies with the look of retro glasses but actually newly-made eyeglasses frames. The only thing needing to be cautious is that opticians really need pay special attention to put the lenses into the retro eyewear frames.

Retro glasses can be fitted as everyday use eyeglasses or for reading glasses only. Some creative fashion lovers even have the retro eyewear fitted with photochromic lenses and make the retro glasses as a pair of prescription sunglasses.

Retro eyeglasses never wear off

April 24th, 2010

When we are talking about retro eyeglasses, we normally are referring to those antique vintage styles, but the frames and lenses are made of newer materials with same classic look as retro glass. Retro eyeglasses may be traced back to the old era when the eyeglasses were just invented. People seldom connect the retro glass with the specific time period as retro eyeglasses go in cycles.

The most classic retro glass is the round frame or Windors. This is the retro eyeglasses once worn by India’s national hero Ghandi and John Lennon. The round frame retro eyeglasses are even worn by today’s people to express own personality and likings.

As retro glass is the new eyewear copying the old styles, most of the optical stores carry lines of retro eyeglasses to diversify the options for customers. An even easier destination is through internet shops to hunt for the favorite retro glass.

For most of the people, buying a pair of retro eyeglasses is the same as buying clothes to richen the wardrobes. Retro glass commonly is not worn on the daily basis, and retro eyeglasses are only worn on special occasions, such as birthday party or Halloween parties.

If fitted with proper lenses, retro glass is the full-function vision device just like other eyeglasses. Some opticians even produce bifocals and sunglasses out of the retro eyeglasses frames. Through the years over the long history, retro eyeglasses never fade out in the optical world