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about Clip on Sunglasses

June 15th, 2015

Clip on sunglasses are an ideal way for wearers who wear prescription glasses to protect their eyes from the sun. This kind of sunglasses will clip right onto regular prescription eyeglasses, allowing the wearer to see clearly while shading and protecting the eyes. Clip on sunglasses will offer you convenience, available and affordable price than normal prescription sunglasses.

There are three main types of clip on sunglasses available. The type worth of your purchase depends on factors such as your lifestyle, budget and circumstances. Each type of clip on sunglasses can be purchased in a variety of colors, sizes and styles. The first type is custom clip on sunglasses. The custom clip on sunglasses clip to the middle of the bridge on prescription eyeglasses. The clips are rubber coated so they do not damage the frame or the lenses of the eyeglasses, but they are the least expensive type of clip on sunglasses. The clips on standard clip on sunglasses are the most noticeable of all the types available. The second type is flip clip on sunglasses. The main feature of the flip clip on sunglasses is that they clip over the prescription eyeglasses and can be flipped up or down according to the lighting condition. In this way, you do not need to be constantly removed and put back on. The clips on flip clip-on sunglasses are much smaller than standard clip-on sunglasses and are therefore not as noticeable. Moreover, they are also less likely to damage prescription eyeglasses as they do not need to be constantly removed. However, the hinge on flip clip on sunglasses can easily break. The third type is magnetic clip on sunglasses. Magnetic clip on sunglasses use a clear magnet which attaches to the prescription glasses. They have no clips so they are barely noticeable. They can only be used on frames which are magnetic (i.e. metal), and so cannot be used on plastic frames. They fit directly onto the frame, and therefore the magnetic clip-on must be exactly the correct size for them to block the sun. Magnetic sunglasses are the most expensive clip-on sunglasses available.

Not only there are different types of clip on sunglasses, but also they comes in different styles. While older versions were often bulky or unattractive, today they come in different varieties, such as rimless styles, which are lighter and offer a more streamlined appearance. They are also designed to fit over most styles of plastic and metal. Clip on sunglasses are offered from the simplest styles to high end designer fashions. Since they are more affordable than prescription sunglasses, some people choose more than one pair so they can wear different styles for different outings. Many are designed to be conveniently flipped up when entering a building or when the sun passes behind clouds. There are also holders that you can purchase to attach to the visor in your car so you can store your sunglasses and keep them handy.

Once you would love to choose clip on sunglasses, firstly, you need to know how to measure the clip on frames. After knowing the size, you can purchase at optical store. So how to measure for clip on frames? The first step in choosing the correct clip-on frames is to compare the style of clip-on frames to the frames of the prescription sunglasses. Choose the nearest in style so that the clip-on frames will cover the entire prescription sunglasses frame. Measure the width of the glasses. Ensure that the glasses are measured in the middle. If the clip-on sunglasses are not available in the same size as the prescription glasses, it is important to make sure they are slightly larger. This ensures that the eyes are completely protected from the sun. Not all clip-on sunglasses are measured in inches; some are simply classed as small, medium and large.

Clip On Sunglasses For Men: Killing Two Birds With One Stone

September 27th, 2011

Are you sick and tired of constantly switching between shades and glasses on an already unbearably fast paced day? Do you often find yourself looking at those jaw-droppingly expensive prescription shades and feeling skeptical at the very thought of your not very handsome payrolls? If yes, you might want to check out clip on sunglasses. For outdoorsy men who are obsessed with sports and other outdoor activities, clip on sunglasses may turn out to be one of their favorites.

Unlike your regular conventional shades or glasses, clip on sunglasses come in two sets of lenses. The base set with frames is clear lenses of prescription powers that provide the vision correction you will need. The extra set is UV lenses that you add on to the base set when UV protection is needed. The two sets of lenses are attached together easily and tightly via clips or magnetic. Although the methods may vary, both types of clip on sunglasses are equally users friendly and impact proof.

With their ingeniously unique designs, clip on sunglasses come in handy in a variety of occasions in our daily lives. For instance, when you suddenly decide to take a stroll in the sunshine lit outdoors or need to headed out for a business trip, you don’t have to switch to a pair of shades and thereafter compromise the vision correction. You can just have on one pair of clip on sunglasses and the problem will be solved easily. Likewise, when you are engaging in any aggressive outdoorsy activities or sports that require not only safety from toxic UV rays but also sharp vision and acute observation, clip on sunglasses fit the bill just as well.

Compared with progressive glasses, which is also capable of offering both UV protection and vision correction at the same time, clip on sunglasses are more readily affordable. Besides, they are available in almost every style and color choices out there, making them an ideal choice for men and women all over the world.

A Guide of the Known Types of Sunglasses.

June 24th, 2011


Aviators often come in oversized teardrop-shaped lenses and a thin metal frame. It is specially designed for the pilots and always the main fashion stream in eyeglasses fashion world. As a classic style, aviator sunglasses have passed the test of time. Nowadays, not only men but also women prefer aviator sunglasses.


Mirrorshade is equipped with a mirrored coating on the surface. Due to the popularity among policemen, it gained a nickname-cop shade. There are two popular styles for mirrorshades. One is a dual lens set in a metal frame and a “Wraparound” style.


Polarized sunglasses do a good job of eliminating the glare from surfaces like water, snow. Due to its features, they are of great importance to help wearers who love sports such as driving, golf to protect the eyes and enhance their performance.

Clip on

Clip on sunglasses are a combination of eyeglass and sunglasses with two layers of lenses. You can regard it as normal rx eyeglasses while taking off the outside layer. When you go outside, clip on will do the same job as sunglasses to prevent harmful UV rays when you flip up the outside lenses.


Due to rimless design, rimless sunglasses are so lightweight that many sports enthusiasts are likely to buy rimless sunglasses. Also rimless sunglasses come in different colors and become a current fashion styles.


With the large lenses and frame, wraparound sunglasses can cover eyes and more area surrounding eyes as goggles do. Besides, thanks to the wraparound design, they prevent damaging UV rays from getting in through the sides, top and bottom of them.


Oversized sunglasses first got attention in the 1960’s when Jackie Onassis worn them. Now an increasing number of people are interested in wearing them, especially women. Oversized sunglasses in retro style are so popular that many people are sported wearing them in 2011.

How to Choose Tint for Sunglasses According to Your Particular Lifestyle

June 1st, 2011

Sunglasses tints are very popular and helpful to ensure you to see clearly in the bright sunlight. Now, there is a wide range of tints available so that you can choose your favorite tint according to different requirement. Different colored tints filter light in different ways. For example, some tints do a better job to block out light than other. Some tints may cause distortion of color, while some can enhance color. Maybe you always like one kind of tint, but you’d better choose the suitable one according to your particular lifestyle. Here’ a guide that helps you choose proper tint for your sunglasses.

Grey-As a popular neutral tint, gray allows the eyes to perceive colors in their purest form. It can reduce brightness and glare. So it is suitable for outdoor sports such as cycling, running, etc.

Women's full frame plastic wrap around rx sunglasses

Rose-Rose allows about 77% of visible light transmittance inside, 60% light transmittance outside. They are helpful for computer users to reduce glare and alleviate eye strain, so they become a favorite among computer users. Besides, these tints have a good reputation of being soothing to the eyes and more comfortable than others for longer wear-times.

Plastic Sunglasses

Yellow-Yellow allows 77% of visible light transmittance inside, 60% light transmittance outside. They are good at improving contrast in foggy or low-light condition. So they cam make objects look sharper but they may cause color distortion. They are good option for shooters, skiers.


Brown-Brown does a good job at enhancing our view. Because they can reduce glare and block out blue light. And these tints improve contrast and visual acuity, especially against green and blue background such as grass by means of blocking blue light. They are often made for driving sunglasses, suitable for fishing, hunting, etc.

Women's full rim acetate wraparound Rx sunglasses


Purple-Purple allows about 70% of visible light transmittance inside and 20% outside. It provides natural color perception when protecting the eyes.


Blue-Blue allows 70% visible light transmittance inside, 30% light transmittance outside. Blue is a contrast lens and reduces glare from visible white light.


Gradient tint-Gradient tint can reduce glasses and light intensity while allowing you sees words clearly when you read by using the bottom portion.

There are a variety of sunglasses with different styles and designs, such as aviator sunglasses, wraparound sunglasses. No matter what kind of sunglasses you choose, you’d better choose proper tint for sunglasses you select according to your particular lifestyle.

Tips for Selecting Proper Sunglasses Lens Color for Different Riding Conditions

May 26th, 2011

Nowadays, more and more people become enthusiasts of cycling. They pay much attention to their gear of cycling. Among their gear, cycling sunglass is a must-have item. There are a variety of cycling sunglasses available for you. People use sunglasses frames to match their bike, lenses and even put a built-in MP3 player. Besides frames, the lens color has a great influence on your performance. They are often confused about what kind of lens color they should choose among a seemingly endless array of options. Here’s a guide that will tell you the different lens color is suitable for the conditions in which you ride.

Plastic Eyeglasses

Black or grey lenses

Black, gray and smoke lenses are the best lens color for bright condition because they can weaken the bright sunlight, which will ease the eye strain. Besides, gray won’t cause any distortion of color of objects while other lens color may do such as some bright lens color. So gray is also an ideal color for driving sunglasses.

Suitable for: road rides even on sunny days.

Not for: mountain biking. You may not get clear view when you go to a trail because gray don’t improve contrast or depth perception.

Plastic Eyeglasses

Brown lenses

Among these lens colors, brown is always an ideal lens color. It not only weaken bight light but also improves contrast, clarity and depth perception. Moreover, they also can enhance shades of green, such as grass because they can filter out blue light.

Suitable for: mountain biking

Not for: night riding


Amber lenses

It can filter out blue light to increase contrast effectively. It is very helpful to choose it, even when you face rocks and roots that are jumping out at you from the shadows.

Suitable for: mountain biking on cloudy days and on dimly lit trails.

Not for: sunny days


Red or rose lenses

Red lens will improve contrast and brighten cloudy days. However, they will cause distortion of colors so they are not suitable for condition in which you need see clear shades of color.

Suitable for: ride in cloudy condition

Not for: sunny days.

Plastic Eyeglasses

Yellow lenses

They are suitable for hazy condition. Yellow improves contrast and clarity so that you can know your position even when you are in dense fog.

Suitable for: road rides in the fog condition such as early morning

Not for: sunny days

Plastic Eyeglasses

Clear lenses

They perform well in dark conditions and are helpful to protect your eyes from dirt, harmful UV rays and other foreign objects.

Suitable for: dark condition

Not for: sunny days


Orange lenses

They work well in darker and cloudy weather.

Suitable for: mountain biking on cloudy days

Not for: sunny days.


Blue lenses

It is true that seldom blue lenses are applied to cycling sunglasses because they will make things look funky. What’s worse, they can’t improve contrast and depth-perception.

Suitable for: a fashion show or party

Not for: road and mountain biking

From the above stated, you must have a clear understanding of the lens color of cycling sunglasses. Choose the proper lens color according to different riding conditions and weather.

The Difference between Clip-on Sunglasses and Prescription Sunglasses

March 6th, 2011

As the symbol of fashion, sunglasses are undoubtedly favored by numerous people who want to have a stylish look. Besides, sunglasses are also a useful tool to protect the eyes from the strong sunlight or harmful UV ray. However, almost the sunglasses available on the market are designed to be with plain lenses. For people who are suffering from vision problems, these sunglasses may have the function of protection but they are useless in vision correction. Therefore, some people choose to wear clip-on sunglasses while the others prefer to use prescription sunglasses in order to correct their vision and protect their eyes at the same time. Actually, both clip on sunglasses and prescription sunglasses have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Clip on sunglasses consists of two parts, namely a common pair of prescription sunglasses and a pair of clip ons without prescriptions. Such sunglasses can be used both indoors and outdoors. When you go outside, you can turn down the clip ons to protect your eyes from the sunlight and UV ray; when you come back indoors, you can turn up the clip ons and see objects through the prescription eyeglasses lens. But the clip on sun glasses may make you look bad. The prescription sunglasses have the same appearances with the common sunglasses but the lenses of former are with prescriptions which the latter are absent of. So no one knows you are wearing a pair of prescription sunglasses unless he/she is informed of this. But it is only suitable to be used outdoors.

Besides, the clip on sunglasses is always heavy in weight as it has additional clip ons. So you may feel uncomfortable and being under great stress if you wear it for a long time; while the prescription sunglasses are much lighter than clip on sun glasses. For this reason, people are more likely to choose prescription sunglasses.

No matter you choose clip on sunglasses or prescription sunglasses, do remember to ensure it’s quality since wearing inferior-quality sunglasses may do harm to your eyes.

Don’t Let Vision Problems Deprive Your Right to Wear Sunglasses

March 1st, 2011

Summer is approaching, and most of the people would like to wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from the strong sunlight and UV ray. But for people who have suffered from nearsightedness or astigmatism, the common sunglasses cannot meet their needs. In such occasion, there are several ways to solve this problem, such as the combination of contact lenses and common sunglasses, using photochromic eyeglasses, matching prescription sunglasses and wearing clip on sun glasses. Here I want to discuss the fourth method.

Clip on sunglasses refer to the prescription eyeglasses that are attached with plain sunglasses by clamping or with magnets. These sunglasses are inexpensive and convenient to assemble and disassemble as well as use. But they are heavy in weight and may press the nose bridge and check. More over, they will affect your beautiful appearance. So if you are a person who pays great attention to look, clip on sunglasses may not be your best choice.

As for how to choose clip on sunglasses, there are three aspects you should concern, namely the anti-UV function, the lens color and the lens quality. First, the anti-UV function of the sunglasses has nothing to do with its lens color. On the contrary, your eyes will be damaged if you choose the dark colored sunglasses clip ons that are with bad anti-UV function. Second, it is better to select grey and brown sunglasses lenses as they have the best visual clarity and the optimum anti-UV functions. Last but not the least, if there is movement of the object in front of the lens when you shake it, this means the lens has a bad optical quality. You will feel swollen in the eyes or dizzy if you wear such sunglasses.

Finally, I want to mention that don’t wear clip on sun glasses of which the color is too dark if you are a driver because the dark color will prolong the response time of the driver to the emergency by 100ms, consequently the traffic accidents will be more likely to happen.

A comparison between prescription sunglasses and clip on sunglasses

May 29th, 2010

The popularity of clip on sunglasses in the eyewear industry is to a large degree reasonable. It reflects people’s natural pursuit for savings because prescription sunglasses are usually considerably more expensive. In fact, prescription sunglasses and clip on sunglasses have both advantages and disadvantages. For instance, prescription sunwear is convenient because it eliminates the necessity to put on and take off the clip ons. Participating in an outdoor activity, a single pair of Rx sunwear will be enough for vision defected people. However, Rx sunglasses cost much more than regular Rx glasses, ordinary sunwear and even a combination of both. In addition, prescription sunglasses are unnecessary when the wearer enters an indoor environment because sunlight is absent. Using an expensive pair of Rx sunwear can thus be wasteful.

Meanwhile, we should also recognize that clip on sunglasses are not perfect, for they require probably frequent clipping and removing. But they are quite more affordable by ordinary individuals than prescription sunglasses. For most users, it is acceptable to clip on extra sunshade onto their regular Rx eyeglasses. Another benefit of using clip ons is that it is easy to get another pair if the old pair gets lost, scratched or even broken. The reason is that clip ons are separate and it is unnecessary to spend a lot of extra money on a pair of prescription sunglasses. Currently, clip ons come from the simplest styles to high end designer styles. This enables their wearers to enjoy various looks, which is the reason why many people keep more than one pair for different circumstances.

Nowadays, clip on sunglasses are available at mainly three types, magnetic clip-ons, magnetic flip-ups and true clips. Magnetic clip ons are usually polarized and can block out harmful UV rays and glare. Their magnetic feature makes them easy to use and just “click” into place. Nearly no effort is needed to snap them on. Magnetic flip-ups are also magnetic but they require a bit effort to put onto the frame. The benefit is that they do not require additional effort of removing and putting back. They will flip right up when UV protection is unnecessary. The third type is true clips, which have claws that hook to the regular frame. Of course, they are the most cumbersome to put on and take off.

Convenient and inexpensive clip ons

October 13th, 2009

Clip ons are really great invention in the modern time. A pair of clip on glasses consists of at least two rimless lenses and a bridge connecting them. Clip ons have two extended upper and lower clips at the back side of the lenses. The clips are usually attracted by one magnetic body between them. They are set at an inner side near a rear edge. At least one of the clips of clip on glasses is pivotally movable relatively to another. With such a structure, clip ons can be firmly connected to a pair of regular glasses in the front.

Clip ons provide the most convenience. If you wear correction glasses, you can just buy a pair of clip on glasses for other purpose. They eliminate the necessity of buying another complete pair of glasses so that save you money. Clip ons come in different uses. The common types are night vision clip on glasses and clip on sunglasses.

Driving at night is an entertainment for most drivers because the roads in city are always crowded during daytime. However, night driving increases the risk of accidents. Night vision clip on glasses can easily solve this problem. Night vision clip ons are made of a special material which filters the incoming light. It helps you to better observe the other cars or pedestrians during night driving. These clip ons are extremely light to reduce the total weight.

Clip on sunglasses are the most popular among clip ons. These clip on glasses can offer full UV protection just like normal sunglasses. Since sunglasses are so widely used, clip on glasses provide great help even if they are lost. You can just order another pair, rather than replacing the lenses. Clip on sunglasses are manufactured by the majority of notable brands in all colors.

Clip-on sunglasses in different shapes

October 10th, 2009

Clip-on sunglasses are convenient and always save you money. This writing introduces clip on sunglasses in various shapes at

The first type is Solarclips. The lens shape of this kind of clip-on sunglasses looks like the solar. The website’s solar shaped clip-on sunglasses eliminate glare and providing 100% UV protection. The spring loaded mechanism allows you to put on the clip on sunglasses with a single hand. Solar shaped clip-on sunglasses are designed for rimless, plastic or metal frames. They fit up to 99% of the optical frames in the market.

The second type is G shaped clip-on sunglasses. The lens of this kind looks like the character “G”. The online store applies its patented flip up all metal mechanism to its G shaped clip on sunglasses and makes them unbreakable. The mechanism also protects the lenses from slippage and scratching.

G wrap clip on sunglasses at have larger frame styles with peripheral protection. This design of clip-on sunglasses protects your eyes from all angles, providing a full protection from UV rays. You can just flip them up and down while boating, fishing and driving.

The online store also offers clip on sunglasses in forms of magnifying readers. This type of clip-on sunglasses is designed to turn any pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses into handy reading glasses. Magnifying clip-on sunglasses from enhance the finest details with pure clarity. It provides this type in powers from +1.0 to +3.5 in quarter power increments.

Besides different shaped clip on sunglasses, provides clip-ons in various colors, such as yellow, orange and red.