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About bifocal sunglasses

June 11th, 2015

Bifocal sunglasses, with two different prescriptions in the same lenses, is to correct myopia, hyperopia and/or astigmatism while blocking sun’s harmful rays. Bifocal sunglasses are great for reading maps, menus, books and newspapers easily, tying on your lure while fishing, marking the scorecard during a round of golf, or anything where you want to see up close while still protecting your eyes from the sun. When you look up, the top half lets you automatically see in the distance without constantly changing back and forth from one pair to the next.

Today, there are many different types of bifocal sunglasses available. Equal division lenses, segmented bifocals and blended lenses also called seamless or invisible bifocals, are three main types of bifocals. Benjamin Franklin is generally credited with invention of bifocals. Original bifocals were designed with the most convex lenses (for close viewing) in the lower half of the frame and the least convex lenses on the upper. Up until the beginning of the 20th century two separate lenses were cut in half and combined together in the rim of the frame. The mounting of two half lenses into a single frame led to a number of early complications and rendered such spectacles quite fragile. A method for fusing the sections of the lenses together was developed by Louis de Wecker at the end of the 19th century and patented by Dr. John L. Borsch, Jr. in 1908. Today most bifocals are created by molding a reading segment into a primary lens and are available with the reading segments in a variety of shapes and sizes. Bifocal lenses are available with the reading segments in a variety of shapes and widths including bifocal sunglasses options. The most popular reading bifocal is the flat-top known as straight-top or D segment, 28 millimeter wide.

Bifocal sunglasses can cause headaches and even dizziness in some users. Though most people who require bifocals have difficulty focusing on objects both up close and far away, they have always been designed with the corrective lens for close range focusing at the bottom and the corrective lens for distance vision at the top. While this design once made sense, because close range focusing was generally required for reading and writing, activities traditionally preformed while looking down, more and more people find it awkward to use such lenses with a computer. Since the computer monitor is directly in front of the user, the up close corrective lens seems out of place on some glasses.

Bifocal Sunglasses bring the fun of shades to multi-vision error sufferers

March 4th, 2012

Bifocal sunglasses, shades with multiply powered lenses, are the latest effort from the relentlessly innovative optical industry, whose endless endeavor in bringing the eyewear wearing experience onto another level have benefited millions upon millions vision error sufferers around the globe. The pace with which those gadgets evolve is purely fascinating. Years ago when the introduction of prescription sunglasses into the public arena brought about a revolution and reshaped the landscape of the optical industry, people thought those optical guys have definitely done all they could. Now, when prescription sunglasses have become as plain as prescription spectacles, people begin to wonder what the next big thing in the optical world will be. Well, if you have paid any attention to the industry at all, you will have full confidence in claiming that bifocal sunglasses will take that crown and be adored by lots and lots of spectacles and shades wearers in the foreseeable future.

For all the people who have insufficient eyesight to enjoy the functionality and fun of shades, it takes more than just putting powers onto the lenses. Even inside those people, there could be two categories put forward: those who have single vision error and those who suffer from at least two vision deficiencies. Conventional single powered prescription sunglasses only meet the needs for myopia or presbyopia suffers. If, however, the person in question suffers both the two, those shades would fail undeniably in providing convenient and fun wearing experience since the wearer has to constantly switch between two pairs. Bifocal sunglasses come in handy for those who are over their 40s and need presbyopia correction and who also have myopia at the same time. Those sunglasses accommodate practically all types of frames out there on the market and they are just a blast to put on.

With several decades’ experience in the optical field, is now the fastest growing online eyewear vendor in the world. The professionalism in their staff’s handlings from with the orders to with the consulting will guarantee a pleasant shopping experience fraught with fun and ease.

Bifocal sunglasses for outdoor activities

May 18th, 2010

As widely known, bifocal reading glasses are generally superior to single vision reading glasses because bifocals can deal with both presbyopia and nearsightedness or farsightedness. Using a pair of bifocal glasses, a presbyopic patient does not need to rely on two separate pairs of different eyeglasses when they suffer from two vision problems. This is really a great help for most presbyopic patients. While the majority of bifocal eyeglasses users wear these glasses indoors, some of them need to achieve similar visual aid outdoors. Everyone knows that an indoor environment and an outdoor environment differ considerably and widely. Easily imaginable differences include light condition, UV radiation and so on. For presbyopic patients who want to read materials or documents in an outdoor environment, bifocal sunglasses are the better choice.

As the average life span extends, more and more people in their 50s and even 60s are still enjoying various outdoor activities like skiing, hunting, sun shinning on the shore, motor cycling, driving and so on. Some of these outdoor activities require a clear near vision. For instance, some people may try to read a newspaper on the shore. In some cases, hunting requires a person to read a map in a forest. Participating in an outdoor race like driving and cycling involves inevitably reading a gauge board. Since these activities are widely enjoyed by part of the presbyopic group, proper vision aid is indispensible. Bifocal sunglasses are truly competent in providing vision correction for presbyopic individuals who still like outdoor activities or sports.

It is easy to interpret that the two basic elements of bifocal sunglasses are vision correction and UV protection. Being in an outdoor environment, these two elements are to some degrees equally important. Achieving good performance during sports or cycling depends highly on appropriate vision correction. But protecting the eyes from harmful UV rays is also important.

C: Bifocal sunglasses are the right choice for presbyopic patients who still like to participate in outdoor activities or sports. Vision correction and UV protection are equally important for them.

Some Commonly Asked Questions about Sunglasses Bifocal

April 14th, 2010

It is no denying that both sunglasses and bifocals are very popular among people of certain groups. And there are also products that have combined the functions and features of the aforesaid two together- sunglasses bifocal. In fact, sunglasses bifocal refer to sunglasses with bifocal and can be called bifocal sunglasses ultimately. Many sales men hold that bifocal sunglasses are now some of the best selling products in the industry, in particular when it comes to summer, those sunglasses are much popular. However, there are still many points to be noticed in buying them. Here are some of the commonly asked questions by regular wearers.

1. Why are there some reflected images on computer or TV screens when with those sunglasses?

This is probably caused by some ignorance of the opticians- they may have failed to deal the sunglasses with anti-reflection coatings. And people are suggested to re-visit the opticians and ask the opticians to solve those glare-related problems. People now gradually come to the recognition that glares can cause great damage to their eyes, which may lead to glaucoma, cataracts, etc. And almost all good sunglasses can block glares nicely. Of which, bifocal sunglasses are just some of the best examples. Especially, when people have to go outdoors, their eye health may be threatened by glares reflected by waters in rivers or pool; glares should also be filtered out when people drive at night, etc.

2. What should people wear in summer if they love to do some sports activities?

It is true that bifocal sunglasses are mainly used for people who often go outdoors, though they can also be used indoors in particular occasions. Therefore, those sunglasses can be the best alternatives for them. The reason lies not only in the fact that those sunglasses can help filter out all harmful rays in sun lights and glares, but they can help athletes perform much better if specially treated. For example, some bifocal sunglasses are specially treated for golf use only. Those sunglasses can make sure that the wearers can see much clearly of the balls and other disturbing lights will be weakened.

3. What should wearers do if they do not like the division lines in the bifocal sunglasses?

Division lines are some of the most evident features in traditional bifocals. It goes without saying that many wearers have suffered a lot with those glasses. Fortunately, those problems are also considered by designers and manufactures. They, later, prompted some other advanced series progressive series. They are bifocal sunglasses with progressive. No the above mentioned lines can be found on those unique bifocal sunglasses. Many problems and symptoms in conventional bifocals will be avoided if with those sunglasses. And some surveys have revealed that many wearers are very satisfied with those unique bifocal sunglasses.

In fact, there are many other questions often asked by wearers. And people are suggested to visit some other websites and vision clubs for more information.

Why Have Prescription Bifocal Sunglasses Become People’s Ideal Alternatives?

April 11th, 2010

When it comes to summer, Bifocal sunglasses are just some of the most beloved devices for people with both near vision and far vision problems. However, if people want to have much better or advanced alternatives, they may have a try on prescription bifocal sunglasses. Those prescription sunglasses are really very unique in many respects. And they have attracted the attention of more wearers, both regular and new glasses wearers.

Accurate prescription is one of the most prominent characters in those unique sunglasses. If people want to wear those sunglasses, they are suggested to get their eye prescription, on which prescription bifocal sunglasses are made. But there is still one more things should be done before this procedure- receiving eye examination, through which some other potential problems and diseases can be detected. Of course, this will be essentially and commonly involved in the prescribing process. The opticians will meticulously make the sunglasses according to the information embodied in the prescription. One point should be noticed that the prescription is very personal and individualized, and no mistakes is allowed. If any mistakes in the prescription, the sunglasses can not be used. Therefore, people’s prescription bifocal sunglasses can really reflect their needs and their personal eye information in the sense that they will find no discomfort in wearing those glasses.

They can be well used for rectifying both near vision and far vision problems. In the past, sufferers of both presbyopia and myopia can not stand the pain of blurriness, let alone enjoy the happiness of wearing sunglasses. But prescription sunglasses can help solve those problems perfectly. There are two focuses on the sunglasses and wearers can see objects at different distance through looking at different parts of the sunglasses. Especially, with the development of technology in the industry, some new types have made many problems easy and convenient to resolve.

Moreover, prescription bifocal sunglasses are also some particular members in sunglasses family. Some common features can also be found on those sunglasses and other sunglasses.

From a perspective of function, prescription bifocal sunglasses can help filter out almost all UV rays, and other radiations in the sun lights, which may cause great damages onto eyes.  For example, too much exposure to sun lights can lead to glaucoma, cataracts, etc. Also, adding some special coating on the lenses can also block some harmful glares that are common around people’s living environment. Therefore, many people can safely read under the sun or drive on roads with lots of glares if with those sunglasses.

From a perspective of fashion, those sunglasses are really representative. People of any groups can find their beloved sunglasses that always keep up with the latest fashion in the industry.

All in all, there are many other merits in prescription bifocal sunglasses and people may get more surprise if have a try.

Bifocal Sunglasses – The Best Alternatives in summer

April 10th, 2010

Multi-focal lenses have gained their new momentum since this new century. In particular, when it comes to summer, multi-focal sunglasses, also called varifocal sunglasses, are really very in. Those sunglasses can not only make people cool to look at, they also have very special functions and features. Here is an instruction about one of such unique sunglasses- bifocal sunglasses.

There are a lot of members in the family bifocal sunglasses. Of which, bifocal sport sunglasses are really very outstanding. Those sunglasses are mainly used for sport use. So, they are very popular among athletes and fans. They can ensure two things- wearers’ eyes will never be damaged by sun lights; wearers perfect very nice in the activities. Here are two very typical examples.

The first should doubtless be bifocal sunglasses polarized, for they are really multi-functional. Then, how to explain this? Because those sunglasses are polarized, they can ensure that wearers’ eyes will never be injured by glares. Those sunglasses are some of the best alternatives for people who often work surrounded by glares. For example, if people love to read under sun light, they can wear them; if they often go fishing, those sunglasses can help filter out harmful glares reflected by water. Still, they can be used for driving, skiing, etc.

The second is sunglasses for professional use- bifocal sunglasses for golf. Like other sunglasses for sports, those sunglasses are specially made for athletes and fans of golf. This is because the designs of them are based on the related environment and the tools. For example, those special sunglasses can filter out glares reflected by pools; can weaken the influence of grassland; can highlight the colors of the golf balls, etc. Therefore, they are idea alternatives for golf sports, but not good for other activities.

In addition, people should be very careful about the prescription of bifocal sunglasses. The reason is very simple- all bifocals should be meticulously prescribed, due to their own characteristics; all functions wearers need should be embodied in the sunglasses; all fashionable elements can be added in prescribing process, etc.

All in all, bifocal sunglasses are really good friends for people who want to enjoy comfortable and nice summer.

What Should Be Concerned While Buying Bifocal Sunglasses?

April 9th, 2010

Bifocals are some of the most widely used devices for vision correction among people who have both near vision and far vision problems. Those glasses have brought great convenience and benefits to wearers. However, there is a common problem that people’s eyes are in need of greater protection when it comes to summer. And bifocal sunglasses become the most beloved alternatives for people during this period of time. But it is not an easy job to get them, as there are many points to be noticed. In order to help more people, especially those new users of bifocal sunglasses, some related points will be presented.

The first thing people should do is to find a good retailer before buying bifocal sunglasses. It is true that, with the intense competition in the industry, more and more merchants have tried every possible means to enlarge their market shares. Even though, there are still many retailers who can not give consumers the first class services, with the best products at the right prices. For example, some consumers may enjoy much greater discounts if they are good at bargaining. And some complains among consumers arise, due to the price discrimination. And the best suggestion for consumers is to purchase from those famous retailers, like CIBA vision, etc. In those shops, not only will the quality be guaranteed, but the services are perfect and price is fair. Some people, for instance, may ask for return or refund if there is any problems in the sunglasses. And those good retailers will solve them nicely, for they have mature policies.

The second thing is to have eye examination before buying them. Bifocal sunglasses have both the functions of vision correction and accessories. So, wearers are suggested to visit their eye doctors for some advices. And in most cases, eye doctors will ask them to receive some eye tests- one reason is to check whether or not the patients are ideal candidates for bifocal sunglasses; another is to see whether any problems occur on the eyes. This process is very important. For example, about 5% people can not wear bifocals, let alone bifocal sunglasses; even for those who can wear bifocals, if they have any other eye problems, they should also have to wait for sometime till those problems are solved.

The third thing is to choose the materials and styles in those bifocal sunglasses. Generally, sunglasses made from different materials vary a lot in functions, though with some common features. And the materials are also firmly linked with price, through which, people of different group can find their ideal sunglasses. For example, bifocal sunglasses made from the latest materials are much expensive than those from common materials. In addition, the styles and designs of those sunglasses should also be considered. Many people of nowadays pay more attention to fashion rather than function. A pair of ideal bifocal sunglasses can help rectify vision problems nicely and make wearers cool to see as well.

All in all, there are still many other points should be noticed while buying those sunglasses. And people are suggested to visit some particular websites and vision clubs for more information.

Bifocal Sunglasses for Men- Irresistible Glamour for Men

April 9th, 2010

Bifocals are very popular in nowadays and bifocal sunglasses are also very fascinating devices for summer use among people of all groups. And there are still bifocal sunglasses for particular use among people of certain groups. Among which, bifocal sunglasses for men are such typical examples. Those sunglasses can give men limitless glamour and make them very cool to look at.

If judged from age, there are men’s bifocal sunglasses for young men, middle-aged men and older men. Just because of such classification, each of them can find what they need in their lives.

One of the most prominent factors in bifocal sunglasses for young men is coolness. This is very easy to explain. Most young men want to make them attractive to see, in particular because they want to attractive the attention of young girls. And the fashionable elements in those sunglasses have helped them greatly in this respect. Or to some extent, most young men have made them the focuses among young girls; some of them have greatly satisfied their minds.

Of course, the most important factor in men’s bifocal sunglasses for middle-aged men is maturity. Just because of the characteristics of this age group, middle-aged men want to make them seemed mature and serious and bifocal sunglasses have helped them reach their goals. And what may surprise them most is some sort of coolness will also be embodied when with those sunglasses. Others, especially those ladies, will be greatly attracted by men with bifocal sunglasses.

Those bifocal sunglasses for older men are also very nice with emphasis on classic. Men of this age group are experienced in many respects and give others an impression of mature and being respectable. And those particular sunglasses can evidently highlight such features.

From a perspective of cost, men’s bifocal sunglasses also vary a lot. Usually, men of all social strata can find their beloved bifocal sunglasses, no matter how much they earn every year. For example, some of those sunglasses can be as cheap as several dozens of dollars, whereas others can be averaged several hundred dollars for each pair. But one point can be sure that all those bifocal sunglasses for men are guaranteed in quality if purchased from legal retailers. In this sense, all consumers should be very careful and cautious in selecting retailers.

If seen from functions, bifocal sunglasses for men are universally guaranteed. Those sunglasses are initially used for vision correction. But some other functions are also included. For example, they can filter out almost all harmful rays, glares; they can adjust themselves automatically according to the environment around, etc.

In a word, men’s bifocal sunglasses are good alternatives for men who have both near vision and far vision problems in summer. Not only will those sunglasses solve the aforesaid problems, but they will also make wearers cool, fascinating to see.

What Can Bifocals Bring For You?

April 8th, 2010

It is no denying that bifocals are very popular among people of certain groups. Since the day when they come into being, bifocals have undertaken special mission- to rescue people with both near vision and far vision problems. The first bifocals, invented by Benjamin Franklin, are used to correct presbyopia and nearsightedness. However, with the developments of technology, they can be used to cure more problems. For example, there are also bifocal lenses for astigmatism in the market.

In fact, bifocal lenses can be used for people of any age group. And people of particular age group can benefit a lot by wearing them. For instance, children bifocal lenses are very ideal alternatives for kids. Some specialists strong suggest children with myopia to wear those lenses. This is because bifocals can slow down the degeneration of myopia. And facts have proved this point. Therefore, bifocal lenses are much better choices for kids than ordinary lenses that may worsen the eye problems.

Of course, the early bifocals are used to rectify vision problems. However, as people pay more attention to fashion and what they wear, bifocals lenses become accessories to some extent. Especially, when it comes to summer, bifocal sunglasses become very popular among wearers of all walks of life. Those sunglasses can sometimes highlight people’s personal tastes and elegance. Here are some typical cases of those sunglasses. Bifocal sunglasses for women are very beloved choices among females, for these glasses can make them much more attractive to look at. For example, frames with green, red, etc. are very popular among young girls. Moreover, the greatest element in bifocal sunglasses for men is coolness. Some of them make the wearers serious to look at, while others cool and vigorous. Certainly, there are also unisex bifocal sunglasses that are suitable for both male and female.

As for people who love to do some particular activities or sports, there are also bifocals for sports use. For instance, if one loves to fish outdoors, he may choose bifocal fishing sunglasses. Those sunglasses can help protect wearers’ eyes by filtering out glares and other harmful rays. Still, wearers are very cool to see.

There are still many bifocals of other types, and people are suggested to search more if need.

More to Know About Some Special Bifocal Sunglasses

April 6th, 2010

Bifocals and sunglasses are some of the commonest glasses products in the market. And if the two are combined together, what will they be? Yes, there are also bifocal sunglasses in the market. But there are still many species in this series. Here is an introduction about several special bifocal sunglasses.

The first one is bifocal reader sunglasses. The most evident features in those sunglasses are their reader related functions. They can be used as readers. People can read something in the sunlight without worrying about any damage to their eyes. Those sunglasses will automatically filter out any harmful rays and radiation that can injure eyes. Or to some extent, they can help magnify what people see. Therefore, those bifocal sunglasses are good devices for the ones who love to read in the sun.

Another one is bifocal reading sunglasses polarized. They are much advanced products in the industry. Those sunglasses are good alternatives for people who read around some particular surroundings. For example, if people read or do something on the boat, there glare reflected by the water are really harmful. Because those sunglasses are polarized, they can block any glares and reflecting lights. Therefore, they can ensure a very sound reading environment. To be simple, those particular sunglasses can bring great benefits to people who often read or go outdoors.

Bifocal safety sunglasses are also very particular species. Like safety glasses, those sunglasses can protect wearers’ eyes effectively, for their sizes are relatively larger. Those sunglasses are very powerful in filtering out any glares, UV rays, and other radiations. Most people who often go outside love to buy them. And now, those sunglasses are made the same as ordinary glasses in styles and designs, not like safety goggles at all.

There are still some glasses for professional use- bifocal sport sunglasses. Those sunglasses are totally different from other types. To some extent, they are just designed for particular sports. For example, sunglasses for golf are totally different from that for fishing. The reason is very simple- those sunglasses can help highlight some wanted colors and filter out some disturbing lights. Still, those sunglasses can help protect eyes and skins around them. Therefore, such sports sunglasses can not only help sportsmen perform much better, but also protect their eyes. So, many sports lovers deem those sunglasses as their best friends.

The above mentioned bifocal sunglasses are just some of the most outstanding ones. And people can know more species by visiting