New Semester, New Start – Best Specs for Back to School |

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There’s nothing better to start the school year off than with a new pair of trendy specs. To make things easier, we’ve rounded up three campus-ready looks with frames to bring some inspiration for your smart glasses styles!


①Transparent frames



Freshen up your collegiate style with an air transparent frame. You may have been probably wearing fresh specs all summer, but now you can include them in your back to school outfits with these classroom-appropriate takes on your beloved clear shapes!




②Metal frames



The simple, the better, thus metal glasses can jazz up any type of simple outfits! It is always one of the top trends all year long. The contemporary style is a statement to your knowledge of fashion and a keen sense of style.




③Cat-eye frames



For most school girls, if you want a cute college outfit that gives you the smart, charming look, you need a pair of cat-eye glasses frames, without needing too much prep time.




④Oversized frames


Stand out in lectures with our bold oversized-frame look. Such style may not be so popular for fashion enthusiast, but it have its advantages – you always look like the person who has all the answers. Get ready to storm the library with this fresh pair of specs!



So, whether you are a college fashionista, planning on your new semester accessories, discover the best picks for back to school eyewear trends in Firmoo!


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