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How to Adjust to Bifocal and Progressive Glasses?

August 17th, 2012

Bifocal and progressive glasses all involve a spell of adjustment to better adapt to the inherent prescription transition in bifocal & progressive glasses. Your eyes may at first get uncomfortable and dizzy when you switch from the top part to lower part. Although the jump line is gone, yet the feeling of abrupt vision jump still persists. The following article will shine a light upon how exactly to adjust to bifocals and progressive glasses.

Bifocal glasses

bifocal glasses

Bifocal glasses are characterized by two different lens power or prescriptions in one lens, the upper part of which features distance vision aiming at myopia while the lower part features near vision dealing with presbyopia or astigmatism. In order to safely and comfortably negotiate the transition period, you will have to follow a few steps:

Step1: Get your bifocal glasses with exact and precise prescription through a certified and eligible pharmacy or glasses vendor.

Step2: Try on your bifocal for a spell of time until you accommodate to the jump of vision. Should discomfort or eye strain occur, you should suspend its use for a while and then resume wearing them and see if any of these symptoms happen again.

Step3: Move the objects you are about to catch sight of closer or farther way so that you can see objects more clearly through your bifocal lenses. (Objects placed too near or too far will influence its viewing experience or cause some blurry state)

Step4: Consult with your optometrist for expert advice, if any of these maladjustments persist. You will be given further information regarding the proper wearing habit.

Progressive glasses


Progressive glasses involve many a prescription in one single lens, which progress from the very top down to the lowest part. When your eyes have difficulty in seeing things clearly close-up or at arm’s length or very distant, it’s high time for you to furnish your face with one pair. But to adjust to progressive glasses needs extra effort and proper instruction, which I will walk you trough.

Step1: Prepare yourself for a sharp change of viewing experience entirely different from what you used to see.

Step2: See through each part of lens and check out how it will affect your vision. Take a book as an experimental subject and put it at different distance away from your eyes, and then see through the lenses how it feels. By and by, you will get used to the separate clarity of each part at each range of distance.

Step3: Walk around, carefully, while wearing the glasses. Keep your eyes straight ahead. Then move your eyes slowly to the outside edges of the glasses and notice that the vision becomes less clear. Bit by bit, by and by, you will find you slowly accommodate to the transition between different lens powers. Congratulations, you are almost there.

Step4: Repeat the abovementioned actions until you feel completely at ease and will switching between different ranges.

Bifocal Reading Glasses: an Unexpected Fashion Trend

February 17th, 2012

Five years ago, would anyone have considered it possible that the nerdiest of the nerdy glasses in the world, bifocal reading glasses, could someday become a fashion trend? However, in an era when practically nothing is impossible, bifocal reading glasses have for better or worse become the most unexpected fashion trend in the passing couple of years. It is not an exaggeration to say that bifocal reading glasses is catching on when it’s being worn by the sexiest man alive, Brad Pitt, or the most competitive coming-of-age rapper doing his thing on the most popular talent in the world. Those who have switched from their old pairs of bifocal to the everyone-is-talking-about progressives are now switching back for the sake of comfort, convenience and the newly found fashion value.

Gone are the days when a pair of bifocal glasses is laughed at just because they give away the fact that the wearers might be over the age of forty. People don’t like to hang their age around on their face for the world to know and subsequently bifocals are being disliked by many. As an alternative, scientists and opticians developed progressives to replace bifocals and since they don’t have any of that obvious separating lines that’s been scrutinized, progressives are selling pretty well. However, after a period of time, the fever died down a little as people began to learn that it takes a difficult adjusting period to get used to progressives and later that some people just couldn’t get over the adjustment period. Bifocal reading glasses, with their wearers-friendly design and convenient operating method, popped up on people’s mind again. However, some still hesitated on the thought of the unsightly effect these super nerdy glasses might bring to their face and overall image. Then, there comes the storm contributed by the names mentioned above and many more celebrities residing Hollywood which deleted totally and completely the consumption that bifocal glasses are uncool and established firmly in people’s mind that is worn properly, even bifocals could be sexy and attractive.

In an age when almost anything could be purchased electronically, bifocal glasses are no exception to the E-commerce trend., the world’s most professional eyewear vendor online has the most complete stock of bifocal reading glasses and their user’s friendly page and purchasing procedure will help you land your favorite pair within just no time.

Make Reading Fun and Healthy with Bifocal Reading Glasses

February 3rd, 2012

The overheated popularity of bifocal reading glasses amply demonstrates their distinctive peculiarity and versatility in providing the dual correction for near vision and distance vision. Equipped with such dual power, bifocal reading glasses can justify themselves to be called the genuine helper of myopia and presbyopia sufferers.

Bifocal reading glasses, in such a technological era, are becoming an increasingly useful assistant when it comes to the reading difficulty of victims of myopia and presbyopia at the same time. As implied by the name, bifocal is meant for embedding two distinctive optical powers into one single lens, hence the dual near vision correction and distance one. When you want to descry the objects in the far distance, you can focus your eyes upon the upper part of lenses, aiming directly at your myopia. And vice versa, the presbyopia problem will be duly resolved if you shift your focus to the bottom part. In the light of bifocal reading glasses, they do an excellent job in dealing with the shift focus from reading difficulty to viewing inconsistency. Great news is that the present-day bifocal reading glasses are free from the image jump caused by the conspicuous seam between the two optical powers, thus making for smooth and fluid viewing experience. For those having penchant for reading newspapers or books, bifocal reading glasses come as a godsend.

Bifocal reading glasses are no longer as dull and humdrum as they used to be. They nowadays come in different styles, shapes and colors, always managing to take on a refreshing look. As to the style of such kind of glasses, lying open to your selection are various kinds of styles, retro eyeglasses like Old Grannies’, those cool horn rimmed eyeglasses, one of which will surely satisfy your aesthetical wish. FYI, cheap glasses online is a pretty good channel where you can get access to both good quality and inexpensive glasses. Firmoo, as the undoubted leader of online glasses retailers, is exerting its influence to the best of its ability to offer the best of all glasses to its loyal customers. Nothing but the capital quality and matchless price here at Firmoo.

Bifocal reading glasses is indeed a veritable boon for book worms. If ill luck would have it that you are made victim of myopia and presbyopia at the same time, to admit no doubt, bifocal reading glasses will be the best edged weapon you can lay your hands on. What are you waiting for? Grace your face with a pair of bifocal reading glasses and enjoy an unencumbered reading experience.

Reading Glasses For Men Never Look So Good Before

December 7th, 2011

Reading glasses for men have long and for good reasons been thought of as nerdy and unattractive. The very mention of men’s reading glasses used to immediately bring to mind the image of an aged professor, with lined face and white hair, reading with the help of those glasses voluminous academic books that on one else could ever understand. They might come across perfectly as scholarly and intellect for those who are in the academia, but when it comes to us everyday Joes, especially those who constitute the younger generations, they just weren’t their cup of tea. Now, however, thanks to the relentless efforts and endeavor made by numerous designers and artists in the field, reading glasses for men have seen leaping and bounding progress in style.

Frames have always played a hugely important role in eyeglasses’ fashion value and with reading glasses for men, there is no exception. Traditionally, frames for men’s reading glasses were confined to a few simple ones, for instance, rectangular glasses frames and round eyeglass frames with the idea that men’s reading glasses ought to be clean and simple. Now, however, with revolutions in both optical techniques and people’s awareness of the validity of bold and audacious designs in reading glasses, which happened alongside the sweeping movement in other sectors of glasses toward the extreme and the novel, there has emerged a wide variety of choices for frames of men’s reading glasses in materials, sizes and colors, to boot. While metal provide that masculine and sophisticated vibe, plastic frames come with more youth and zeal in them. In terms of size, larger and larger frames are seen worn by ever more people than ever. They get rid of their old little glasses and put on the most in and trendy frames to make their fashion statement. Color-wise, the days when reading glasses only come in single timid colors of black and grey are dead and gone, buried in the dirt for good. Nowadays, a rainbow of colors are at your choose when you going shopping for reading glasses. Shiny silver, fashionable lime or the classic tortoise all add to your particular style of clothing if chosen properly, enhancing your personality and boosting your confidence and morale along the way.

With the endless choices in the style, material and color, wearing reading glasses for men could really feel like fun. So, if you are still with your old pair of reading specs, it’s time to toss them aside and start anew with these colorful new sets out there now on the market. With these reading glasses on, you will sure look better than ever before.

Weigh The Pros And Cons Of Bifocal Eyeglasses

December 6th, 2011

The very mention of bifocal eyeglasses brings to mind many debates and discussions. Opinions and perspectives on the product vary with different groups of people, sometimes to the extent of exact opposition. While some are highly and quite reasonably on their turns in favor of bifocal eyeglasses, others might be totally against it. The extremely polarized views on bifocal eyeglasses give a glimpse of a product combining many merits celebrated by followers and just as many defects scrutinized by its critics. Like two sides of the same coin, the pros and cons of bifocal eyeglasses must be taken into serious consideration when one is deciding whether or not to buy.

In comparison to single vision eyeglasses, the biggest advantage bifocals have is convenience. It saves those who suffer from the double harassment of presbyopia and myopia from the nettling troubles of switching between sets of glasses. By blending two different powers into the same lens, bifocal eyeglasses allow the wearer to see things at distance and things up-close by simply tilting their eyes slightly to look through the respective parts of lenses. Such ingenious design for many people is enough to ignore any drawbacks these glasses may otherwise have, since it spares them from their long-lived headaches once and for all.

For others, however, glasses featuring two powers isn’t enough to cover the many defects, among the most commonly complained of which the notorious image jump is. Because the prescription powers on two sides of the separating line are sharply different, wearers often experienced a sudden jump or distortion of image when their vision moves across the line. Such problem is unavoidable with bifocals or trifocals, what have you, but can be spared with progressive lenses. Featuring a gradient of powers progressing from the top to the bottom of lenses, progressive lenses do give more of a natural view as is advertised. However, that doesn’t mean progressive lenses are the ultimate and perfect alternative to bifocals. Wearers of such lenses often find huge areas of blurred vision at two sides of the lenses, which end up offending many and sending them back to bifocals. It seems that we still need to await the ideal solution that solves all problems and comes with not the slightest drawback. As for the time being, we might as well weigh the pros and cons and our particular conditions and make decisions accordingly.

Why Should You Choose Progressive Lenses Over Bifocals And Trifocals

November 28th, 2011

The discussion and debates surrounding the topic of whether progressive lenses should be chosen over their bifocal and trifocal counterparts have been going on since like forever ago. While the two groups of people following them separately have perfect enough arguments and reasonings, it seems that the ones who favor progressive lenses are gradually taking the upper hand. Let’s herewith hear their arguments and decide for ourselves whether they make sense.

First of all, these eloquent fine debaters would say, lenses of progressive glasses provide better visions than bifocals and trifocals do. This is a statement with much truth in, basically in three aspects. First, progressive lenses provide more precise powers. Bifocals and trifocals, as already revealed by their names, only have two or three different powers blended onto the same lenses, which means one can only get clear vision for two or three ranges. For most people this might come as a huge harassment since real life experience tells us that only two or three powers don’t even come near as enough for our daily uses. Progressive lenses, on the other hand, provide a gradual progression of prescription powers, with which almost any vision need could be met. Secondly and probably the most importantly, progressive lenses spare their wearers off the nettling experience of image jump, in which sudden changes of powers across the separating lines could cause distortion to the image and nausea and other reaction to the wearer. Progressive lenses, with the ingenious design of gradual progression of powers, offer wearers a natural smooth view that resemble one that you get with your natural eyes. Precise powers and natural view, it can’t be to much of a mistake to say that progressive lenses are the ones with better vision.

Another argument that keeps coming on the lips of those progressive lenses advocates has to do with aesthetics. As is known to all, bifocal and trifocal lenses have these annoying visible lines that give away the wearers’ age in no time. Most people have scruples with bifocals due to this defect. With progressive lenses, they don’t have to worry. Rid of the nettling lines, progressive lenses immediate create a youthful and energetic vibe to the faces of the wearer.

Progressive Eyeglasses Online: A Business Surging By The Minute

November 25th, 2011

Progressive eyeglasses online, the latest buzzword made popular for its novelty both in the products and in the way they are purchased, are creating quite a stir in the formerly tranquil optical industry. Business insiders are cheering for the booming popularity while customers share the ecstasy. Finally, they claimed, the old glasses biz got its well deserved shot in the arm. For progressive eyeglasses online, however, it seems only the naturalist thing, since such a powerful product combining the unprecedented convenience and good service of E-commerce can only expect the prosperity and success seen at this moment, if not more.

Progressive eyeglass is a product laden with the latest optical technologies. By applying theses techniques that were formerly never imaginable onto the lenses, manufacturers managed to create a smooth and gradual progression of vision powers on the same lens. Such ingenious design answers the need of many who suffer from a combination of myopia and presbyopia and who formerly have to put up with either the unbearable troubles in constantly switching between sets of glasses or the unsightly and age-revealing visible lines found on bifocals and trifocals. With this type of glasses on, wearers can see things at different distances merely by tilting their heads or eyes. The lacking of a separating line also makes them look much more youthful. Besides, progressive eyeglasses are also compatible with quite a number of frame styles, giving wearers a kaleidoscope of choices to choose from.

The rising of E-commerce has revolutionized the way commodities are sold and bought in pretty much every industry, with the optical field being no exception. More and more online stores and retailers are emerging and with the gradual perfection of their services and their intrinsic advantage in convenience, transparency in information, cost and so on, the population that has developed a habit of purchasing online is surging. Under this circumstance, a hot product like progressive eyeglasses’ potential simply can’t be over estimated. Those contributors or dealers who have a certain volume of capital yet don’t know what to invest can therefore have a try, and it surely will turn out to be the most lucrative biz you ever done in your entire lives.

Modern Bifocal Reading Glasses: Not Your Same Old Heavy Glasses Any More

November 24th, 2011

As a traditional solution to the dilemma of having difficulties seeing things both close up and far off, bifocal reading glasses have come a long way. Once, it was the only way to deal with the nettling troubles triggered by having to constantly switch between different eyeglasses. Now, however, with the emerging and increasing popularity of contacts and optical surgeries, bifocals seem to have lost most of its followers. Many people had long been complaining about the clumsiness and heaviness of their old bifocal reading glasses, so once an alternative is available, they immediately took it, regardless of their lacking of real advantages. It is only after they are over the novelty of the new stuff and begin to find them with as many, if not more, problems as bifocal reading glasses, did they look back and take one more chance on their old problems. And this time around, bifocal reading glasses, with the new varieties and variants provided by the rapidly developing optical techniques and technology, sure won’t let them down.

As is widely recognized, bifocal lenses were invented by Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States. Besides drafted and issued the constitutions for one of the strongest countries now in the world, Benjamin was also a frequent inventor. At the time, he was experiencing what is familiar to thousands upon thousands today, a combination of myopia and presbyopia. The custom approach to solve such problem at the time was to carry multiple pairs of eyeglasses for varying vision ranges and put on a certain pair when the corresponding vision correction is needed. A great man like Mr. Franklin was never going to make peace with the unsatisfying current solution. He studies the science behind eyeglasses and ingeniously, with immense imagination and creativity, blended two pieces of lenses of different powers into the same lens, and the rest goes the history.

bifocal 2

Bifocal lenses were thus invented, yet in retrospect, the ones made in Franklin’s age did seem a little bit clumsy. Because the lenses consists of two different parts, they were usually larger than single vision ones. Besides, in an age when most lenses were made of glass, the weight of such specs can only be added. The visible line separating different powers was a major issue as well. Many people don’t like the idea of having their age written right on their faces. All the above-mentioned drawbacks have been causing bifocal reading glasses to wade through their dark days and then later solved one by one alongside the unprecedented developments and achievements with materials, techniques. For instance, the use of lightweight material such as Trivex, polycarbonate and CR-39 have not only made bifocal reading glasses lighter than ever but also given them a chance to be more versatile in styles, since lighter lenses are compatible to a large number of frames. You could even have your bifocal readers semi-rimmed to have that classy and business-minded look you’ve been long craving for. For those who have been sick and tired of the telltale lines on bifocal glasses, progressive lenses may be of their interest. By blending practically innumerable powers into the same lens, progressives, also known as no-line bifocals, provide the same convenience as bifocals while having the visible lines rid off at the same time.

All and all, those of you who still dwell on the old impressions of bifocal reading glasses need to come out and give them a new chance. Some of you may still not like them but who knows, maybe some other will stick to them for the rest of their lives.

Bifocal Glasses: An All-Rounder That Is Hard to Come By

November 23rd, 2011

In full swing is the heated debate of bifocal glasses being the ultimate savior of people’s eyesight. True enough, we opt for bifocal glasses instead of other alternatives on account of three reasons. An overall series of comparison and contrast conducted in such respect will bring home to you the merits of bifocal glasses.

Bifocal glasses Vs. Single vision glasses
With the passage of time, men at middle age are liable to subject to the combined harassment of myopia and presbyopia. The singly-functioned eyeglasses with either single distance vision prescription or near vision prescription can no longer satisfy your increasing focusing needs for all kinds of distance view. Owing to such a fatal defect, single vision glasses are destined to fail to carry out people’s wish to accommodate their eyes to various viewing distance with conspicuous clarity. Nevertheless, bifocal glasses, instead, are equipped with two distinct optical powers in one single lens, that is, the distant vision prescription on the upper portion of the lens and the near vision prescription on the lower part. With such two different prescriptions in one lens, those who suffer from myopia and presbyopia at the same time will be able to see things in the far distance clearly through the upper part, and read small printed materials or books with perfect ease and clarity.

Bifocal glasses Vs. Progressive eyeglasses
Progressive glasses, other named multifocal eyeglasses, are eyeglasses that have a gradient of optical powers embedded in the lenses which enables their wearers to see things clearly in different viewing distance. Versatile as progressive eyeglasses may be, they at times offer more than we wanted. If your eyesight is not as bad as what progressive glasses demand, odds are that you might have you vision health impaired by wearing such glasses. Moreover, the merit of smooth image transition brandished by progressive glasses has now been successfully applied to the lenses of bifocal glasses. With bifocal glasses on our faces, we are spared the ordeal of image jump. Besides, a pair of bifocal eyeglasses is on the whole much cheaper than progressive ones. That’s the fetching news to some tight-budgeted consumers.

It is no exaggeration to claim that bifocal glasses will conducive to your vision health to the utmost, if only you obtain the right one that will suit you most. You, on the receiving end, will absolutely grow fond of them once you have benefited from them.

Bifocal Safety Glasses Benefit You Both At Home And At Work

November 15th, 2011

Bifocal safety glasses , as self-explanatory by the name, are safety glasses with bifocal lenses. Such glasses combine the merits of both bifocal glasses and safety eyewear, answering the needs of many. On the safety front, these glasses are usually of lenses made with shatter-proof materials, such as polycarbonate, which make the glasses more durable and protective. In the meantime, the bifocal aspects of them provide the swift and smooth shift between close up vision and distance vision that suit the vision condition of many people. While most utility of bifocal safety glasses are for the safety and health of many special duty carriers that operate in unusual working environments, the functionality and usage of such glasses do stretch beyond the work place and into other fields, like many activities that people do at the comfort of their home.

Bifocal safety glasses

For people who work in the industries that have the risk of being hit by flying debris or falling objects, safety glasses are an undeniable necessity. If he or she who works in such working environment also suffer from more than one refractive error, which require more than a pair of single vision glasses to cure, bifocal safety glasses come in handy. These glasses not only protect the wearers’ precious eyes from the hidden dangers of being damaged, they also give them the precise correction that is needed to guide them through their complex and sometimes minute work they are engaging in. Some industries may not have flying debris or things alike, but involve instruments or tools that could trigger radiation or biological hazards. For multi-vision-error sufferers working in such environments, bifocal safety glasses are the best choice out there, as well.

Bifocal safety glasses

Home activities may be less associated with safety issue, yet dangers always come when least expected. Lathes, sanders, saws and other power tools may lead to serious damage to our eyes when they are in motion. As a result, if you use the listed tools, even in the seemingly safe environment of your home, you need protection from bifocal safety glasses, just as much as those who work at hazardous workplaces.