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When it comes to enjoying vacation in summer to the best of its potential, a pair of good-looking sunglasses is a total MUST-HAVE.

No mater how you prepare the summer getaway, find the best shades for your plan should be first-line.



For most fashionista, they really prefer round large frames, which can provide not only comfortable wearing and 100% UV protection during entire out dating time. Thus I recommend our Top style #MT181102, designed with precision and meet with all you need.




Cat-eye sunglasses remain the longtime favorite choice, especially narrow, retro frames if you want to keep up with the fashion trend, even in the sand beach, no doubt.



As spending your days in a sandy swimsuit and cover-up, with the flowing hair, so these somewhat glamorous shades make you feel like you mean to look that way!



Swimming pool in the Resort Villa can be best choice for vacation relaxation. As for our oversized frame, it might be the must-have accessory for holiday, which can not only latter on face shape but also give you better sunscreen care.



Wanna head for somewhere quiet? How about the green gallery? Pairing your floral skirt with large cat-eye for a green trip, being elegant and cozy without worrying about UV protection.



Vacation style can be whatever you make of it, thus memorable or not depends on how you pursue your own fashion statement.

Welcome to Firmoo to pick best shades for your plan.


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