Tinted eyeglasses for additional visual benefits

June 24th, 2010 by Reza Hyver Leave a reply »

Many people may have not imagined that prescription eyeglasses can also be tinted in their lenses. Believe your eyes that these products have been around for many years and they are gaining popularity in recent years. When searching a pair of Rx eyeglasses at a local store or an online one, most options come in clear crystal lenses. These are the traditional products for vision correction. However, the current market offers another solution to correcting a vision condition. Tinted eyeglasses are also feasible to compromise myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, because they use prescription lenses. Even if these lenses are tinted, modern lens technologies have made it a reality to incorporate needed powers into them. In simpler words, these are prescription eyeglasses with colored lenses. Most people know that regular sunglasses utilize tinted lenses, and optional colors include black, green, orange, gray, rose and etc. Now, all these tints can be applied to prescription lenses.

Those tints applied in Rx lenses can offer similar functions as they are used in sunglasses. UV protection is the fundamental functionality they should provide. Since this special type of eyewear combines both UV protection and vision correction together, there is actually another popular name. From the perspective of Rx eyewear, they are tinted eyeglasses. But from the perspective of sunwear, they can be named prescription sunglasses. Knowing this may help customers get a clearer understanding of these products. For people who have to rely on eyewear for vision aid, such a pair brings extra benefits whey they participate in an outdoor activity or sport. Tinted glasses make a statement, provide anonymity, enhance performance and also increase quality of life.

There are many tints that are feasible to be applied to prescription lenses. Before starting to discuss detailed tints, it is necessary to educate patients on a fact that the pigment alone does not block out UV light. Some special materials or UV coatings are the exact part that provides this functionality. Lens tints only bring extra visual help, like improving contrast, enhancing depth perception and offering higher acuity. And different forms of tinted eyeglasses using specific tints are thus suitable for varying situations involving different light conditions.


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