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Sports Sunglasses—The Specific One Highly Recommended by Mr. Know-it-all

March 21st, 2012

As a must-have indispensable accessory in sportsman’s gear, sports sunglasses have wielded considerable influence in the athletic career of professionals or amateurs. No wonder they go after these multifunctional instruments in a swarm.

Should you be put in the shoes of athletes, what do you care about most? Physical well-being, of course, matters considerably. To crown it all, optical health ranks first. during the process of violent physical counters, no one can afford to subject their eyes to accidental harm either from glare, dust and fine articles or from man-inflicted damage. because of eyes’ easy susceptibility to accident-prone events, a pair of sports sunglasses seems perfectly necessary to offer omnibearing protection for a safe and sound sports experience.

This extra edge of better vision with sports sunglasses can manifest itself in different ways, depending on the sport. In golf, for example, tinted lenses can enhance contrast between light and dark patterns of the grass on greens, enabling you to “read” greens better for more accurate putting. Cyclers take advantage of sports sunglasses to shield their eyes from the stong wind and glare which are apt to hamper their vision and affect their performance. Swimmers use sports sunglasses to shun the reflected glare from water so as to focus whole-heartedly on the contest. Skiers avail themselves of sports goggles to safeguard eyes against the reflected glare from snow, ensuring no harm whatsoever to eyes. Their widespread application in all sorts of sports is too numerous to be listed one by one. But for most athletes, contrast enhancement is the most desired feature for activities such as viewing a ball against the sky, a fish under the water, upcoming moguls on a ski slope or for a variety of other sports-specific tasks. To enhance contrast, brown and copper-colored tints are often best. Depending on lighting conditions, yellow (for low-light and overcast conditions), amber, orange and red tints also are good choices for contrast enhancement. All you need to know is that they are like fluid organs, swiftly adapting to all crannies and crevice of sports field. Such brands as Oakley, Rudy Project, and Ray Ban are plentifully armed with a wide collection of sports sunglasses, whose prices are in direct proportion to their designer brand name. If you are questing for cheap sunglasses, there is one place you need to frequent, Firmoo, the world’s top-flight online glasses magnate. Their excellence and performance is beyond any doubt, so have a free hand to procure any one you lust after.

The How-To Find Father’s Day Gift Guide

June 17th, 2011

As the Fathers’ Day is looming, let’s take one day a year to show your appreciation for dad is the least any good son or daughter can do. While gifts certainly aren’t the only way to show you love for Father’s Day, there’s nothing like the sense of personal satisfaction you can gain from giving a thoughtful item to the most important man in your life. Have you figure out what gift can show your deep love to him. You can present him some special gifts, such as sunglasses or eyeglasses which have played an important role in our daily life. With an array of sunglasses with different styles, it’s easy to find the most suitable one for you dear dad. Here, you’ll find the right one only for you father as follows:

Aviator sunglasses

Many people, especially men, are obsessed with aviator sunglasses which make them look cool and sophisticated. Aviator sunglasses will make your studious dad look ultra-adorable to you, and insanely cool to all your friends. Regardless of making your dad cool, aviator sunglass will well protect your dad’s eyes from harmful UV ray.

Wraparound sunglasses

Compared with other sunglasses, wraparound sunglasses provide better eye protection. Due to a wraparound design, wraparound sunglasses block out harmful rays from all angles: the frontal and the sides. What’s more, it is also suitable for your dad to do outdoor sports such as fishing, cycling, etc.

Reading eyeglasses

Does your dad suffer from presbyopia? If so, a pair of reading eyeglasses will be a thoughtful gift. With the help of reading glasses, he will cope with his vision problem to see near and distant objects clearly. Today, reading glasses are more stylish than they were in the past. So you don’t need to compromise the style, you can also find reading glasses with cool style for you dad.

Sport sunglasses

If your dad is a sport enthusiast, sport sunglasses are indispensable item in the list of his gear. Sport sunglasses are of great importance to protect him in order to reduce the likelihood of encountering accidents. Besides, you need to choose the suitable sports sunglasses among different kinds of sunglasses such as cycling sunglasses, golf sunglasses, etc. Generally speaking, sports sunglasses not only protect his eyes but also enhance his sport performance to enjoy sports.

Top 7 Sunglasses to Protect Your Family and Yourself

June 15th, 2011

There is no doubt that sunglasses have become part of our daily attire for helping us make fashion statement and block dangerous UV rays. In fact, it is of great importance to wear sunglasses in every season. Although we stay indoors, there are some UV rays that can damage our eyes. Here are some sunglasses with different styles that you can choose for yourself and your family, so both you and your family will get good eye protection with the help of sunglasses.

Oversized sunglasses-With big frames and lenses, they are suitable for both men and women. Particularly, oversize sunglasses with retro style sweep the whole fashion world and a large number of fashionistas are crazy about them.

Plastic Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses-Polarized sunglasses are designed to reduce the glare from surfaces like water, snow, and glass. They can be highly useful for sports, driving, and fishing by helping the participant in these activities to see object more clearly,

Plastic Sunglasses

Wraparound sunglasses-Compared with other sunglasses, they offer better protection because they can prevent UV rays from all angles, so the dangerous UV rays don’t have access to enter into your eyes. Besides, they are perfect for people to do outdoor sports such as skiing, golf, etc.

Plastic Sunglasses

Rx sunglasses-They are great items for people suffering vision problems. They can not only get eye protection by wearing rx sunglasses just like common people do, but also can become stylish and cool by wearing rx sunglasses with different styles.

Plastic Sunglasses

Sport sunglasses-Not only athletes but also common people are more likely to wear sports sunglasses for the purpose of fashion and eye protection. There are various kinds of sport sunglasses such as cycling sunglasses, fishing sunglasses, etc. Take golf sunglasses as an example. They will protect your eyes from every angle: the frontal and the sides when you enjoy sunny days on the course of golf.

prescription sport goggles

Novelty sunglassesNovelty Sunglasses are one of the hottest lights up items around. They are especially hot during summer. Due to the special style, they help you show your special and unique personality and draw much attention.

Kid sunglasses-As the human eye is 10 times more sensitive to harmful UV rays than the skin, kids are more susceptible to the harmful sunlight. So it is of great importance to protect their delicate eyes. There are many kid sunglasses with various styles and colors as adult sunglasses do. Besides, these sunglasses are often designed with Disney or other cartoon which make kids much cute.

Generally speaking, you can choose the most suitable one for your families and your friends as well as yourself. As sunglasses become a must –have item especially in summer, it is time to get at least one pair to enjoy summer.


What Can You Benefit from Yellow Colored Sunglasses

June 14th, 2011

You may see different sunglasses with different styles on the street including round, oval or rectangular. Some of them are red, yellow or amber and color like that. The color of the lenses can be different from each other depending on style, fashion, and purpose. However, for general use, red, grey, yellow and brown are recommended to avoid or minimize color distortion, which would affect safety when, for instance, driving a car. Among them, sunglasses with yellow lenses will increase contrast as well as depth perception. Moreover, it also increase color distortion. Yellow lenses are more often than not used by pilots, boaters, fishers, shooters, and hunters for their need of contrast enhancement and width perception properties.

Mixed Materials Sunglasses

Firstly, yellow sunglasses offer the greatest depth perception and contrast in that they can filter out blue light. So they also can filter the blue light of the sky, this is the very reason that it is important for sports including hunting, skeet shooting, which will allow you to see the smallest movement.

Secondly, yellow sunglasses provide sharpness and contrast in hazy light conditions because they absorb UV and blue light making everything seem brighter. It is ideal for foggy and hazy conditions, such like working around dawn or dusk and overcast or foggy days, because it increases clarity so you can actually see where you are going, even if you are in dense fog. Therefore, yellow lenses are the choice of many athletes and professionals working outdoors.

If you do a lot of driving, yellow sunglasses helps decrease fatigue because they add contrast to your vision. Yellow lenses also decrease fatigue while driving in the evening because they increase visual clarity. This is why bikers and pilots often use yellow lenses.

Plastic Eyeglasses

Generally speaking, if you are a driver, boater, fishers or shooter, the sunglasses with yellow lenses are perfect for your lifestyle.

How to Choose Running Sunglasses.

June 10th, 2011

There is no denying that sunglasses have played an irreplaceable role in our daily life. For example, more and more people prefer to wear sunglasses when they take various kinds of sports, such as cycling, golf, and running. When it comes to running, you many wear sunscreen and comfortable clothes to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. It is of great importance to shield your eyes with the help of running sunglasses. As for running sunglasses, they must have high quality and offer wearers good eye protection. Here are several important aspects that you’d better take into consideration while purchasing running sunglasses.



Running sunglasses offer a perfect vision in all weather and light conditions with different lenses, which offer total protection from the sun. Lenses with different colors, having different effects, are suitable for different weather or conditions. For example, dark-tinted lenses such as green and gray are suitable for bright days. Amber or brown tinted lenses work better than others on a cloudy day. Besides, polarized lenses may be the proper choice. They can block out the glare, especially there is snow on the ground or water nearby. So runners won’t be influenced by the glare reflected from water, snow or mental buildings.

Comfort and fit

Many runners have same annoying experience that their sunglasses slip off or bounce during running. So it is especially important for runners to find sunglasses with a firm fit. Select a pair that fits snugly on your nose and your head, but it should not be too tight to be comfortable. When you select your sunglasses in a store, you can jog or jump around a bit to make sure whether sunglasses bounce or slip off your nose or not. What’s more, frames that are vented to help the lenses from fogging caused by sweat. In this condition, wraparound sunglasses fit comfortably to your head and offer better eye protection compared to other types.

UV protection

A pair of good running sunglasses have offer high UV protection, which can block out harmful UV rays and glare to protect runners’ eyes. During running, you inevitably expose your eyes to the sunlight. If your sunglasses can’t prevent enough UV rays, your eyes are likely to be damaged.



Top 4 Kinds of Sport Goggles

June 7th, 2011

As we know, a lot of people are addicted to sports that exercise their body and make our life colorful. Many sports enthusiasts pay much attention to prepare a list of gear. Among many items, goggles are the must-have items. As there are a wide range of goggles in different styles, I’d like to share the top 4 kinds of goggles with you.

Basketball goggles-

Basketball is a highly popular activity in the United States as well as the rest of world. In fact, many players are injured in the fiercely competitive games. However, basketball goggles can substantially reduce the likelihood of experiencing many of the possible eye injuries. In addition to, they do a good job at absorbing sweat around the eye area. It provides adequate protection because the eyes corresponding view is one of the most important things during the game.

Prescription goggles

Ski goggles

It is said that goggles are tight-fitting glasses that are used to protect the eyes from snow, wind, and glare. There’s no doubt that ski goggles have become a must-have protective accessory for skiers especially in the cold winter. Ski goggles block the light reflected off the snow or ice in front of you, so a suitable ski goggle is of great importance.


Swimming goggle

Swimming goggles enable that we have a more pleasant experience while swimming. They offer swimmers clear vision from blurring and allow them to see clearly underwater. It is more convenient to wear swimming goggle instead of wearing both contacts and swimming glasses.

prescription sports goggles

Cycling goggles-

In the cycling games, the most impressive aspect is athletes’ cycling goggle as well as their speed. Cycling sunglasses are one of the few universally cool items in cycling. Besides the cool style, cycling sunglasses are of great importance for cyclists. Keeping wind, grit, moisture and shields their eyes from harmful UV rays. If you have myopia, you can put a prescription insert to get clear vision and enjoy cycling.

Prescription goggles

Tips for Selecting Proper Sunglasses Lens Color for Different Riding Conditions

May 26th, 2011

Nowadays, more and more people become enthusiasts of cycling. They pay much attention to their gear of cycling. Among their gear, cycling sunglass is a must-have item. There are a variety of cycling sunglasses available for you. People use sunglasses frames to match their bike, lenses and even put a built-in MP3 player. Besides frames, the lens color has a great influence on your performance. They are often confused about what kind of lens color they should choose among a seemingly endless array of options. Here’s a guide that will tell you the different lens color is suitable for the conditions in which you ride.

Plastic Eyeglasses

Black or grey lenses

Black, gray and smoke lenses are the best lens color for bright condition because they can weaken the bright sunlight, which will ease the eye strain. Besides, gray won’t cause any distortion of color of objects while other lens color may do such as some bright lens color. So gray is also an ideal color for driving sunglasses.

Suitable for: road rides even on sunny days.

Not for: mountain biking. You may not get clear view when you go to a trail because gray don’t improve contrast or depth perception.

Plastic Eyeglasses

Brown lenses

Among these lens colors, brown is always an ideal lens color. It not only weaken bight light but also improves contrast, clarity and depth perception. Moreover, they also can enhance shades of green, such as grass because they can filter out blue light.

Suitable for: mountain biking

Not for: night riding


Amber lenses

It can filter out blue light to increase contrast effectively. It is very helpful to choose it, even when you face rocks and roots that are jumping out at you from the shadows.

Suitable for: mountain biking on cloudy days and on dimly lit trails.

Not for: sunny days


Red or rose lenses

Red lens will improve contrast and brighten cloudy days. However, they will cause distortion of colors so they are not suitable for condition in which you need see clear shades of color.

Suitable for: ride in cloudy condition

Not for: sunny days.

Plastic Eyeglasses

Yellow lenses

They are suitable for hazy condition. Yellow improves contrast and clarity so that you can know your position even when you are in dense fog.

Suitable for: road rides in the fog condition such as early morning

Not for: sunny days

Plastic Eyeglasses

Clear lenses

They perform well in dark conditions and are helpful to protect your eyes from dirt, harmful UV rays and other foreign objects.

Suitable for: dark condition

Not for: sunny days


Orange lenses

They work well in darker and cloudy weather.

Suitable for: mountain biking on cloudy days

Not for: sunny days.


Blue lenses

It is true that seldom blue lenses are applied to cycling sunglasses because they will make things look funky. What’s worse, they can’t improve contrast and depth-perception.

Suitable for: a fashion show or party

Not for: road and mountain biking

From the above stated, you must have a clear understanding of the lens color of cycling sunglasses. Choose the proper lens color according to different riding conditions and weather.

TOP 5 Sports Sunglasses

April 21st, 2011

Nowadays, athletes are more likely to wear sports glasses for the purpose of fashion and eye protection. With the increase demand of sports glasses, many manufacturers have taken new technology to design various kinds of sports glasses. Therefore, there are a wide range of sports glasses with different functions, frames and lenses as well. You may find it hard to choose sports. So I’m going to recommend some sunglasses as follows:

Oakley Sunglasses

Its sunglasses are available in every sports, weather condition and different light condition and style. In addition, its frames have strong function of impart-resistance to offer maximum durability. It is said that frames can be made according to individual request of customers. For example, polarized lenses, adjustable nose bridge, temples and lenses are for a customized fit.

Smith Sunglasses

There are a significant amount of sunglasses that are specifically designed for sports. They provide you with interchangeable lenses and maximum converge and also take peripheral vision into consideration. What’s more, there are non-slip rubbers on notepads and temples that make sure sunglasses will stay in place during sports. When it comes to the lenses, there are a few lenses for different light condition, including Sienna Brown and Yellow lenses. You can also find polarized lenses.

Rudy Project Sunglasses

It is well known that Rudy Project sunglasses are the most expensive sunglasses for the highest quality in the sports sunglasses field. They produce the most stylish and advanced frame with good function and durability. Now, Rudy Project sports sunglasses are widely used by a lot of athletes worldwide in different kinds of sports such as cycling, skiing, etc. If the price is not a matter of concern, Rudy Project sunglasses will be an ideal choice.

Ray Ban Sunglasses

Ray Ban sunglasses have been popular for their aviator sunglasses. At present, they also offer customers an array of sports sunglasses with different styles and features.

Ray-Ban RB2015 (Daddy-O Oval Wrap) SunglassesRay-Ban RB3179 (Top Bar Oval) SunglassesRay-Ban RB3250 SunglassesRay-Ban RB3320 Sunglasses

Wraparound Prescription Sunglasses

Wraparound sunglasses can offer athletes good eye protection during sports such as cycling. It will prevent 100% UV rays not only from the frontal angle but also from the sides so that harmful UV rays don’t have access to enter to your eyes. With a wraparound style will cover a larger part of face to prevent UV, flying debris. As for athletes who suffer myopia or hyperopia, their eyes will be well protected with the help of wraparound prescription sunglasses. They will enjoy the protection of wraparound rx sunglasses and have a clear view with the prescription lenses.

Mixed Materials SunglassesMixed Materials SunglassesMetal SunglassesPlastic Sunglasses

Choosing a Pair of Sunglasses for Your Sports

October 13th, 2010

In modern cities, people are leading a fast-paced life. As most of their time is occupied by work, they nearly have no time to do some exercise. To our delight, they understand the meaning of sports. They can go out to do outside activities with friends on weekends. But imagine that it is a shining day and you are playing baseballs, tennis or others in the direct sunlight. Can your eyes adapt to the situation?

In order to resolve the problem, a pair of sports sunglasses is indispensable. Someone may feel confused: How can I do sports with glasses? It’s not convenient. Actually, you haven’t needed to worry about it. The designers have already designed sunglasses especially for sportsmen or sportswomen. The sports sunglasses can be variable, such as baseball sunglasses, tennis sunglasses and cycling sunglasses.

Sunglasses will provide you with the ability to see everything clearly – without the sun, glare, or any other factors distorting the clarity of your eyesight. When picking out a pair of sun glasses for your sports, you can enjoy the sports to the greatest extent.

Sports sunglasses are suitable for games played in the strong sunlight. When you plant to choose a pair of comfortable sunglasses, the tints of lenses need to be considered very carefully. It is best to use clear lenses which have an anti-reflective coating to offset or absorb the glare of bright stadium lights. For instance, baseball players sometimes use sunglasses with yellow lenses for outdoor game.

Another aspect of the importance of wearing sports sunglasses is their ability to shield players from serious injury. In fact, figures from the National Society to Prevent Blindness show that thousands of injuries were caused directly or indirectly by playing games outside. Many of the injuries were inflicted on players’ eyes when something like the ball would hit them.

If you would like to do sports like baseball, tennis and cycling when you are free, you can also own a pair of sports sunglasses. It is not exclusive to athletes. Based on your taste and choose a pair of fashionable sunglasses.

Use sports sunglasses for UV protection and better performance

June 19th, 2010

Sunglasses have long been utilized as the major device to protect the eyes during outdoor activities. In addition, sports sunglasses account for a major portion of all sunglasses. It is easy to understand that sports sunwear refers to sunglasses that are used during sports like basketball, football, cycling, biking, softball, baseball and the like. These sports have been popular all over the world for many years and the usage of special sunglasses has also been widely recognized. Sunglasses for sports usage have similar requirements as protective glasses. For instance, the lenses should be shatter-resistant enough. And the frame holding them must be strong and impact resistant. These basic factors must be considered while choosing a pair of sports sunwear, because most of the sports mentioned before involve risky factors. However, there are some other important aspects that are associated with exclusively sports sun glasses.

Like other forms of sunwear, sunglasses for sports usage should be made with adequate UV protection. No one will deny that athletes in outdoor sports will get more sunlight exposure than the average people. It has been wide recognized that lifelong overexposure to UV rays in sunlight is closely linked to the development of cataracts after entering a certain age. In this case, sports sunglasses are required fundamentally to offer 100% UV protection, which is determined by the lens material, coatings or additives applied to the lenses. Since polycarbonate can block naturally 100% harmful UV ray, it is currently the commonest material used to make sports sunwear lenses. This does not say the popular existence of lens tints is unreasonable and a waste of money. Certain lens tints like green, yellow, orange, rose and gray can provide advantages for specific sports involving particular lighting conditions.

For additional benefits or enhanced performance, sports sunglasses can take use of some other technologies. Photochromic lenses can automatically lighten and darken according to the current lighting conditions. Polarized filter incorporated in sunglass lenses can filter out light reflected from horizontal surfaces. Anti-reflective coating applied to sports lenses can eliminate glare when the sun is behind. Another beneficial coating is mirror coating, which offers additional light reduction.

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