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June 11th, 2015

While even in prehistoric time Inuit peoples wore flattened walrus ivory glasses to block harmful reflected rays of the sun, the earliest historical reference to sunglasses dates back to ancient China and Rome. The Roman emperor Nero watched gladiator fights through polished gems.In China, sunglasses were used in the 12th century or possible earlier. These sunglasses were made out of lenses that were flat panes of smoky quartz. They offered no corrective powers nor they protect from harmful UV rays but did protect the eyes from glare. Ancient documents describe the use of such crystal sunglasses by judges in ancient Chinese courts to hide their facial expression when they interrogated witnesses. Today, sunglasses with UV protection has almost become an industry standard, and there are a lot of tints available for sunglasses, and sunglasses styles are changing every year.

Retro vintage sunglasses refers to sunglasses frames that are more than 20 years old. So there are some vintage eyewear specialty shops sell used frames collected from old optical shops and other sources, some of which have never been worn. However, with their distinctive qualities of a past era, nowadays vintage eyeglasses were merely reproductions of those from past eras. However, the vintage label convey certain elements of styles as well. Popular vintage sunglasses styles include horn-rimmed frames in a dark color, often crafted of tortoiseshell or horn; the browline frames lying close to the eyebrows; Clubmaster frames had rimless bottoms and dark frames straight across the top; wire-rimmed aviator frames which wear straight across the top with rounded bottoms; Wayfarers are usually of tortoiseshell or black plastic, wire frames in round or modified squares with round edges. Round metal frames made popular by John Lennon are all sought after by vintage eyewear fans.

Even though there are variety of vintage sunglasses styles, choosing a suitable pair for your face shape should base on the doctrine that the fame should be contrast to your face shape, for example, a round or oval shape is usually the most appropriate vintage sunglasses choice for those with square-shaped or oblong-shaped faces while rectangular frames and other angular styles tend to complement round faces. Large vintage sunglasses frames are generally best suited for faces that are wide or long as they tend to overpower small faces. However, vintage sunglasses for women tend to have smaller frames than those designed for men. Women who find these frames inadequate for their facial features may opt for men’s vintage frames in slim styles as these may prove to be more appropriate for their facial size and features.

Whether the vintage sunglasses are suitable for you or not, which based on your lifestyle. Those planning to wear their vintage sunglasses will find that selecting a frame in keeping with the dress style of their profession will prove beneficial, with cat-eye glasses more appropriate in informal settings while Aviators or horn rims are the vintage frames of choice in more formal work places.

Retro Vintage Sunglasses Add Momentum to Your Life

June 1st, 2012

Retro-vintage sunglasses are gaining momentum among fashion cognoscenti. Almost every person possesses at least one pair of sunglasses, say, in the summer day. Wearing sunglasses is regarded as a special yet common way of fashion and eye protection as well. So people’s attitude toward this kind of ornamental as well as functional personal accessory is positive and passionate. It is a megatrend that sunglasses wearers are incessantly making efforts in obtaining better-and-the best looking ones so as to be fashion followers. We are always fond of wearing stylish and chic sunglasses but we often ignore one particular type of funky sunglasses—-retro-vintage sunglasses. Though there has been a quite long history since the advent and popularity of retro-vintage sunglasses, they have nowadays lost their appeal and attraction in our modern society. On the contrary, under the trend of retro style in the present glasses market, retro vintage sunglasses are being highly valued and appreciated by millions upon millions of wearers.

How many retro-vintage sunglasses?

We can’t tell exactly how many retro vintage sunglasses exist but to tell whether or not some kind of retro-vintage sunglasses is nice is not that difficult. Nice Retro-vintage sunglasses have in common the appreciable traits of being classically fashionable and fitting an overwhelming number of wearers. A pair of excellent retro-vintage sunglasses shall be not too expensive yet acceptable by the great majority of consumers. The most classic retro-vintage sunglasses we are all familiar with are the ever-green round ones, the nerd for smart people in the know, the cat-eye ones originated in the 50s, the widely-known tear-drop aviator ones, etc.. All the retro-vintage sunglasses are now  worn by world-wide races and persons.

How to get access to retro-vintage sunglasses?

The question of how to get retro-vintage sunglasses is critically important to freshmen of sunglasses wearers. Retro-vintage sunglasses sell both in entity and online glasses stores where the prices are stark different. If you want to save money and energy, buying retro-vintage cheap sunglasses online is more advisable. And about which style of retro-vintage sunglasses to choose, dwell on which one works best with your personal features such as face shape, profession and complexion. As long as you wish, retro-vintage sunglasses will surely bring you increasingly closer to fashion statement and high-grade life.

Buying Red Retro Sunglasses Online: A Fad In The Making

November 4th, 2011

Buying red retro sunglasses online has become a fad lately. Alongside the ongoing craze about all things retro and the unprecedented growth of the Internet, buying these lovely shaped and colored shades online has become the thing to do among students, office people and everyone else. The daily clicks these shades get from web pages and online stores constantly hit higher and dwarf that of every other model. It seems like that people just can’t get enough of red retro sunglasses. While it might appear to be a wonder how these shades got to where they are now, when all the gaps have been filled and back stories been told, it may well not be a surprise at all.

red retro sunglasses

It started early in the new century that a retro vintage trend swept the whole fashion industry, altering the entire direction of fashion development and revolutionizing people’s clothing philosophy along the way. It was a head to bottom transformation, ranging from the garments to the shoes and bags and, of course, right down to the accessories. Sunglasses as the most important accessory ever were also deeply affected. People started to set their eyes back into the history and try to forage the ones that inspires creativity and captures imagination even today. The ones that did stuck out were of course the classic ones, the eternal aviators, the iconic wrap arounds made popular by the former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the Manhattan by Oliver Smith that seems taken right from Audrey Hepburn’s classic Breakfast At Tiffany’s. These retro vintage glasses are taken back and added a little twist and turn and they shine once again, and people are crazy about them. Among them, red retro sunglasses have always been favored, since the color represents passion and glory like no other.

red retro sunglasses

Traditionally, people have been buying red retro sunglasses at high street stores and fancy optical shops, but lately the situation has changed dramatically. Like with practically any other commodity, people sta rted to purchase these lovely shades from online. The increasingly more and more professional services provided by online optical retailers have drawn thousands and thousands of people online and have their shades purchased there. With a little computer knowledge and enough analysis, a perfect pair of shades can easily be spotted and shipped right to your apartment. So, in case you still haven’t, why not rush to your computers or other terminals and purchase a pair of red retro sunglasses right now.

Retro Vintage Sunglasses: Adding Retro style to Your Shades

August 3rd, 2011

Sunglasses have come a long way, from the pure functional device in the beginning to today’s fashion statements. Nowadays, styles and trends in the sunglasses world are changing faster than any other time in history. However, in this colorful and rich fusion of styles and trends, retro vintage sunglasses have endured the test of time. You don’t even have to go back to the still images or motion pictures of the 60s, 70s or 80s to find those classic shades. These styles can still be found on people’s faces around us everyday. Renovations on Ray Ban’s Aviators and Wayfarers dominate the sunglasses scene up to this very day, while the trace of Carrere and Persol can still be found on the latest launched designer sunglasses. As it turns out, when it comes to sunglasses fashion, some things will never pass away.

Retro Vintage Sunglasses

One of the most longevous styles of retro sunglasses for men is aviator sunglasses. Originally, those shades were specially designed by Ray Ban for the U.S. Air force in the 1930s. Later the model garnered huge love from male consumers since it really gives out that masculine hunky and macho man look. In the 80s, aviator sunglasses embraced its heydays as smash hit action flicks like Top Gun and Tie Hard and those bad ass characters in those movies made it sweeping every man’s wardrobe. Today, the classic 80s vintage look are still very much around. Although renovated on some details, the model’s typical thin wire frames and teardrop dripping shape have remained the same, claiming its dominance in the fashion world.

Retro Vintage Sunglasses

Although not typically called wrap-arounds, aviator sunglasses belong to the large retro sunglasses category. After all, they do usually cover about three times larger than the average human eye socket. Beside aviators, other classic vintage sunglasses that are exceptionally large are Carrera sunglasses. In addition to being large enough to cover about half of your faces, which is really what the fashion taste today is all about, masculine and bold, and these glasses add a much more sporty and sturdy design.  No wonder they can keep selling like hotcakes for decades.

aviator sunglasses

Retro vintage sunglasses are the latest trends in the sunglasses world. If you want a pair of those, you may first ask the elders in your family and see if any of them have kept some of the most exclusive and obscure ones in their days. These are the real valuable ones and they rock on your face. If not, you can always go online and find some cheap vintage sunglasses. They may not valuable as much as those real ones, but they can function just as fine when it comes to creating the cool look.

Get to Know More about John Lennon Sunglasses

July 21st, 2011

When it comes to sunglasses, every one may say that sunglasses are eye wares which are broadly used to protect our eyes from UV rays and glare, especially in hot summer. Maybe, some of us have got some knowledge about sunglasses such as prescription sunglasses, aviator sunglasses, and retro sunglasses. However, when referring to John Lennon Sunglasses, few people know about this kind of sunglasses. And this passage will mainly introduce something about John Lennon Sunglasses, a classic style of sunglasses.


John Lennon Sunglasses are a kind of unique retro round sunglasses. The most obvious character of this type of sunglasses is their large, circular lenses and thin wire frame. Such round sunglasses are originally known as Teashades. At the very beginning, they were often worn by members of the sixties counterculture or hippie movement hence the use of the term hippie sunglasses. The original Teashade design was made up of medium-sized, perfectly round lenses, supported by pads at the bridge of the nose and a thin wire frame. It was the famous band the Beatles member, John Lennon that made these round sunglasses become popular in the 1960s. John Lennon was known as a solo musician, political activist, artist, actor and author, who often wore these special round sunglasses. As a result, these round style sunglasses were named after John Lennon sunglasses to monumentalize this great musician. After that, rock stars such as Mick Jagger, Jerry Garcia and Ozzy Osbourne all wore them. Besides, John Lennon sunglasses also appeared on the faces of movie stars such as Johnny Depp and in films such as “Natural Born Killers.” And most recently, Mary-Kate Olsen, Amber Le Bon and “Gossip Girl” Taylor Mommsen have further revived interest in them by frequently wearing classically styled round sunglasses.


John Lennon sunglasses are darkened glasses. Of course, as a type of sunglasses, their basic function is to provide protection against ultraviolet rays. Keeping up with the fashion, the color of the lenses of such sunglasses varies such as green, grey or brown. Just like other kind of sunglasses, John Lennon sunglasses lenses are typically made from materials including glass, plastic and polycarbonate. And the frame of this kind of sunglasses is generally made from plastic, nylon, metal or metal alloy.


John Lennon sunglasses are a classic style of retro sunglasses. Recently the glasses are enjoying a surge in popularity brought on by the recent swing towards retro fashion. They are especially the favorite eyewear for many established and aspiring rock stars. If you are a rock fan, you may like this kind of sunglasses.

Trendy Sunglasses Present Men’s Personalities

June 29th, 2011

If you just think that sunglasses style is about following the latest trends, you may be wrong. Apart from protecting the eyes against harmful UV rays, they are an important fashion accessory for men. The psychologist says that the kind of sunglasses a guy wears says a lot about his personality. Fashion is about the expression of an individual’s personality through their style choices. From the bold diamond studded sunglasses to classic black wayfarers, whichever style a guy choose to wear tells us about his personality, preference and sensibilities. Hence, men’s personality is revealed through the sunglasses that they choose to wear. Men’s fashion stylist, Rin Jajo, and marketing head for Luxottica India, Amitabh Sehdev give us their expert views on types of sunglasses and the personality type that they represent.

Thick rimmed sunglasses

It is said that a guy who wears thick rimmed sunglasses are fashionable forward, confident and extrovert. They have a taste for expensive things and are not afraid to flaunt. The Tom Ford sunglasses seen on Brad Pitt are often seen on the red carpet.

Classic Aviators

It is obvious that there are evergreen sunglasses- aviator sunglasses, sported by confident men who are looking for a smart accessory to enhance their personality and reflect their unique and individual character. They are often chosen by men who exude classic style and sophistication. The wearer usually doesn’t follow any strict rules of trends and believes in evergreen cool factor like that of Bob Dylan and John F Kennedy.

Updated retro sunglasses

Vintage inspired sunglasses with colored lenses appeal to men with a daring fashion sense. They are original, and like to stand out and experiment with fashion. Johnny Deep’s distinct style is complemented by the slightly quirky sunglasses. Moreover, retro sunglasses can highly present their personality- elegance and sophistication.

What do you know about retro sunglasses?

August 8th, 2010

In our daily lives, we often talk of retro sunglasses. And in some years, retro sunglasses are the major elements of fashion. But sometimes it is very difficult to define what retro sunglasses are. To some degree, retro sunglasses are referring to those sunglasses of vintage. They emphasize on the reappearance of bygone elements of a specific period in history.

On the whole, vintage sunglasses are classic. Almost all the vintage sunglasses are recaps of golden years. Thereupon, some companies are delicate to design vintage sunglasses. Most people are influenced by their styles, and they in turn prompted these vintage sunglasses in focus.

Theoretically, the prevalence of vintage sunglasses follows one basic law. That is when one series of vintage sunglasses are popular among the celebrities; they will spread to the common people very quickly. And this can always lead to a new round of fashion. Accordingly the manufactures of vintage sunglasses will push them into a new upsurge.

Generally speaking, the vintage elements of retro sunglasses are reflected in various ways. Some retro sunglasses stress on the materials used in the past. For instance, RB 2132 sunglasses are typical cases. They are classic retro sunglasses, which are made from metal frames and glass lenses. These materials are generally employed before 1950s.

Some other retro sunglasses underline the styles of designs. Take Picasso retro sunglasses as example, these retro sunglasses have once more revived the elements of 1980s, and the styles are the results of Cubist art movements. As a result, people can review the styles of that period from those retro sunglasses.

In addition to the two mentioned ways, there are still others respects. Such as, colors, functions and so forth.