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Purple sunglasses and orange sunglasses

August 9th, 2010

Purple sunglasses and orange sunglasses are just two types of colored sunglasses. These unusually colored sunglasses are mostly designed for fashion, especially for women. They offer both UV protections as ordinary sunglasses and prevailing color enjoyment as a specialty. Purple sunglasses and orange sunglasses are both provided in various types and brands.

Purple sunglasses can be purple frame sunglasses and purple lens sunglasses as well as their combination. Like blue, green and violet sunglasses, purple sunglasses belong to the cool-colored type so that suit people with warm skin, hair and eyes.

Ray Ban Wayfare purple sunglasses have been long-existed. One recent style that resembles Wayfare purple is Dita. Dita purple sunglasses have varying shades of purple from their “lavendar crystal” materials. These sunglasses are manufactured with modern designs and have tiny logos. All of their frames are hand-made in Japan with the highest quality materials. Other brands also provide purple sunglasses, such as Electric, Anon, Smith etc…

Orange sunglasses are also available in orange frame sunglasses and orange lens sunglasses. These sunglasses are opposite to purple sunglasses in coloring. They fall into warm colors. Orange sunglasses with orange tints can heighten contrast in overcast, hazy, low-light conditions outdoors.

The brand Kirra offers several types of orange sunglasses, including Kirra Neon model and Kirra Retro Splatter model. The Retro Splatter orange sunglasses are made of orange frames and dark tint lenses.

Purple sunglasses and orange sunglasses have always been good accessories for fashionable women in summer.

What to expect from orange sunglasses

June 11th, 2010

Sunglasses designed to block out harmful rays firstly came in dark or black lenses. These dark lenses have been supposed to fight against UV light and blue light in sunshine competently. This is absolutely true and dark sunglasses are still widely available in the current market. Nevertheless, sunwear users may find that it is considerably easier to get colored sunglasses in red, orange, yellow and so forth. This actually indicates a great change in the sunwear industry. And this change is well rooted. A simple explanation is that modern eyeglass and sunglass users expect more functional and appearance-enhancing benefits from wearing eyewear products. And eyewear manufacturers will always try their best to meet these demands. Orange sunglasses are a perfect example and in this article we will try to introduce several benefits of using orange sunglass.

Sunglasses with an orange frame would probably enhance personal facial features if an appropriate match-up is made. But in sunglasses, the frame is not the key part. Dissimilar to regular prescription eyeglasses, a pair of sunglasses is feasible to come in colored lenses, which are helpful in terms of both function and appearance. In this sense, orange sunglasses refer mainly to sunglasses in orange lenses. Sunglass lenses are available in many tints, like yellow, orange, amber, rose, dark amber, copper and others. Each of them has respective advantages or properties. And orange lenses can particularly heighten contrast in overcast, hazy and low-light conditions. Due to this capability, orange sunwear is extremely suitable for indoor sports, such as indoor basketball, handball, racquetball and tennis.

Recognizing the benefits of sunglass lenses in orange tint, many people use orange sunglasses as performance sunwear during certain activities. Shooting and hunting sunglasses are of similar type and can benefit greatly from using orange lenses. Lots of shooters and hunters are comfortable in lenses that are yellow or orange. This kind of comfort is quite crucial for ensuring a successful action during shooting or hunting. Of course, sports sunglasses can be in other colors. And a regular practice is to keep several pairs of interchangeable lenses for use in different lighting and atmospheric conditions.