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Memory metal glasses

June 23rd, 2015

Memory metal glasses frame is a titanium alloy composed of roughly 50% titanium and 50% nickel. Frames made of memory metal are extremely flexible, and can be twisted or bended to an extreme and still return to their original shape. This feature makes memory metal frames great for kids or anyone who is hard on their glasses.

Since memory metal glasses frames have the ability to return to their original shape after being bent, twisted or crushed. Consequently, they are easy to adjust.

Firstly, put your glasses on and look in the mirror. You will want to know exactly what adjustments need to be made before you get started. If your glasses have a nose pad, adjust that first. This will be the easiest part of the adjustment because that portion is usually held together by screws and not by the resilient aluminum-silicon combination. Be careful not to over-bend the nose pad. You may need to use a tiny screwdriver to remove the pad and make the necessary adjustments.

Secondly, adjust your memory metal eyeglasses in specific parts. Attempts to shape them at the shaft of the temple and on the nose bridge are futile. The tips of the temples are often not made from the flexible material. Look into a mirror and place the lenses directly in front of your pupils. Take note of whether you need to adjust the piece up or down. Use your fingers to grip the joints and make the adjustments. If this doesn’t work, try with needle-nosed pliers. The design allows you to ensure the tips of the temples are adjustable to rest on your ears. The two most common objectives are to position the center of the lens exactly in front of your pupils or to make the glasses more comfortable.

Lastly, raise one arm of the glasses at the tip of the temple on one side and lower the other to fix glasses that do not sit evenly. Remember to grip the joint tightly. The manufacturer designed the frame for level ears. Often, people have one ear that is slightly higher than the other, so this is a typical adjustment.

Memory metal glasses frames

October 17th, 2009

Memory metal glasses frames are gaining popularity these days. In most of the cases, memory metal a type of titanium alloy which consists 50% titanium and 50% nickel. Memory metal not has the features of restoring the glasses frames to its original shape after being twisted or bended, but also reduces the price of glasses frames comparing with that of pure titanium.

Due to these features, memory metal glasses frames are particularly suitable for kids who lack attention and knowledge of caring the glasses frames, and for youngsters who participate more in the sports activities.

Though among most of the glasses frames, metal memory is one that is more hypoallergenic than ever, we still need to take good care of the glasses frames, and do not think it will not be broken forever. Some people even make fun of the glasses frames by intentionally wrenching it, this is still not acceptable.

As said, memory metal glasses frames can also be broken and bended. So once it is bended, please refer to professionals for corrections, as this kind of glasses frames are tougher to adjust than other materials.