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Search of Cool Sunglasses for Different Purposes

November 19th, 2010

If you’re looking a pair of cool sunglasses, you should focus on both function and fashion. Majority of people just take beauty into considerations when they buy sunglasses. If they look good in the glasses, they will purchase them at once. In fact, you’d better ask yourself how you plan to use them before you pay for a pair of favorite sunglasses.

According to Rene Soltis of the Vision Council of America: “There are two sides to purchasing sunglasses: fashion and function,” says. And “There are different sunglasses for different tasks.” So, you should understand the purpose of your cool sunglasses, whether it is used for sport or drive.

Many athletes like skiers, ball players prefer to use sport sunglasses that will block the sun from all directions when they are in the competition or practices. Home-run king Mark McGwire wears Oakley M Frames ($140; lenses are replaceable at $70 each) with those glare-killing wraparound lenses that help him keep his eye on the ball. And to keep an eye on aliens and shield their eyes from that brain-wiping amnesia ray.

If your sunglasses are used when driving, you’d better move up to polarized lenses, which also cut down on glare with a thin sheet of lined film embedded in the lens. Glare can cause eyestrain and headaches, says Jean Scott of Luxottica, maker of many brand-name sunglasses. Almost, sunglasses used for professionals are more expensive.

And if you don’t have special purposes, your sunglasses are just to be used for decoration. You can get the sunglasses with comparatively cheap ones. But make sure UV protection. As long as they meet voluntary standards for UV protection set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), they are optional. As the sun’s ultraviolet radiation has been linked to cataracts and other forms of eye disease, sunglasses should serve the purposes of protection.

You may not have the most expensive glasses, but you can get the one with quality lenses. It is suggested to invite experienced eye doctors to have a test for UV protection. Sunglasses have become an indivisible part in your life and choose a pair of cool sunglasses for you.

Cool sunglasses in classic styles and fashionable colors

May 29th, 2010

Direct sunlight is actually too bright for comfort for most people. And the existence of sunglasses proves that part of the excessive sunlight should be removed. Serious eye problems including cataract may be caused if there is no such a protection using sunglasses. This is why most eye care professionals recommend widely the use of sunwear for eye protection during outdoor activities. Since the 1940s, cool sunglasses in different styles have become quite popular among both the average and celebrities. While the majority of sunwear users still resort to these devices for eye protection, a lot of stylish elements have been added to frame and lens designs. It is easy to find on the streets that some people especially young ladies wear a pair of sunglasses and appear quite cool. Currently, most sunglass products come in large frames and lenses, which are aimed to cover the whole eyes possible. This example may be set by the Aviator large style. In any way, this cool style has been widely accepted.

In fact, taking use of large frames is only one aspect of designing cool sunglasses. It is well-known that the appearance of sunglasses links more with frame and lens styles and less with their materials. So, it is not surprising that almost any material can be used to produce sunwear frame, including regular metals, plastics and memory metal and memory plastic. There is a tiny difference in the use of lens material. Polycarbonate is the widest used material due to its incomparable properties including lightness. Since a pair of cool sunwear relies mainly on frame design, eyewear manufacturers have actually granted customers with some classic, cool designs. Cat eye style has been around for nearly one century and sunglasses in this style are still considered cool.

Cool sunglasses favored by modern wearers also take use of different colorings. Traditional sunglasses are usually dark or black in color, making them a little bit boring in some cases. Contemporary sunwear models have realized a large portion of the coloring potential. Sunwear frames can be in any wanted colors, including regular ones and combinational ones. For a majority of sunglass users, a colored pair is cooler than a dark pair.

Incredibly Cool Prescription Sunglasses

May 10th, 2010

Years ago when you went to the beach, you had to prepare two pairs of eyeglasses: one is prescription eyeglasses, the other sunglasses, however, with years’ advancement, there has emerged a new kind of eyeglasses which would eliminate eyeglass wearers’ trouble to take two pair of glasses when they go out in a sunny day. That is prescription sunglass, a kind of eyewear which bring both clear vision and protection. Isn’t it cool? Nevertheless, recently a kind of cooler prescription sunglasses emerges. They not only provide functions prescription sunglasses possess, but also are equipped with functions to take pictures and play songs.

You must ask how could they achieve to take photos and play songs. As a matter of fact, a mini camera with 1.3 megapixels and mp3 with 1 GB storage are built in each eyeglass leg. Buying a pair of such eyeglasses, you could get a pair of built in earphones, a remote controller used to take shots and play songs, a rechargeable lithium cell (3.7V, 240mAh) and some other accessories, such as USB data wire, cleaning cloth and so on so forth.

With a pair of this incredibly cool prescription sunglasses, you could take pictures anytime and anywhere without taking a camera. They are especially usefully when the wearers want to engage in some sport activities, such as skating, mountain biking and some other maximal exercises, because they could always take the most exciting moments. The tiny remote controller can be placed on the ski pole and handlebars, etc., which indicates that it will not constitute an obstruction when you engage in activities. As for James Bond, they could be an ideal spy camera which is equipped with entertainment of playing songs. In addition, the built in earphones will not fall over when you stop to play the MP3. It is so cool.

Prescription sunglasses with camera and MP3 built are ideal choices for both eyeglass wears and even contact lens wears, because not everyone wants to wear contact lenses all the time and these glasses can give your eyes a much needed rest, not to mention the additional functions. They can be also perfect gifts, because they are unique and creative, and those who receive them will certainly be out of joy.

Incredibly cool prescription sunglasses are worthy you to buy, and if you purchase on the Internet, you would get a big discount, which could save you a lot of money. is a recommended on-line optical store, where you could get cheap but high quality eyeglasses and good services.

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Cool sunglasses for children

February 21st, 2010

Children are more susceptible to damages from the UV rays, so cool sunglasses are necessary for children to avoid eyes damages also look cute.

Children as young as about three years old should be wearing sunglasses when play outside in a bright sunshine. But their parents may not realize the problems about the eyes damage due to the harmful rays from the sun, or children do not like the additional accessory in front of their eyes. Cool sunglasses could be a great help to intrigue children’s interest on wearing them, for cool sunglasses can make children the center of attention and they feel wonderful on that.

Children may not know how to choose a pair of cool sunglasses, so it is parent’s term to make a decision. We know, children are active and tend to spend much more time outdoors than adults. The long exposure to the sun can lead to everything from painful from easily healed surface burns to irreversible eye diseases, so sunglasses for children should be 100 percent UV rays blocked. Furthermore, children are curious about everything, in order to give the children a perfect and real vision of the around world, cool sunglasses with no vision distortion are required.

Sunglasses for children should be made from an impact-resistant material which can handle a lot of roughness. That means the sunglasses should be very strong, light and durable, impossible to shatter, especially for those children who are active, or are involved in sports games. Plastic frames and polycarbonate lenses are the mainly materials in manufacturing children’s sunglasses.

Children are more interested in the cool sunglasses which have cartoon meanings, so Mickey Mouse sunglasses and other popular cartoon characters-shaped cool sunglasses may excite the children to wear them. It is a good idea to take the children to purchase the sunglasses by themselves so as to pick their favorite cool sunglasses. In that way, children may be willing to wear the cool sunglasses.

Besides, parents should set a good example by wearing sunglasses, or the school should give the children lessons about the benefits on wearing cool sunglasses and suggest all the children to wear them. Children like to imitate what others do, if their parents and friends all take the cool sunglasses when they go outside, they must be happy to do the same.

Cool sunglasses are a great way to instill the importance of health and safety to children. A light, comfortable, high quality and cool sunglasses will surely protect the children’s eyes and at the same time make them stylish.