Search of Cool Sunglasses for Different Purposes

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If you’re looking a pair of cool sunglasses, you should focus on both function and fashion. Majority of people just take beauty into considerations when they buy sunglasses. If they look good in the glasses, they will purchase them at once. In fact, you’d better ask yourself how you plan to use them before you pay for a pair of favorite sunglasses.

According to Rene Soltis of the Vision Council of America: “There are two sides to purchasing sunglasses: fashion and function,” says. And “There are different sunglasses for different tasks.” So, you should understand the purpose of your cool sunglasses, whether it is used for sport or drive.

Many athletes like skiers, ball players prefer to use sport sunglasses that will block the sun from all directions when they are in the competition or practices. Home-run king Mark McGwire wears Oakley M Frames ($140; lenses are replaceable at $70 each) with those glare-killing wraparound lenses that help him keep his eye on the ball. And to keep an eye on aliens and shield their eyes from that brain-wiping amnesia ray.

If your sunglasses are used when driving, you’d better move up to polarized lenses, which also cut down on glare with a thin sheet of lined film embedded in the lens. Glare can cause eyestrain and headaches, says Jean Scott of Luxottica, maker of many brand-name sunglasses. Almost, sunglasses used for professionals are more expensive.

And if you don’t have special purposes, your sunglasses are just to be used for decoration. You can get the sunglasses with comparatively cheap ones. But make sure UV protection. As long as they meet voluntary standards for UV protection set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), they are optional. As the sun’s ultraviolet radiation has been linked to cataracts and other forms of eye disease, sunglasses should serve the purposes of protection.

You may not have the most expensive glasses, but you can get the one with quality lenses. It is suggested to invite experienced eye doctors to have a test for UV protection. Sunglasses have become an indivisible part in your life and choose a pair of cool sunglasses for you.


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