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Eyeglasses with Magnetic Clip on Shades Draw You like Magnet

October 27th, 2011

Eyeglasses with magnetic clip on shades will fulfill your expectation and requirement of both vision correction and vision protection. Such a pair of eyeglasses with magnetic clip on shades is definitely going to win popularity among those who suffer from vision problem yet feel like having a go at taking on a stylish look. So much has been touched upon as to the forte of them. You must itch for more information about their working mechanism and related know-how.

The working mechanism of eyeglasses with magnetic clip on shades

First and foremost, the highlight consists in the ingenious attachment of magnetic clip on shades to the prescription eyeglasses. As is known to all, magnetic attracts metal material. So the eyeglasses frames must be made from metal-related material, titanium much preferred. Magnetic clip on shades is embedded with a magnet clip from within, which makes them snugly, firmly and closely adhered to the exterior surface of lenses. The shades can be made of glass, polycarbonate, or CR-39. Glass is quite resistant to scratch, but it is also characteristic of being heavy and brittle. Polycarbonate is ideally preferred, but CR-39 offers the optimal visual clarity. Such artfully devised a design ensures that you can simply take them off your prescription glasses if you want to see thing more clearly and also if you are desirous of enjoying UV protection and looking more voguish, you can just put them on and they will snugly fit in place, scarcely giving up on your face. Eyeglasses armed with magnetic clip on shades entitle you to both protections from string light and ultraviolet rays injuring your eyes and vision correction with which they are naturally endowed. Suppose you do not want others to assume you are not wearing prescription glasses, which you are, such magnetic clip on shades can be a very good mask. What is entailed is but gently putting them on. For workers with vision problems who frequently switching working place from outdoors to indoors, it is tremendously bothersome to put on one pair and replace it with another later. With such shades models, you are spared all the ordeal of that. It is just as easy as winking.

The related know-how

If you want to purchase one of such glasses, what is positively recommended is that you shall have a good knowledge of the size and style of your prescription glasses in case they don’t match well with shades with the result of doing damage to your lenses and frames. There are ready-made magnetic clip on shades and also custom-made shades. If you fortunately run into a perfect match, go ahead and make it yours. If the shades on the market do not fit well into your frames, you have to find an optical store to make especially for you.

Eyeglasses with magnetic clip on shades are really a blessing bestowed upon you who don’t want to bothered by the incessant switching from glasses with different functions. So make your move and glamorize the world in your view.

Magnetic Eyeglasses: A Gift for The Outdoorsy Guys and Sports Enthusiasts

August 17th, 2011

Guys who already wear prescription eyeglasses but enjoy outdoor activities or sports might find summer a little bit frustrating. On one hand, they need the eyeglasses to help their vision and on the other hand, a pair of sunglasses is really needed for blocking out all the harmful UV rays and glare. Many of them ended up carring two pairs of glasses around all the time and constantly switching them through the changing tasks. The advent of magnetic eyeglasses changes all that. Also known as eyeglasses with magnetic clip on shades, these glasses include a pair of regular prescription eyeglasses that have little invisible magnets embedded to the front of their frames and extra magnetic clip-on shades that can be secured onto the frames with the magnets. With this unique design, the prescription glasses and the shades become one, providing vision help and UV and glare protection at the same time.
Magnetic Eyeglasses

These magnetic eyeglasses are very easy to use. Because the clip-ons are connected to the frames of the eyeglasses with magnets, it allow you to operate with one hand ease. Unlike the traditional clip-ons or flip-ups, magnetic ones are very easy to clip into place and will keep in place steadily as long as you need them.

In addition, magnetic clip on shades come in a variety of styles and tint colors as well. The styles they are applicable to range from plastic frames to metal frames, from full framed glasses to semi rimless ones. Almost anything you can think of, they are compatible to them. As to the colors, there is a fusion, from black to light blue, for you to choose from so that they can match your personal taste and personality perfectly.

Magnetic Eyeglasses

Usually the clip-ons come in automatically with the eyeglasses as a package. Although in some cases, they can be purchased separately as well, it’s better stick to the conventional and seek professional helps on this matter. So if your thinking about getting yourself one pair of those magic glasses, ask your eye doctor about the availability the next time you are having your eyes examined and prescribed.

Three Kinds of Sunglasses for People Suffering Vision Problems

May 31st, 2011

Nowadays, the number of people who suffer vision problems such as myopia is on the rise. Their eyes are very delicate due to their problems. So they should pay more attention to protect their eyes compared with common people especially in the hot summer. As we know, the harmful UV rays are strong enough to damage our eyes, especially the defective eyes. So people wear various kinds of sunglasses to block harmful UV rays. However, it is not easy for people who suffer vision problems to find proper sunglasses. As it is of great importance to protect eyes for them, the following three kinds of sunglasses will help them out.


Clip on sunglasses– they are also called magnetic clip-on or sunshade models. In fact, they are not sunglasses and they also can become common regular rx eyeglasses. They will turn to a pair of new sunglasses if you attach them a pair of clip-on lenses. Consisting of two lenses, clip-on sunglass is a combination of a pair of rx glasses and a pair of polarized sunglasses. So they can offer you vision aids and eye protection against UV rays. Thanks to the foldable feature, you can take the outside layer off when you don’t need them.

Rx eyeglasses with tint– there is another way for people who have poor eyesight to meet their demand of wearing sunglasses. You can make your rx glasses tinted. After that, your common rx glasses will turn out to be a pair of sunglasses. When it comes to tints, you should know necessary information about different tints that have different effects. For example, amber tint can block out blue light and improve contrast. And then choose UV coating for your rx glasses. So take your time to find the suitable tint and add UV coating for your rx glasses, which can make your common rx glasses become a pair of fresh sunglasses.


Wraparound rx sunglasses– they are really rx sunglasses made of rx lenses. Different from common rx sunglasses which consist of rx glasses and tints, they are specially made of rx lenses during the manufacturing process. So they are much helpful for people who suffer vision problems. In addition, compared with common rx glasses, wraparound rx sunglasses offer better eye protection because they can prevent UV rays and glare from all angles, while common sunglasses block strong sunlight only from the frontal angle, which lets sunlight still have access to enter into your eyes. Beside, you also can make a fashion statement with them because of their fashionable design.

Women's acetate full frame prescription sunglassesWomen’s full frame plastic wrap around rx sunglasses

Women's full frame plastic wrap around rx sunglassesWomen’s full frame plastic wrap around rx sunglasses


A lot of eye problem sufferers are eager to get proper sunglasses to prevent harmful sun rays and make a fashion statement as well. These three kinds of sunglasses mentioned above will absolutely meet their needs. As summer is coming, just go ahead and find the most suitable one for you.

Clip on glasses and prescription sunglasses for UV protection

May 30th, 2010

It is a common concern among individuals who use prescription eyeglasses when they stay under sunlight. To state exactly, their need for eye protection against harmful rays can not be met even if their vision problems can be corrected by rectifying lenses. Well, this is absolutely a big problem because certain rays are really harmful due to the damaging to the ozone layer. At the same time, this group of people can not go without the help of prescription glasses, so that a single pair of sunglasses is incompetent. In a word, both of these two aspects should be considered and the needs be met. Currently, there are two kinds of eyewear products that help resolve these problems: clip on glasses and prescription sunglasses. Both of them are innovative and relatively new products.

Eyewear designers are creative enough that they have developed simple form clip-on eyewear which can clip onto regular eyeglass frames. People wearing regular prescription eyeglasses for vision correction can now resort to an extra pair of clip on glasses for UV protection. Exactly, a clip on eyewear does not have complete frame, at least no temples. The two lenses are connected by a special bridge with related parts for clipping. Till now, it is easy to understand that clip on sunglasses can help Rx eyewear users gain UV protection while being outside. As suggested by this name, clip on eyewear is separate from the regular Rx eyewear, which provides additional convenience. When UV protection is needed, the wearer can clip it on. And when he or she stays indoors, it is the time to take it off and regular prescription glasses function solely.

In addition to clip on glasses, prescription sunglasses can also provide both vision correction and UV protection at the same time. The latter type refers to sunwear which has lenses that can both block out harmful rays and offer vision aid. This relies highly on the technological advancements in eyewear lens industry. It is really exciting that these lenses have become a reality that a single pair of prescription sunglasses is bi-functional.

Numerous options of eyeglasses

December 1st, 2009

Many factors should be taken into account in selecting appropriate eyeglasses, including fit, functionality, protection as well as style.

Before choosing eyeglasses, a person should know the features of his or her face, because different eyeglass frames suit faces with different shapes. The eyeglasses should be appropriate in size for one’s facial characteristics, that both too big and too small frames should be avoided.

Eyeglasses are also available in protection styles. In some states, it is required by laws that riders should wear protection eyewear if there are no facial shields. Foam-back glasses are convenient and provide adequate protection. Protection eyeglasses should be manufactured with strict fitness and large lenses.

Clip-on glasses are popular nowadays. The clip should fit the edges of the glass properly and be close to the lens. In most cases, clip-on glasses need additional adjustments at the time of purchase. There are also colored lenses that offer both good look and great functionality.

Smoked lenses feature convenience and extended durability. While filtering out blue light, amber lenses always provide sharp contrast and sharp shadow definition even in over-cast conditions. Yellow lenses are particularly suitable for night driving, as well as in conditions of snow and fog. Clear lenses can provide ample UV protection and suit conditions with low light.

Another particular type of lenses is photochromic lenses, which are commonly used in conditions of varying light. Polarized lenses are designed to fight against high glare, which protects the eyes form sudden flashes of light thus avoid potential retina damage. Reflective lenses can reflect the light away from the eyes, relaxing the eyes and reducing eye stress.

Besides of the functions from those various eyeglass lenses, some people also resort to eyeglasses for fashion. Branded sunglasses are quite popular on the high fashion markets, but these glasses are very expensive. However, the most important criterion is that the eyeglasses should fit one’s face. In addition, the materials of eyeglasses frames are also worth customer’s attention. A strong steel frame is suitable for a businessman, while sportier people always choose a light titanium frame.

Convenient and inexpensive clip ons

October 13th, 2009

Clip ons are really great invention in the modern time. A pair of clip on glasses consists of at least two rimless lenses and a bridge connecting them. Clip ons have two extended upper and lower clips at the back side of the lenses. The clips are usually attracted by one magnetic body between them. They are set at an inner side near a rear edge. At least one of the clips of clip on glasses is pivotally movable relatively to another. With such a structure, clip ons can be firmly connected to a pair of regular glasses in the front.

Clip ons provide the most convenience. If you wear correction glasses, you can just buy a pair of clip on glasses for other purpose. They eliminate the necessity of buying another complete pair of glasses so that save you money. Clip ons come in different uses. The common types are night vision clip on glasses and clip on sunglasses.

Driving at night is an entertainment for most drivers because the roads in city are always crowded during daytime. However, night driving increases the risk of accidents. Night vision clip on glasses can easily solve this problem. Night vision clip ons are made of a special material which filters the incoming light. It helps you to better observe the other cars or pedestrians during night driving. These clip ons are extremely light to reduce the total weight.

Clip on sunglasses are the most popular among clip ons. These clip on glasses can offer full UV protection just like normal sunglasses. Since sunglasses are so widely used, clip on glasses provide great help even if they are lost. You can just order another pair, rather than replacing the lenses. Clip on sunglasses are manufactured by the majority of notable brands in all colors.