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Bifocal Reading Glasses: an Unexpected Fashion Trend

February 17th, 2012

Five years ago, would anyone have considered it possible that the nerdiest of the nerdy glasses in the world, bifocal reading glasses, could someday become a fashion trend? However, in an era when practically nothing is impossible, bifocal reading glasses have for better or worse become the most unexpected fashion trend in the passing couple of years. It is not an exaggeration to say that bifocal reading glasses is catching on when it’s being worn by the sexiest man alive, Brad Pitt, or the most competitive coming-of-age rapper doing his thing on the most popular talent in the world. Those who have switched from their old pairs of bifocal to the everyone-is-talking-about progressives are now switching back for the sake of comfort, convenience and the newly found fashion value.

Gone are the days when a pair of bifocal glasses is laughed at just because they give away the fact that the wearers might be over the age of forty. People don’t like to hang their age around on their face for the world to know and subsequently bifocals are being disliked by many. As an alternative, scientists and opticians developed progressives to replace bifocals and since they don’t have any of that obvious separating lines that’s been scrutinized, progressives are selling pretty well. However, after a period of time, the fever died down a little as people began to learn that it takes a difficult adjusting period to get used to progressives and later that some people just couldn’t get over the adjustment period. Bifocal reading glasses, with their wearers-friendly design and convenient operating method, popped up on people’s mind again. However, some still hesitated on the thought of the unsightly effect these super nerdy glasses might bring to their face and overall image. Then, there comes the storm contributed by the names mentioned above and many more celebrities residing Hollywood which deleted totally and completely the consumption that bifocal glasses are uncool and established firmly in people’s mind that is worn properly, even bifocals could be sexy and attractive.

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Make Reading Fun and Healthy with Bifocal Reading Glasses

February 3rd, 2012

The overheated popularity of bifocal reading glasses amply demonstrates their distinctive peculiarity and versatility in providing the dual correction for near vision and distance vision. Equipped with such dual power, bifocal reading glasses can justify themselves to be called the genuine helper of myopia and presbyopia sufferers.

Bifocal reading glasses, in such a technological era, are becoming an increasingly useful assistant when it comes to the reading difficulty of victims of myopia and presbyopia at the same time. As implied by the name, bifocal is meant for embedding two distinctive optical powers into one single lens, hence the dual near vision correction and distance one. When you want to descry the objects in the far distance, you can focus your eyes upon the upper part of lenses, aiming directly at your myopia. And vice versa, the presbyopia problem will be duly resolved if you shift your focus to the bottom part. In the light of bifocal reading glasses, they do an excellent job in dealing with the shift focus from reading difficulty to viewing inconsistency. Great news is that the present-day bifocal reading glasses are free from the image jump caused by the conspicuous seam between the two optical powers, thus making for smooth and fluid viewing experience. For those having penchant for reading newspapers or books, bifocal reading glasses come as a godsend.

Bifocal reading glasses are no longer as dull and humdrum as they used to be. They nowadays come in different styles, shapes and colors, always managing to take on a refreshing look. As to the style of such kind of glasses, lying open to your selection are various kinds of styles, retro eyeglasses like Old Grannies’, those cool horn rimmed eyeglasses, one of which will surely satisfy your aesthetical wish. FYI, cheap glasses online is a pretty good channel where you can get access to both good quality and inexpensive glasses. Firmoo, as the undoubted leader of online glasses retailers, is exerting its influence to the best of its ability to offer the best of all glasses to its loyal customers. Nothing but the capital quality and matchless price here at Firmoo.

Bifocal reading glasses is indeed a veritable boon for book worms. If ill luck would have it that you are made victim of myopia and presbyopia at the same time, to admit no doubt, bifocal reading glasses will be the best edged weapon you can lay your hands on. What are you waiting for? Grace your face with a pair of bifocal reading glasses and enjoy an unencumbered reading experience.

Modern Bifocal Reading Glasses: Not Your Same Old Heavy Glasses Any More

November 24th, 2011

As a traditional solution to the dilemma of having difficulties seeing things both close up and far off, bifocal reading glasses have come a long way. Once, it was the only way to deal with the nettling troubles triggered by having to constantly switch between different eyeglasses. Now, however, with the emerging and increasing popularity of contacts and optical surgeries, bifocals seem to have lost most of its followers. Many people had long been complaining about the clumsiness and heaviness of their old bifocal reading glasses, so once an alternative is available, they immediately took it, regardless of their lacking of real advantages. It is only after they are over the novelty of the new stuff and begin to find them with as many, if not more, problems as bifocal reading glasses, did they look back and take one more chance on their old problems. And this time around, bifocal reading glasses, with the new varieties and variants provided by the rapidly developing optical techniques and technology, sure won’t let them down.

As is widely recognized, bifocal lenses were invented by Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States. Besides drafted and issued the constitutions for one of the strongest countries now in the world, Benjamin was also a frequent inventor. At the time, he was experiencing what is familiar to thousands upon thousands today, a combination of myopia and presbyopia. The custom approach to solve such problem at the time was to carry multiple pairs of eyeglasses for varying vision ranges and put on a certain pair when the corresponding vision correction is needed. A great man like Mr. Franklin was never going to make peace with the unsatisfying current solution. He studies the science behind eyeglasses and ingeniously, with immense imagination and creativity, blended two pieces of lenses of different powers into the same lens, and the rest goes the history.

bifocal 2

Bifocal lenses were thus invented, yet in retrospect, the ones made in Franklin’s age did seem a little bit clumsy. Because the lenses consists of two different parts, they were usually larger than single vision ones. Besides, in an age when most lenses were made of glass, the weight of such specs can only be added. The visible line separating different powers was a major issue as well. Many people don’t like the idea of having their age written right on their faces. All the above-mentioned drawbacks have been causing bifocal reading glasses to wade through their dark days and then later solved one by one alongside the unprecedented developments and achievements with materials, techniques. For instance, the use of lightweight material such as Trivex, polycarbonate and CR-39 have not only made bifocal reading glasses lighter than ever but also given them a chance to be more versatile in styles, since lighter lenses are compatible to a large number of frames. You could even have your bifocal readers semi-rimmed to have that classy and business-minded look you’ve been long craving for. For those who have been sick and tired of the telltale lines on bifocal glasses, progressive lenses may be of their interest. By blending practically innumerable powers into the same lens, progressives, also known as no-line bifocals, provide the same convenience as bifocals while having the visible lines rid off at the same time.

All and all, those of you who still dwell on the old impressions of bifocal reading glasses need to come out and give them a new chance. Some of you may still not like them but who knows, maybe some other will stick to them for the rest of their lives.

Fun Facts About Men’s Bifocal Reading Glasses

October 18th, 2011

Lately, men’s bifocal reading glasses have been causing quite a stir on the optical market. People are rediscovering the multiple merits of this old product and rushing into the local drugstores to buy it. Those who have been troubled by the inconvenience of switching between different pairs of specs for different tasks for years can finally end up with a product that solves their problem once and for all. Others who had moved on to progressives, also known as no-line bifocals, and find themselves never passing the adjusting period are coming back, tolerating the disgrace of have a telltale sign of age on their faces but appreciating the real functional joy bifocal reading glasses offer. Once again, this type of specs whose origin can be traced back to one of the founding fathers of the United States, Benjamin Franklin, is experiencing its heydays all over again.

Well, just how exactly do these specs work? To answer that, you need to be aware of the fact that some of us who have vision problems aren’t just suffering from a single vision error. More often than not, two or even three refractive or accommodation problems are found in the very same persons, that is to say, he may be presbyopic, myopic and astigmatism all at the same time. For such an individual, going about simple daily businesses might turn out to be quite a torture for due to their multiple defects in their vision, they need to constantly switch between specs for different purposes to meet different vision requirements. Bifocal glasses change the whole game by blending two lenses of varing prescription powers into the same frame. With such a uniquely creative design, the wearer can look through the lower parts of lenses, which oftentimes offer short range vision correction, to see things up close and look through the upper parts to things at distance. Unlike progressive glasses which takes a quite painful adjustment to get used to, bifocal reading glasses are easy to use and trouble free to our eyes, to boot.

Many of you might have already noticed the fact that male wearers of bifocal reading glasses considerably outnumber female ones. What’s behind this fun gender difference? Well, as is explained above, bifocal glasses have two lenses blended into one frame. As a result, the vision field for each part of lenses is considerably reduced. Such effect is particularly obvious in the case of women’s bifocal specs in that frames for such specs are often smaller than those for men due to aesthetic reasons. Women’s bifocal glasses, therefore have a huge downside in terms of vision field whereas men’s bifocal reading glasses suffer from no such problem.

Height of reading glasses frame

April 27th, 2010

Reading glasses frame can be made of various materials such as metal, plastic and alloy. Some people may do not know the fact that reading glasses frame has special requirement in its height, especially the bifocal reading glasses frame. Proper height will provide the most comfortable feeling when people wearing bifocal reading glasses. This article focuses on the height requirement and measurement of bifocal reading glasses frame.

Since the lens of bifocal reading glasses comes in two types: lens with a middle line and that without a line. The latter is also called progressive lens. As a result, the height measurement of reading glasses frame should be conducted in two ways in accordance with the lens sort. You can simply think that the lens type decides the height of reading glasses frame.

Lined bifocal height of reading glasses frame is an optical term, which describes the vertical distance from the top of the bifocal area to the bottom of the frame. Since glasses frames may fit on the different faces in various ways, the height of reading glasses frame can be calculated in another way: fitting height. This height is measured from the bottom of the frame to the lower eyelid margin.

For reading glasses frame equipped with progressive lens, the term is bifocal height. This value of reading glasses frame is measured in a single way: from the center of the pupil to the bottom of the frame. Your measurement should start at the black dot of your pupil.

The height of reading glasses frame is essential for accuracy and safety. When you make an order online, this height is required. The minimum height of the lens rim should be 32mm so that the frame can accommodate both the near and distance lenses.

Innovative bifocal glasses

December 2nd, 2009

Bifocal glasses are not a recent invention. As the story says, Benjamin Franklin had two sets of glasses, one for faraway objects and the other for close reading. He reluctantly shifted from the two separate glasses, which is very inconvenient. After quite a period of this bother, the great forerunner designed a pair of bifocal glasses that allow him to see both distant and near things clearly. This was the initial form of bifocal reading glasses. He just cut the two pairs of glasses in half and used half of each lens for each eye so that the bifocal glasses were invented.

Science and technology always advance at a rapid pace, but the basic principle of bifocal reading glasses has remained the same since its invention. The lens of modern bifocal glasses has two parts: the lower part for close reading and the upper for distant vision. This design principle of bifocal reading glasses is based on the common sense that people generally use bifocal glasses in certain ways. They look downwards the bifocal reading glasses when reading or looking at close objects and look up when looking at distant things.

Bifocal glasses are truly useful for a large population that develops prysbiopia on earth. In the US alone, almost 4 million people suffer from it each year, most of which are between thirty to fifty years of age. Bifocal glasses have become a necessary part of their lives. Bifocal reading glasses eliminate the switch between separate glasses.

Bifocal glasses also perform as the pioneer of multifocals, followed by trifocals and progressive glasses. After the invention of bifocal reading glasses, multifocal glasses are natural.