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Bifocal Sunglasses bring the fun of shades to multi-vision error sufferers

March 4th, 2012

Bifocal sunglasses, shades with multiply powered lenses, are the latest effort from the relentlessly innovative optical industry, whose endless endeavor in bringing the eyewear wearing experience onto another level have benefited millions upon millions vision error sufferers around the globe. The pace with which those gadgets evolve is purely fascinating. Years ago when the introduction of prescription sunglasses into the public arena brought about a revolution and reshaped the landscape of the optical industry, people thought those optical guys have definitely done all they could. Now, when prescription sunglasses have become as plain as prescription spectacles, people begin to wonder what the next big thing in the optical world will be. Well, if you have paid any attention to the industry at all, you will have full confidence in claiming that bifocal sunglasses will take that crown and be adored by lots and lots of spectacles and shades wearers in the foreseeable future.

For all the people who have insufficient eyesight to enjoy the functionality and fun of shades, it takes more than just putting powers onto the lenses. Even inside those people, there could be two categories put forward: those who have single vision error and those who suffer from at least two vision deficiencies. Conventional single powered prescription sunglasses only meet the needs for myopia or presbyopia suffers. If, however, the person in question suffers both the two, those shades would fail undeniably in providing convenient and fun wearing experience since the wearer has to constantly switch between two pairs. Bifocal sunglasses come in handy for those who are over their 40s and need presbyopia correction and who also have myopia at the same time. Those sunglasses accommodate practically all types of frames out there on the market and they are just a blast to put on.

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Bifocal Reading Glasses: an Unexpected Fashion Trend

February 17th, 2012

Five years ago, would anyone have considered it possible that the nerdiest of the nerdy glasses in the world, bifocal reading glasses, could someday become a fashion trend? However, in an era when practically nothing is impossible, bifocal reading glasses have for better or worse become the most unexpected fashion trend in the passing couple of years. It is not an exaggeration to say that bifocal reading glasses is catching on when it’s being worn by the sexiest man alive, Brad Pitt, or the most competitive coming-of-age rapper doing his thing on the most popular talent in the world. Those who have switched from their old pairs of bifocal to the everyone-is-talking-about progressives are now switching back for the sake of comfort, convenience and the newly found fashion value.

Gone are the days when a pair of bifocal glasses is laughed at just because they give away the fact that the wearers might be over the age of forty. People don’t like to hang their age around on their face for the world to know and subsequently bifocals are being disliked by many. As an alternative, scientists and opticians developed progressives to replace bifocals and since they don’t have any of that obvious separating lines that’s been scrutinized, progressives are selling pretty well. However, after a period of time, the fever died down a little as people began to learn that it takes a difficult adjusting period to get used to progressives and later that some people just couldn’t get over the adjustment period. Bifocal reading glasses, with their wearers-friendly design and convenient operating method, popped up on people’s mind again. However, some still hesitated on the thought of the unsightly effect these super nerdy glasses might bring to their face and overall image. Then, there comes the storm contributed by the names mentioned above and many more celebrities residing Hollywood which deleted totally and completely the consumption that bifocal glasses are uncool and established firmly in people’s mind that is worn properly, even bifocals could be sexy and attractive.

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Metal Frame Bifocal Eyewear: The Best Choice For Those With Multiple Vision Errors

September 2nd, 2011

As we know, most people who need corrective eyewear don’t just suffer from presbyopia. Many of them also have myopia, hyperopia and/or astigmatism. For them, a pair of single prescription glasses is far from enough. They need bifocal glasses so that they can accommodate easily from a distance vision to a close-up one. Having two distinct optical powers on each pair, bifocal glasses are specially used for corrections of presbyopia and other refractive errors. With this type of glasses, one can easily see things of distance by looking through the upper part of the lenses and read fine prints at a close-up range by moving down the vision field and looking through the lower part. Both bifocal glasses and shades come in a variety of frame types, including metal, plastic, horn and even wood. Out of all these materials, metal makes the best frame choice for bifocal eyewear, being it glasses or shades. With its incredible strength, impact resistance and unmatchable fashion value, metal framed bifocal eyewear certainly provide the best eyecare both optically and physically for those of us who suffer from more than one vision error.

Metal Frame Bifocal Eyewear

In the case of bifocal glasses, every lens contains two distinct optical powers, hence two different segments of lenses separated by a line. This feature make it inevitable for the lenses to be super large and for these large lenses to be kept in place, the frame material must be of incredible strength. Metal, as it happens, is the strongest material used in the optical industry, which makes it the best frame choice for bifocal glasses. Besides being able to hold the large bifocal lenses perfectly, metal frames can also be made extremely lightweight. With the rapid development of frame techniques and the use of certain types of metal such as stainless steel and titanium, bifocal glasses with metal frames can be made even lighter than those framed with plastic, making them the better choice between the two. Aside from being strong and lightweight, certain types of metal are also extremely flexible. With their incredible resilience, these material can be made into bendable even memory frames that can automatically return back into shape after they have been deformed. Strong, lightweight and flexible, metal framed bifocal glasses surely will be the most durable eyewear you ever make an investment in.

Metal Frame Bifocal Eyewear 1

Aside from being able to last a long time and therefore save the wearer a fortune, metal framed bifocal glasses also come in a huge fusion of styles. From the classic Ray Ban aviator to the much loved Wayfarer and Carrera, metal frames are ubiquitous, and since these metal framed glasses always give out that bold and masculine vibe the current fashion world is so desperately craving, it’s no surprise at all that they will keep on rocking the world for at least a couple of seasons to come.

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