Starting Your Web Business on Campus

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You might have the idea of making your own living on campus, and  I think you have seen such things everywhere. For example, your dormmates are doing part-time tutoring, working in the Mac Donalds or working as PHDs (Phzza-Hut-Deliverer) and so on.

To have some working experience is very important before you graduate, but due to the high unemployment rate in USA, it’s getting harder and harder to get a part-time job, that’s why many college students choose to start their own business to make money. And I think I am one of the smart guys who make the best of the free time. cuz I started  my own web business instead of a job only.

When it comes to starting a web business, you may think of opening a store on Ebay, but I wasn’t trying to get involved in those physical stuffs as I didn’t want my first business to be risky. So how did I do?

The answer is I joined some affiliate programs. ( there are thousands of them, you could easily find them on google)

It’s actually totally free to join most of the affiliate programs. However, few of the affiliate programs except the Firmoo one offers lifelong commissions. It is so far the most ideal affiliate program I’ve ever encountered. With ifelong commissions, free to join policy, backing affiliate members up by offering referrals free glasses, high commission rate, etc.) I was confident at the first beginning.

So today I am gonna share some of my experience on how to do better promotion based on the Firmoo affiliate program, and hopefully, it’ll contribute to your business.

The way to promote is no different with other affiliate programs. You may get your referral links and post them to your blog, facebook or twitter. But trust me, you could do more beyond these. See how I did:

  1. Firstly, please don’t see business as a business itself. Every successful advertising is standing on a large number of users and high traffic. So my first step was to set many discussible topics and “@” those people that I wanna bring them into the discussions. You know what are concerned on campus, right?
  2. Secondly, I’ve taken some time in learning who my customers are. Take the Firmoo project for example (they are selling glases), I had to find out who needed glasses, and then “@” them or sent messages to them about firmoo glasses.
  3. Thirdly, I provided useful content on my pages that were related to what my affiliate programs were offering. For example, if you write about figure skating, it’s not likely your visitors will be looking to buy a book on motorcycles or a new set of saddlebags.
  4. Fourthly, I’ve included d my referral links in the contents and activities of my page and the interaction with my fans. Don’t you want your promotion to be less like advertising ?
  5. Fifthly, I regarded what I did as a win-win business. On one hand, I have made some money for myself; on the other hand, I’ve helped others save a lot of money. Therefore, I am sure your promotionwould appear much more natural.
  6. Sixthly, I took advantage of my school facilities, includingmy school forums, Facebook pages, posters (where you can post your referral coupons).:D What I did was even more extreme, I printed the coupon on my T-shirt, telling people they could save 10% with that.By doing the above things for a couple of months, I am sure you’ll get a good achievement in your affiliate programs.

Let’s see what you can get by joining affiliate programs: the ability to get higher traffics for your website, some money,, the skill of advertising and other expertise in some fields (product knowledge, promotion strategy, etc), all with risk-free.

The first step of your business starts on campus!


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