Some styles of hip glasses for men

July 15th, 2010 by Andrew Rabinowitz Leave a reply »

Hip glasses refer to eyeglasses that are quite fashionable due to an attractive frame design. All people know that the fashion world is always changing. This is also true in the prescription eyeglass industry. In retrospect, there were some classic designs like cat-eye and bug-eye which were quite popular in the early years of the 20th century. However, they have lost most of the popularity, even if some brands also sell these products as retro items. In recent years, prescription eyeglasses using tinted lenses are one of the most popular products in the market. This is probably contributed by the wide usage of lens tints in regular sunglasses. All in all, the fashion eyeglass market is really dynamic and new styles continue to emerge. But there have been several lasting designs of hip glasses. In this article, we list some of them which are mainly for men.

Lightweight and durable frames are always the first choice made by most male customers. Remember that gentlemen value frame comfort and durability a lot. Nowadays, many young and middle-age men are turning to plastic frames, which come in a huge variety of styles. There are thin plastics, bold plastics and black 50s plastic frames. In addition, men with a special taste can choose a frame with colored plastics laminated together. Hip glasses for men are popularly provided in certain prevailing shapes. Classic shapes in tortoise patterns are a lasting trend which shows no sign of fading out. And larger and bolder frames are rapidly emerging and going to occupy a certain portion of men’s hip eyewear market. One point should be seriously known that large shapes are suitable only for buys with a large face.

Sarah Palin rimless glasses are one of the top sellers in most large optical stores either online or local. And many ladies fall in love with this style. But this design is not limited to women. Rimless and semi-rimless glasses are one of the lasting hip glasses styles for men. Many gentlemen also want to get a modern and minimalist look. Some guys further combine a rimless frame with anti-reflective lenses, making the glasses nearly invisible.


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