Photochromic Cycling Sunglasses: The Best Shades to Put On When You Are On The Road

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For a cyclist, whether him being a professional cyclist or just a regular biker, eye protection is always a hugely important issue, one that takes a lot of effort to address. First of all, he needs to tackle the increased airflow, the flying debris and insects. Secondly, he wants to protect his eyes from harmful UV rays and glare. And thirdly, he need to adapt to the always changing weather conditions. To address the first two problems takes no more than a normal pair of quality cycling sunglasses. To address the last one, however, is a bit more daunting. Traditionally, the problem can only be solved by constantly switching between multiple pairs of sunglasses, which is kind of a headache for a regular biker and totally impossible for a competitive racer. Now, with the advent of photochromic cycling sunglasses, everything is changed. The cyclist only needs to put on one pair of photochromic sunglasses, the adjusting to weather conditions problem can be taken care of once and for all.
Photochromic Cycling Sunglasses

For those who are not familiar with photochromic sunglasses, these sunglasses have the capacity to react to the light condition, which means the lenses can actually darken or lighten in accordance to the exposure of them to UV rays. So, when you are biking on a sunny day and the sun is out and there is UV rays everywhere, the lenses will automatically darken, providing the required protection. And when the sun are blocked by the clouds or by the shadows of a forest or maybe when you are cycling during the night, those lenses will automatically lighten back up, providing you with the perfect vision to look out for the road conditions (pit holes, wheel ruts, ice patches or in the case of mountain cycling, tree branches or roots).

Photochromic Cycling Sunglasses 1

For those cyclists who suffer from vision problems and needs corrective glasses to help them see, photochromic sunglasses lenses can also be made with prescription. Therefore, they can always find the corresponding prescription photochromic sunglasses to match their particular vision requirements.


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