How to match the eye glasses frames with wearers variations

November 8th, 2009 by Jean Caster Leave a reply »

Normally people will consider face shape and skin color to choose the right eye glasses frames. In addition to these two basic factors, following tips may also be considered.

People with severe refractive powers better choose plastic eye glasses frames as its thick frame can cover the thicker edge of the high-degree lenses for a better look.

For people who exercise or sweat excessively, plastic eye glasses frames will be a good choice. This choice can reduce the frame erosion and skin irritation.

Those wearers with very high degrees of astigmatism, special shapes of eye glasses frames will be applied. For a prescription like +6.00/-4.00 * 180, eye glasses frames which are vertically narrow but bigger in height will be a good choice. For a prescription like +6.00/-4.00*90, we need to select eye glasses frames which are horizontally narrow but smaller in height. There is a special requirement for the height of rims for those bifocal lenses, as height for holding multi-focal lenses needs to be higher than single vision eye glasses frames.

For those who are used to taking off their eye glasses frames with one hand, a selection of eye glasses frames outfitted with spring hinge will be highly recommended. These spring-hinged eye glasses frames are more difficult to be changed in shape, so that the eye glasses frames will last to fit longer.


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