Lenses for prescription sunglasses

January 1st, 2010 by Jay Furlong Leave a reply »

There is a wide choice for the lenses of prescription sunglasses. Most of the lenses materials are available for prescription sunglasses, such as glass, CR-39 resin and polycarbonate. The tints of lenses most frequently used are brown, yellow, blue, purple and green.

Yellow and brown prescription sunglasses are good for sports like golf and shooting. For fishing and hunting, wearers need sunglasses with polarized lenses to reduce the glare from water and mountain.

Another choice for purchasing a pair of prescription sunglasses is to choose the photochromic lenses. Photochromic is a patent technology owned by Transition. Photochromic lenses can automatically darken when wearer is exposed to UV rays from strong sunlight, and change back to clearer look when wearer is indoors. Photochromic prescription sunglasses are highly welcome, but still have some defects. They don’t darken enough inside the car while driving because windshield has blocked most of the UV rays. Another shortcoming is that the tint of photochromic prescription sunglasses is not ample in extra bright sunlight.

Optical experts suggest a combination of normal prescription eyeglasses and a frame of clip-on, or a pair of photochromic prescription sunglasses and a clip-on. This will suit a wearer under most of the lighting conditions.


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