How to select sport sunglasses?

April 25th, 2010 by Scott Mozayeni Leave a reply »

Undoubtedly, sport sunglasses can provide us with eye safety and clear vision when taking sports. But as for selecting sports sunglasses, you may be confused which kind of sports sunglasses to choose. The following will give you some advice on this:

Once selecting sport sunglasses, the first point we should think is if they are protective and durable. So it is better to choose impact-resistant or shatter-resistant materials of sports sunglasses, like polycarbonate or carbonic materials. In order to select the fitful and flexible sport sunglasses, non-slip or non-stick nose pads and temple grips can help keep the sports sunglasses in place and comfortable to wear. Wrap or wraparound frames of sport sunglasses are good for blocking sun on the periphery of the vision.

There are a variety of colors for sports sunglasses available on the market. Thanks to the innovation of interchangeable color lenses, you can change the color according to the environment and sports you take part in. Another important factor sports sunglasses must have is 100% UV protection, which may also be termed as absorption up to 400 nm. Sports sunglasses with anti-fog coating or adequate ventilation can help you with a good vision in fogging days. So this is also can not be overlooked. As strong light is not good for most sport, sport sunglasses should also have the characteristics of glare reduction, which is realized by anti-reflective coatings in the interior of the lens. For sports enthusiastic who participate in more than one sport, there are also multi-purpose sports sunglasses available for you to choose.


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