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Christmas Day is approaching! Take off your eyeglasses and let’s make a special DIY gift for Christmas. You can follow the instructions below or do some creative  DIY eyeglasses. Let’s get started!


Step1. We need to prepare those following materials.

A pair of glasses, some red-and-white self-adhesive cloth, some plastic decorative flowers, star glittering stickers;Some tools are also needed: ice crystal spray, kitchen rolling paper, a pen, one flower scissor, a normal scissor.

  • IMG_1394(20181222-100422)

Step2: Trim the extra leaves and remain few of them and flowers.


Step3: Clean the arms and wrap around with red-and-white self-adhesive cloth, then at the middle of the arm, insert the flowers and wrap them into the self-adhesive cloth.


Step4:Wind to the end,and cut it off with the normal scissor.


Step5: Finish another arm according to the same procedure.


Step6: Stick two star decals at the corners of glasses.


Step7: Put the glasses upside down on the kitchen paper, and draw the outline of the frame with a pen, then use the normal scissor to cut along the outline.


Step8: Cover the cutting kitchen paper of the frame over the lenses, but you need to place it a little higher above the bottom of the lenses; then spray the lenses with the ice crystal spray to form beautiful ice crystals.


Step9: Put on the glasses, you can also add other elements according to your own style.


Isn’t it easy? Only a few minutes to make special glasses. Just have a try! Hope you’ll enjoy your holiday and merry Christmas!


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