How to choose the cool glasses?

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Cool glasses are a matter of opinion about what people think of you and you think of yourself. The cool glasses may fit you well while become ridiculous for others. The definition of cool glasses is what shows your personality and make you confident about yourself.

Many people think wearing glasses a nerdy thing. They may turn to the contact lenses or laser surgery for help, and some even not wear glasses at all. All of those may lead to the worse eye problems, such as the keratitis or stronger power. In fact, a cool glass acts the same function as other decorative accessories do, they can make you beautiful and vivid.

However, several tips should be paid attention to when choosing your cool glasses.

Firstly, a cool glass means a right glasses shape which fits your face shape well. This may be the most important guideline for choosing a pair of cool glasses. You need to know your face shape completely before selecting the glasses shade. Suitable eyeglasses can strength your face advantages and neglect your face disadvantages, so be extremely careful on the shade choosing for it is the key element of the cool glasses.

Secondly, a cool glass means a right glasses color which complements your personal coloring. All people have either the cool or the warm coloring, and everyone looks best in his own color base. It is better to purchase the cool glasses according your color of skin, eyes and hair. For example, cool complexion looks good with peach, gold, orange, off-white cool glasses, while warm complexion are suitable with the black, blue-gray, pink, jade ones.

Finally, a cool glass means a matching makeup. Make sure your eyebrows are well-groomed, your under-eye circles are carefully concealed, your makeup is properly adjusted according to the glasses, and your lenses are clean and fog-free. So try on the cool sunglasses after finishing the makeup, this will help you look both elegant and attracting during the party.

Every businessman may claim he has the cool glasses. But as mentioned above, cool is just a feeling. A proper eyewear is the coolest one for you. Know better both about you and glasses features, you will enjoy the cool glasses wearing.


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