Eye exercise in oriental country

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Eye exercise is a kind of vision therapy. For example base-out prism reading, stereogram cards, computerized training programs, and the wearing of convex or concave lenses. It is usually used by orthoptists and ophthalmologists for strabismus treatments or convergence insufficiency treatments. But it is believed that it can’t purely improve monocular visual acuity such as amblyopia. Sometimes, eye exercise simply by moving eyeball from left to right or up and down can relax the eyes.

China has developed special eye exercise related to acupuncture point for the relaxation of eye muscles. There are about ten couple acupuncture points around the eyes, for instance, “Yuyao” are the point located at the medical aspect of the eyebrows, “Zanzhu” are the poinst located at the nasal bridge, and “Shibai” points are on the cheeks about 4cm below the centre of pupils. Chinese student usually do eye exercise daily before they begin class. The eye exercise involving four steps with the eyes closed. The first step of eye exercise is massaging of “Yuyao” point with the thumbs pressing against the 2 points in a circular movement to a count of 8 beats per cycle. Repeat 8 circles. The second step of eye exercise is massaging of “Zanzhu” points with two fingers of one hand, also repeat 8 cycles. The following step is massaging of “Shibai” points with the index fingers. The last step of eye exercise is pressing on “temple” points with the thumbs while sliding round the upper and lower eye sockets with the knuckle of the index fingers.

Eye exercise can not be used as the treatment of serious eye disease.


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