Clear eyeglasses for vision correction

June 2nd, 2010 by Yaron Cheng Leave a reply »

Used for vision correction, eyeglasses are made with specific prescriptions according to patients’ needs. Myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism still affect a large portion of people in this world. When prescription eyeglasses are still the major solution taken to deal with vision problems, more and more Rx eyewear users try to get additional benefit from these devices. Vision correction or compromise is definitely important, but modern eyewear manufacturers make it possible to enjoy more from wearing Rx eyeglasses. The best testimony to this expectation is the diversification of eyeglass styles in recently years. And in particular, clear eyeglasses are a typical example. They refer simply to prescription glasses made of clear frames. Do not mix them with clear lens eyeglasses, which mean eyewear using transparent Rx lenses.

Clear prescription eyeglasses can also be called transparent eyeglasses. They both indicate the state of eyeglass frames. Or we can say the color of the frames. People with certain knowledge of the current eyewear industry should know the widely use of different colors for eyewear frame and lens decoration. In the prescription eyeglasses world, frames can be in black, blue, red, orange and any possible color. It may be surprising that white frames are widely available. In the sunwear industry, both frames and lenses can be tinted. Clear eyeglasses are completely different from those colored eyewear products which represent the mainstream. Most people may have been used to this long-term trend. But it can never exclude other eyewear styles. In fact, prescription eyeglasses made of clear frames are quite unique and will probably create a perfect look on a person’s face.

Frame color is associated with specific materials. When it comes to clear eyeglasses, only plastics are feasible to create such an effect. Plastics in different types are very flexible and they can be made in any wanted colors. For instance, zyl can appear in the color of rainbow. And it can also create light colors on the interior sides of the frames. In some cases, colored eyeglass frames can fade over time, but clear glasses never bring this concern.


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