Causes of eye pain

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Eye pain is a feeling of ache in or around the eye, sometimes behind the eye. There are mainly two types of eye pain, ocular pain and orbital pain. People with eye pain may describe their eye disease as burning, dull, gritty, aching, or stabbing, according to different patients as each person may interpret pain differently.

Ocular pain is eye pain caused by infections, such as bacteria, fungi, virus, chemical or injury. These kinds of eye disease include conjunctivitis, corneal abrasions, comeal ulceratioins, chemical bums and flash burns, blepharitis and sty or chalaziion. When this kind of eye pain occurred, especially caused by chemical, such as acid or alkali, home eye treatment can be carried out, for example, flushing the eye with great amounts of lukewarm tap water or commercially prepared eyewash solution under to reduce the eye pain.

Orbital pain is a deep, dull ache behind or in the eye, and the eye pain is usually caused by diseases of the eye, for instance, glaucoma, iritis or optic neuritis. Other diseases may also cause eye pain involving sinusitis and migraines.

Besides eye pain in or around eye, the patient with these eye diseases may suffer partial or complete loss of vision, light sensitivity, double vision, a feeling of pain with movement of the eye in different directions, or severe headache associated with eye pain.

Eye pain is a common eye problem that leads the patients to visit eye doctors. Common treatments for eye pain including antibiotic eye drops, eye ointment, and pain medication. Eye surgery may also be carried out in emergency condition.


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