Care Your Eyes

November 27th, 2009 by Randa Fritch Leave a reply »

Maybe you’ve never thought how you will be if you can not see, and you have never felt how your life will be without eyes, but if you have read the book Three Days to See, you will find how important our eyes are and how precious the gift that the God endows us is.

However, a few people have read this book, and some of those who have read never realize to care their eyes. What they do, or what we do is to lay stress on eyes consciously or unconsciously.

What I want to remind to all people is that Care Your Eye, or one day you will get personal experience as the author of Three Days to See.

As a matter of fact, ways to care our eyes are really simple and no trouble. Here below are some tips which are believed to be able to relax and protect your eyes:

Get enough sleep. Sleep is the best way for eye care.

Wear Sunglasses to protect eyes from harmful rays and dust when outdoors.

Do not stay before a computer or TV for a long time. If you have to, do some eye exercises at intervals. Anti glare screens are necessary as well.

Do not wipe eyes with hands but handkerchief or directly wash them with water.

Check your power every six months, if you are a glasses wearer.

Go for a doctor, if any discomfort emerges, and do not try to treat it yourself.

Get a complete eye check up twice a year.

The deterioration of eyes with aging is inevitable, but we are able to get the deterioration in our control by the above simple tips. What are you waiting for, for you eyes, take action now!


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