Brief introduction of sun shade

November 4th, 2009 by William Krause Leave a reply »

Sun shade, a latecomer in the eyeglasses market has been the beloved by glasses wearers with myopia or hyperopia. Since extended exposure to solar radiation may cause eye diseases such as cataracts, macular degeneration and pterygia, sunglasses were invented to protect people from sun’s UV rays. However, sun shades are more convenient without functional loss.

The available commodity related to sun shades in the market is the sun shade clip, which includes a pair of sun shade lens frames connected to each other through a bridge and two sun shades. The difference between a sun shade clip and a complete pair of sunglasses lies in that the former has no temples while the latter has two, which is also the origin of its advantage.

How does a sun shade clip work? The answer is the spectacles and sun shade clip assembly, which is a creative invention. The sun shade clip is interchangeably clipped to the spectacles frame. More particularly, spectacles, a spectacle frame and a sun shade clip can be manufactured as independent elements that may bring more recombination and meet personal preferences.

Another even more convenient sun shades is magnetic sunlens. These magnetic sun shades are made to match specific type of eyeglasses frames with magnets on the bridges. There are no general-purpose magnetic sun shades for all frames.

With the increasing public awareness of eye care and people’s demand of convenience in daily life, sun shades will be more and more popular.


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