Brands that provide wine sunglasses

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Many people may interpret wine eyeglasses as a type of glass stemware used to drink and taste wine. In fact, wine glasses can also be eyeglasses that have a wine-colored frame. But few folks will get confused about wine sunglasses, even if there are various forms. Generally speaking, wine sunwear refers to sunshades that appear in wine color. This is a dark red color or the typical color of wine, an alcoholic drink made from the juice of grapes that has been left to ferment. There are many different kinds of wine but they appear generally in a uniform color. What is the effect when this color is applied to sunglasses? Eyeglasses made in this color are quite attractive for people who used Rx eyewear. They bring new look to eyewear users, especially those who like drink to wine. Sunglasses incorporating this special color can bring a similar effect.

Used in sunglasses, wine can decorate different parts. And consequently there are different forms of wine sunglasses. The first type is sunglasses that have wine-colored frames. This painting way is exactly the same as wine prescription eyeglasses. It has no direct relation with functionality of sunglasses, either prescription sunglasses or regular ones. Of course, sunglasses made of wine frames offer another charming option for modern customers, especially fashion-conscious ladies. Another major type is sunshades that come with wine lenses. Amber, rose and red tints have been traditionally added to sunglass lenses which help heighten contrast in partly cloudy and sunny conditions. As a dark red color, wine tint is expected to provide a similar advantage. Sunglasses using this type of lenses will enable wearers to achieve better performance in hunting, shooting, skiing and the like.

Wine sunglasses in different forms are now available from notable and subtle brands. Juicy Couture offers a unique and feminine plastic frame in wine. The exact name of this model is Sweet Pea, which features a saddle nose bridge and adjustable wire core temples for extreme comfort. Juicy Couture BFF Peace model also takes wine as an optional color. Tory Burch provides an oversized square sunwear model that is wine-colored. And D&G, a renowned sunwear brand, also makes wine sunshades.


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