Wine glasses as a unique product

July 22nd, 2010 by Jay Furlong Leave a reply »

The time when all eyeglasses were black has forever gone. People who have a vision problem now have numerous options provided by eyewear makers. Compared with contact lenses and eye surgeries, Rx spectacles are widely considered as the most acceptable treatment or remedy. However, people living decades ago had probably been bothered by the plain, standard design of prescription eyeglasses. Rx eyewear users at that time had very limited options and the majority of their concerns were getting vision correction met. Nevertheless, modern folks have definitely realized a drastic change in the eyewear market, especially in the recent decades. Eyeglasses provided by modern manufacturers come in different shapes, use different frame colors, apply various temple designs and thus support a wide variety of demands. In particular, colored eyeglass frames have helped expanded Rx eyewear market greatly. A typical, new design is wine glasses.

Note that we are discussing eyeglasses. The phrase wine glass is commonly referred to a type of glass stemware that is used to drink and taste wine. In this case, wine means an alcoholic drink made from the juice of grapes that has been left to ferment. This is exactly the common explanation of this phrase. However, few people know that the word “wine” can also be a color. This is a dark red color. In some cases, it is also called wine red, indicating the color of the drink stated above. Knowing this difference, it is understandable that wine glasses refer to prescription eyeglasses that have a wine-colored frame in this writing.

In the remaining part, we try to point out what is the uniqueness of eyeglasses in wine color. Many wearers may have been used to green glasses, red glasses, yellow glasses or some others. These colors have been utilized in eyewear design for many years. But wine as a unique color is applied just in recent years. For certain people, getting a pair of eyeglasses that appears in the same color as wine is probably an exciting experience. It is foreseeable that wine glasses will gain further popularity.


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