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a bit about the man behind the blog. lately.

May 7th, 2015
Allow me to update you on the main man in my life, because quite a lot of unusual and exciting things have been going on. In no particular order of importance: his beautiful long hair was hacked off by a new stylist, he is wrapping up two months of sobriety for some impending liver blood work, he finally got new glasses and he has broken his foot.
Now I realize that is a lot to swallow so let’s start with the more serious of offenses. That hair! Just kidding.  The liver thing isn’treally a concern, probably a life lesson not to get annual blood work right after a stomach flu and so forth. He’s surviving his sobriety but not particularly enjoying it. The end is in sight for that! Six more days!
Now, the foot. Oh yes the foot. Last week he stepped on a trowel in the garage and injured his right foot. A trowel he had placed there and stepped over and over for days without moving. As the good wife I am I had too stepped over it for days without moving it, but felt it was my duty to leave it there to prove a point. He was limping around the rest of the day and by morning it had only gotten worse. My father took him to Urgent Care for an X-ray where the doctor informed him yes, his foot was broken clean through. It just didn’t happen last week. It happened last month. And was healing. And the trowel aggravated it. Happened. A. Month. Ago. Have you ever heard of such nonsense? Matt has no idea what the original injury was. He has been climbing roofs. Digging gardens. Digging sandboxes. Climbing roofs. All with a busted up foot. So not no more he’s not! Crutches and a boot and rest is ordered for him. And I get to take over all the fun things like mowing and grocery shopping and driving. And he gets to do things like hold Dom a lot more. He has decided he is either The Wolverine or the Matrix reset itself. That’s his story.
And lastly the new glasses! Let me tell you a little tale about a pair of eye glasses. This tale begins well before I knew Matt, a date which he believes is during his junior year in high school. He got a pair of glasses. Seen below. When we were young and thin and tan and slept eight plus consecutive hours each night. And didn’t break our feet without knowing. Ahem.
These very same glasses have survived college, our wedding, countless vacations and three children…. They have been bent and scratched and sat on and abused and worn daily. And yet… he refuses to get himself a new pair! If I had a dollar for every time I heard him mention needing new glasses I could have purchased him new glasses 100 fold, but Matt hates to spend money on himself. On his appearance that is. Cue an email from Firmoo asking me to review my experience with their site and their products and I instantly thought ha! I can force Matt to finally get a new pair of glasses! It’s all for the blog honey (yes from time to time I do call him honey).
Having never ever ordered a pair of glasses other than sun, I found the website to be just perfect. I Matt chose the glasses he liked and then you can select lens coatings and so forth as well as enter in your prescription which I thought was actually pretty cool, I felt all ophthalmologist like. The glasses Matt chose are these. I placed my order on a Tuesday and by the following Monday we had the glasses. So so fast! Straight from the man’s mouth, they are “awesome”! He is nothing if not succinct. And just like that… A fresh new look. Over ten years later. Even David commented and said dad! I like your new glasses! And I am NOT lying. The entire experience has been nothing short of a breeze. So thank you Firmoo!!
New customers can get 50% off their frames site wide by clicking here. Maybe your husband needs to say goodbye to his college lenses as well? No? Just me? Ah well.
And that’s what is going on in this residence with Matt as of late. Living the dream hoping on hair growth, iciing a foot, wearing new eyeware all whilst not enjoying his favorite beverage.
And a word to the wise? Don’t leave the trowel on the steps.

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Firmoo Glasses and 50% Off Frames

May 7th, 2015
Firmoo glasses
Firmoo glasses
Firmoo glasses
Firmoo glasses

Hello again lovelies! Today I’m going to be talking to you about eyewear. I’ve actually worn glasses since high school but I’m not going to lie, my first pair looked like something that even Harry Potter would turn down. I used to try and avoid wearing my glasses which obviously isn’t recommended but I disliked them that much! A lot has changed since then and eyewear has definitely developed providing plenty more options to suit individual style and taste. I feel that to be comfortable wearing my glasses, I need to really like them.

Recently Firmoo* contacted me and asked if I’d like to try a pair of their glasses. I’d never even considered buying frames online but there is something quite appealing about not having to leave the house to get a new pair. The website itself has a huge selection of frames offering different styles and colours to suit your personal taste. Even if you don’t wear prescription glasses, you can get what some like to call a fashion pair.

Now, I was initially worried about not being able to try each pair on but Firmoo provide a system which allows you to upload a photo of yourself to see how they look. I love over sized glasses so I chose a pair that had a slight cat eye and a tortoise shell frame… All my favourite looks in one! Once you’ve picked a pair you can then enter your prescription (if you have one), your requirements such as anti glare etc. and your pupil distance which is fully explained on the site. All you have to do is wait for parcel to arrive. Mine was delivered in under a week which was amazing considering that they were shipped from the other side of the world.

I love it when a company puts a little effort into the decorative side of things. Firmoo completely surprised me with an adorable map styled case, a small bag, a cleaning cloth and a screw driver for adjusting the sizing. They really did cater for everything. My glasses fit, they feel sturdy and comfortable and most importantly they do their job. I just love the way they look. What I haven’t mentioned yet is the pricing. I feel like a fool for spending over £100 on my previous pairs when the frames on this site can be as low as £17.00. You do have to pay for the lenses as well but this is nowhere near as expensive as what I was used to paying.

Overall, I’m definitely impressed with the service and quality that Firmoo provided plus it’s opened my eyes to a whole new world of online shopping which is always exciting. If you’re interested in checking out Firmoo’s site you can click here. I’m also happy to share with you that you can get 50% of on your first set of frames. If you’d like to redeem your code click here.

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May 7th, 2015
Hello Sassy Peeps!

Since the season is changing I felt that it was time to switch things up a bit. I decided new hair; new specs and a new lip color would do the trick. Although I am a natural girl at heart I still love the straight look; especially the “Bob”. I haven’t straightened my hair in years so I obtain these looks by wearing wigs. I always keep a few on hand and pull them out when feeling especially sassy.

This specific time, the feeling was triggered when I tried Ben Nye Makeup‬ Lipstik (LS 8 Cranberry) for the first time. It is bold but not to bold, glides on smoothly and lasts throughout the day. Shortly after receiving the lip color I got a new pair of specs from an online optical company I am totally obsessed with their selection of glasses. I think I have well over 10 pairs and my collection continues to grow. They always keep fresh and current frames in stock for self-proclaimed fashionista’s. Additionally, they always have great sales, and for a limited time only are offering new customers 50% off frames just by clicking on on this link

After pairing the LS 8 Cranberry and the firmoo’s I immediately knew that this look called for new hair. So I happiness ran to the closet and pulled out my Jessie J Inspired Bob. I put it on and felt that everything was complete. I know wigs aren’t for everyone, but they can be amazing for several different reasons.

See why below:
  • They cut about 30 minutes off my daily routine – When I wear my natural hair it takes me between 30 to 40 minutes to complete a look.
  • New look, New attitude – It doesn’t matter if you are creating a new look solely for yourself or to spice up your love life, a different can spice up that attitude. I am not dating, but if I were I am sure my significant other would appreciate those random changes.
  • Washable & Easy to Maintain – Most wigs are washable. I have gotten at least 5 good washes out of mine and they still maintain their shine.
  • Cost Effective – The brands I purchase are very cost effective. They range from 29.99 to 49.99. My fav’s are Bobbie Boss and Equal. They are super comfy and fit my big head really well. LOL!
  • Rest the hair – I love giving my natural hair a rest. If you are not careful to much tugging and pulling can cause breakage.
  • Unfazed by weather conditions – While wearing a wig I am sooo unfazed by the heat and humidity.
I am not sure how look I will maintain this new me, but for now I am satisfied. Stay tuned for more looks to come. Until then

Have A Happy Healthy, and Remember to Always…
Stay Sassy!
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FIRMOO Online Optical Store : Review

April 23rd, 2015

Hi there, my darlings!  So…did you guys know that I wear glasses? No? Good! Lol but seriously it’s no secret that I have been an avid reader since I was a little girl and as a consequence of many late nights poring over Nancy Drews and Babysitters’ Clubs, my eyes racked up a hefty prescription. Most of the day, I wear contacts but at the end of the day, there’s nothing better than slipping into a nice, comfortable pair of glasses. The glasses I’ve been wearing are nice enough but they have been with me for a good 2 years so when Firmoo reached out to me to review a pair of glasses through their site, you know I happily agreed!

Now, me being me, and my glasses having been made a couple of years ago, I could NOT find my prescription–I searched everywhere in my apartment, I even called home to India and for the longest time, no luck! But I found it eventually and was able to place my order! Phew!

The great thing about Firmoo is how customizable the site is–you can not only pick the style and color of your frames but you can go ahead and adjust the way the glasses will fit your face, all online! How? By adjusting certain specific measurements, you can make sure the glasses you get will be perfect for you. But on that note, make sure you DO have your prescription handy because you WILL need the information on there!

So, here’s the frame I picked and I have to admit, I LOVE them! They are not only comfortable but look great and feel pretty sturdy :

So there you have it, my darlings! If you’re in the market for a new pair of glasses, you can check out Firmoo’s website HERE–you can find some great deals if you look around. Don’t forget to follow Firmoo through the social media outlets below :


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April 23rd, 2015

I’ve been in denial about my eyesight for the longest time! As much as I hate to admit it, I should probably be sporting a pair of glasses while I flip through the newest issues of my favorite catalogs for Spring inspiration. Luckily, Firmoo sent me the perfect pair!

Often, glasses are meant for function and leave style out of the equation. These tortoise frames are great for adding a little bit of texture to your look. I love how lightweight they are and the shape is perfect for all of my oval-faced girls (aka me). In need of new frames? Head over to Firmoo and get 50% off your first pair.

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Firmoo Glasses

April 23rd, 2015

Spring is finally here!  Not only is spring my favorite season because of the gorgeous weather, it also allows me to rock my favorite florals.  The only downside of Spring here in Virginia is the insane amount of pollen floating around.  As much as I love being outdoors this time of year, my allergies do not.  Because my allergies have prevented me from wearing my contacts, I’ve been forced to wear glasses every day.  Thankfully, I was able to score a pair of these super cute and affordable Firmoo glasses.  Not only do they help me out this time of year when I can’t wear my contacts, they are the perfect accessory to every outfit.  Visit their website here to snag a pair for yourself!

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Blush with lace and a Firmoo review

April 13th, 2015

Hi guys!
Where did the week go?! It’s always a great thing when it’s Friday and you’re wondering how the week went by so quickly. I’m loving the warmer weather we’ve been having. I am trying to wear all my blazers and cardigans as much as I can, since in about 3 weeks, I will have to put them away. We are starting to feel the humidity already, but I’m sure some would gladly take the warmer temps.

I love light colors in Spring. I paired my blush blazer and lace blouse with white pants for a romantic take on a rather casual work look. Of course I had to throw in a bit of color and added my floral pumps. I’ve had these for so long and only wear them in the Spring for some reason : )

Firmoo contacted me to try out their eyeglasses. I was very impressed with the quality and style of their eyeglasses! I wear contacts during the day but I was in need of a pair of prescription glasses in the evenings and on days my allergies are too bad to wear contacts. I picked out this pair and their customer service was very helpful in answering my questions. They came with a nice sturdy case and professional cloth for cleaning. They have a wide range of prescription glasses, reading glasses and sunglasses. And most importantly, they are extremely affordable! You can order your pair online here.

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Review: Firmoo Glasses

April 13th, 2015

Alternate title- You look a bit Harold Lloyd!

Now being someone who has terrible eye-sight, glasses are the kind of very important thing I need in my life. Being a very frugal student with terrible eye-sight means I don’t get to upgrade on glasses very often.
I was very happy to receive an email from Firmoo asking if I could review their glasses on my blog.

Outfit Details
Peasant Blouse- made by me
Shorts- made by me
Shoes- Marshalls
Necklace(that you can hardly see)- Swap Meet
Glasses- c/o Firmoo

They have a special section just ‘For Bloggers’. I’m assuming all the super hip and trendy bloggers adore these, so that’s the selection they have. I hummed and hawed over some pairs, before I finally chose these.

At first, I had to get my prescription filled, so I asked if I could wait until I did that before I picked. Once I did so, I shot an email to Tina letting her know I got my prescription, and she let me pick my glasses. Which was super awesome, I think.

The glasses came extremely quickly, and the second I opened the package, I was met with a shiny new pair of glasses looking at me.

I desperately need to get them resized and fit to my face, but I just love them. Like any new pair of glasses, you see into all of time with them on, so I’m sure after I get the fit straightened, with regular wear, everything will be ok.
My younger sister found them to be adorable on me, and my grandpa asked if I planned on hanging off of any clock hands anytime soon.

I thought their customer service was very nice, and I don’t think I’ve ever had something ship to me in a day before, so that was good. Their site is very easy to navigate, and they are offering 50% off a pair of glassesfor new customers! So I definitely recommend Firmoo if you’d like a nice inexpensive pair of glasses.

Disclaimer- I received these glasses free of charge from in exchange for an honest review of their service.

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April 13th, 2015
pocket of blossoms: firmoo


feeling sick. again.
physics test, blehhhhhhhh.
never ever getting enough sleep.
pocket of blossoms: firmoo
isaac using my hand as a walkie-talkie– “kkkhhhh…come in. kiely’s cute, over. khhhhhhh. yeah she’s really pretty, khhhhhhh.” i could not wipe the smile off of my face!
reaching our one month countdown to our wedding–finally! after 245 days since getting engaged, we are finally 30 days away from marriage!!!!

wearing these firmoo glasses–isaac likes it when i wear these glasses! i’m not used to wearing glasses (because i only wear my pair to drive at night), but i like these ones from firmoo! they are surprisingly really comfy! and i think the shape of them works well with my face, which is a miracle! i have the hardest time finding glasses/sunglasses that i think look good with my face shape! they have a 50% off two frames sale going on right now, so go ahead and browse through their awesomeness.

happy happy friday people!

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I miei Nuovi Occhiali da Vista Firmoo

April 13th, 2015

Ciao a tutte! Eccomi nuovamente qui a parlarvi di Firmoo… Questo è infatti il secondo paio di occhiali che ho ordinato dal questo fornitissimo sito (se vi siete perse la mia prima review cliccate QUI).
Se non lo conoscevate ancora, Firmoo è un grande store on-line specializzato nella vendita di occhiali da vista e da sole a prezzi imbattibili. Sul sito è possibile trovare una vasta gamma di montature sia femminili che maschili, classiche oppure alla moda… Insomma ce n’è per tutti i gusti! 😉
Ordinare la montatura che più ci piace su Firmoo è facile e veloce: basta scegliere il modello che si preferisce e controllare se si adatta alla nostra forma del viso tramite l’applicazione che si trova sul sito, selezionare il colore e passare poi alla fase successiva (ovvero inserire la misurazione della vista e i dati per il pagamento e spedizione).
Io ho scelto la montatura che vedete in foto, che ha la particolarità di avere le aste colorate e mi piacciono moltissimo. Sfortunatamente sul sito non è più disponibile questo modello ma ce ne sono altri che sono davvero carini.
La spedizione avviene tramite corriere espresso SDA e in circa 15-20 giorni lavorativi gli occhiali arrivano a casa vostra accuratamente confezionati, con custodia e pannetto per pulire le lenti.
Qui di seguito vi mostro alcune foto dei miei nuovi occhiali da vista ordinati su Firmoo, come potete vedere sono carinissimi e ben fatti!

E infine vi mostro come mi stanno indossati… Che dite, vi piacciono? 🙂

Se anche voi volete ordinare un paio di occhiali su Firmoo, che siano da vista oppure da sole non importa, cliccate QUI per accedere al sito. Visitate anche la Pagina Facebook per essere sempre aggiornate sulle promozioni e sui giveaway dell’azienda. A presto!

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