Black frame glasses determination

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Black frame glasses are cool colored glasses. The colors of eyeglasses frames can be mainly divided into two types: warm color and cool color. Black frame glasses fall into the latter kind. There are some basic principles while choosing eyeglasses frames. The frame size should contrast with the face shape. The frame size should go with the face size. Nevertheless, the frame color is more complex than size and shape. The frame color also should coincide with the eye color, the skin color as well as the hair color.

Just as mentioned before, black frame eyeglasses belong to cool colored ones. Many other colored frames are of the same type, such as rose-brown, blue-grey, magenta, pink, jade, blue etc… Black frame eyeglasses are just one type among the large group. In contrast with black frame eyeglasses, camel, gold, peach, orange are warm colored eyeglasses. All people have either a cool or warm color. The following parts of this writing describe black frame eyeglasses in three corresponding aspects: skin color, eyes color and hair color.

Skin color is the most decisive that whether you can choose black frame eyeglasses. All complexions can be classified in to two color bases, blue (cool) or yellow (warm). If you have a warm face, black frame eyeglasses are not suitable because they create strong contrast. Actually, more people have a cool face so that black frame glasses are generally fit for them.

Eye color is the secondary element when you decide to have black frame eyeglasses. For those have blue eyes, black frame glasses never bring you satisfying image. Besides black frame eyeglasses, medium-brown glasses also fit cool eyes.

The third factor is the hair color that also has an impact on black frame glasses selection. Black frame eyeglasses perform well with cool hair colors, such as flat black and gray.


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