Bifocal Glasses: An All-Rounder That Is Hard to Come By

November 23rd, 2011 by Jean Caster Leave a reply »

In full swing is the heated debate of bifocal glasses being the ultimate savior of people’s eyesight. True enough, we opt for bifocal glasses instead of other alternatives on account of three reasons. An overall series of comparison and contrast conducted in such respect will bring home to you the merits of bifocal glasses.

Bifocal glasses Vs. Single vision glasses
With the passage of time, men at middle age are liable to subject to the combined harassment of myopia and presbyopia. The singly-functioned eyeglasses with either single distance vision prescription or near vision prescription can no longer satisfy your increasing focusing needs for all kinds of distance view. Owing to such a fatal defect, single vision glasses are destined to fail to carry out people’s wish to accommodate their eyes to various viewing distance with conspicuous clarity. Nevertheless, bifocal glasses, instead, are equipped with two distinct optical powers in one single lens, that is, the distant vision prescription on the upper portion of the lens and the near vision prescription on the lower part. With such two different prescriptions in one lens, those who suffer from myopia and presbyopia at the same time will be able to see things in the far distance clearly through the upper part, and read small printed materials or books with perfect ease and clarity.

Bifocal glasses Vs. Progressive eyeglasses
Progressive glasses, other named multifocal eyeglasses, are eyeglasses that have a gradient of optical powers embedded in the lenses which enables their wearers to see things clearly in different viewing distance. Versatile as progressive eyeglasses may be, they at times offer more than we wanted. If your eyesight is not as bad as what progressive glasses demand, odds are that you might have you vision health impaired by wearing such glasses. Moreover, the merit of smooth image transition brandished by progressive glasses has now been successfully applied to the lenses of bifocal glasses. With bifocal glasses on our faces, we are spared the ordeal of image jump. Besides, a pair of bifocal eyeglasses is on the whole much cheaper than progressive ones. That’s the fetching news to some tight-budgeted consumers.

It is no exaggeration to claim that bifocal glasses will conducive to your vision health to the utmost, if only you obtain the right one that will suit you most. You, on the receiving end, will absolutely grow fond of them once you have benefited from them.


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