Bendable Metal Eyeglasses: Once Bought, Never Regretted

September 22nd, 2011 by Sam Sutton Leave a reply »

Have you ever been bothered by the fragility of your newly-bought pair of eyeglasses? Did you ever have to purchase a new set of glasses just because you accidentally step on your old pair? If your answer to these questions is yes, you probably want to start paying attention to this new type of eyeglasses by the name of bendable metal eyeglasses.

Although there is no denying that eyeglasses have come a long way and made lots of progress in terms of increasing durability, one noticeable testimony of which would be the almost universal switch of glass lenses into resin ones, they remain the most fragile and easily breakable gadgets on the planet. The reason behind that is simple. With conventional plastic or metal frames or frames made of any other material directly available from the nature, it takes not much pressure to break them. Luckily with the development of optical techniques, people began to mix things up, taking strong elements from different materials and combine them together. That’s how bendable metal eyeglasses came about. Made of alloys generalized as memory materials, these glasses have already started a revolution. Why are the magic memory materials so magical? If you take a close look at them, you will find most of these materials are mixtures of titanium, a material with extreme strength and lightness, and other metals. Due to the unique physical natures of these alloys, frames made from them can actually return back into shape even after they are seriously bent or twisted, making these glasses much more durable than others.

endable Metal Eyeglasses

With their magical ability of returning back to shape, bendable metal eyeglasses make the best eyewear for both children and adult alike. Especially for children who generally enjoy a more active and rule-free life than their elderly, bendable eyeglasses are the ideal choice. Parents no longer need to worry about their naughty and curious kids crushing their glasses the first day they got them, and the kids won’t suffer that guilt and fear of being caught doing something wrong. The family on the while will be saved a fortune as well, since with bendable glasses, there won’t be that much need to repair or upgrade glasses. Your one time investment will last much longer than if you choose otherwise, and the comfort and style that comes with the durability will undoubtedly make these glasses worthy of your money.


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