Be away from fake sunglasses

March 3rd, 2010 by Reza Hyver Leave a reply »

Summer is the season for sunglasses, so are for fake sunglasses. One can find almost all sort of fake sun glasses in optical stores or stands. The reason is that fake sunglasses are cheaper and can be bought at a very low price. And this has ensured a very large demand among low-income people. However, fake sun glasses are not good bet.

“Fake” is a negative word, so fake sun glasses are no exception. Fake sunglasses are poorly designed, manufactured. When designing, the designers have paid no attention to the actual need of frames and lenses. And the materials of fake sunglasses are always low-quality. Wearers of fake sun glasses usually find that these frames are too fragile, and easily to be crooked. The lenses of fake sunglasses can be crushed at any time. Some people even find that their eyesight declined after wearing these sunglasses. The fact is that almost all fake sunglasses are not UV-resistant. And the result is that wearing fake sun glasses can make eyes burnt seriously.

Fake sun glasses are also headache of many famous brands. Some top sunglasses are always copied by fake sunglasses manufacturers. The worst thing is some logos are still imprinted on these fake sunglasses. A lot of low-quality products have greatly harmed the reputation of these brands. The law has it that making fake sun glasses are illegal and some measures have been taken to solve this problem. But only little achievements have been scored in cleaning off fake sunglasses. Perhaps this is a combination of poverty and fashion.

Many wearers of fake sunglasses have suffered from many diseases. But almost in all cases, they can find no one to complain against.


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