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When it comes to pink glasses, the first thing that strikes mind is “bright lively color”. The pink glasses are most popular among little girls, because the peppy pink color will grab her attention and the pink glasses frames will win her affection. Moreover, for adult who are living in a colorful life, pink glasses are a must in their wardrobe. Gone are the days when you were limited to black or brown, gold or silver as you choose a brand new pair of designer eyeglasses. Now, pink is everywhere and you do not have to be the cutting edge of style or feel conspicuous wearing it. But, the challenge, for those of us used to only wearing traditionally colored eyeglasses frames, is finding out what matches pink glasses. There are many factors that go into choosing the right pink glasses frames. You can look to your face shape, skin tone, eye color, and of course personality.

To begin with face shape. The general rule is go with pink glasses frames that are the opposite of your face shape. For instance, pink eyeglasses square frames on a square-faced shape are too overwhelming. Also, consider the size of your face. If you have a small face and petite features, large frames will probably swallow you up. Secondly, decide if you’ve got cool or warm undertones. If you see blue or pink tones in your skin, you’re most likely cool; and if you see yellow or peach tones, you’re probably a warm. For cool tones, pink glasses works well. Moreover, you also need to take your aging skin into consideration. If you have aging skin, thin pink glasses and red eyeglasses to help brighten the face. Stay away from too drab frames, which might wash you out. Thirdly, your eye color natural or otherwise can have a big impact on which glasses frame colors will work best for you. Choosing contrasting color for more dramatic effect that will make eye color pop. If you have green eyes, pink eyeglasses and purple glasses will give greater contrast. The last thing is to think about your personality. Your glasses communicate a lot about you. So, if you are a fun and free style type of girl, then pick a fun color. Colored glasses are no longer reserved for fun. They can be office appropriate. Pink glasses will look great with just about anything you choose to wear!


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