A variety of gold sunglasses

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Gold sunglasses are a wide concept. Since the term “gold” refers to gold color or gold materials, gold sunglasses have some variations: gold frame sunglasses, gold lens sunglasses, gold mirrored sunglasses etc…

The most common type of gold sunglasses may be gold frame sunglasses, which also have different meanings. They can be gold-made frames or gold painted frames. Gold-made sunglasses are rare. Like silver frames, gold frames are expensive and unaffordable for the average people. But these gold sunglasses do have their share in the market. Gold frame sunglasses can also be painted frames using gold-colored materials. This type of gold frame sunglasses expresses similar vision effects as true gold frames. But the painting may fade or fall off as time passes by. Ray Ban Warrior gold sunglasses fall into the first category, favored by Danielle Bux and Kristin Davis.

Another type of gold sunglasses is gold lens sunglasses. These gold sunglasses are mostly tinted or brushed into gold appearance. And the color also has different degrees: light gold, dark gold, rose gold and so on. Unlike gold frame sunglasses, gold lens sunglasses are manufactured by a great number of brands. Brands include Ralph, Nike, Dickies, Wiley-X, Carrera etc…

The third type is gold mirrored sunglasses. One of the perfect examples of this gold sunglasses category is the Porsche P’8499 sunglasses. Actually they are a combination of gold frame sunglasses and gold mirrored sunglasses. The temples and bridge of them are made of 18 carat gold and Pt 900 platinum. And their polycarbonate lenses are mirrored with 24 carat gold to offer optimal protection for the eyes. These Porsche P’8499 gold sunglasses are available in a limited edition that cost as high as $6,670.

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