Who look better with brown sunglasses?

May 24th, 2010 by Edward Turner Leave a reply »

Many people can not be sure whether they will look well with colored lens sunglasses, such as brown sunglasses. The background is that modern sunwear manufacturers and designers have greatly extended the variety of sunglass products. All sunwear products were regular, non-prescription ones probably in those early days, while now prescription sunglasses keep stable popularity in the public. While traditionally black or dark sunglasses still stay in most of the local and online stores, sunglasses with colorful lenses and frames have occupied a large portion of the sunwear market. Except for functional and fashion factors, manufacturers and designers have also incorporated different design concepts and related styles in their sunwear products. All these things make it an uneasy task to choose a right pair of sunglasses in the current market.

Taking brown sunglasses as a typical example, these products look quite good regardless of all concerns about common factors. In most cases, such a pair would come with brown lenses and brown frame. Some are made with frames in a similar color. Brands or manufacturers providing brown sunwear currently include Versace, Michael, Tory Burch, Oakley, Gucci, and Ray Ban and so on. Nearly each of the reputable sunglass manufacturers provides this category of typical products. This further increases the difficulty of choosing a personally suitable pair. What is more, basic eyewear styles designed by various brands are usually different. Shopping for an appropriate pair of colored sunglasses requires firstly a comprehensive evaluation of personal features of the face. There are really quite a few factors to be considered.

Here we discussed the case that who look better with brown sunglasses, from which an indication could be interpreted about sunwear selection. The first factor is frame shape. Each person has a basic facial shape, which is the most noticeable feature of his or her face. Basic face shapes include round, oval, oblong, base-down triangle, base-up triangle, diamond and square. Make sure to choose a pair that contrasts your own face shape. The second factor is the lens and frame color. Brown is generally a warm color so that brown sunshades match better with individuals with a warm, yellow-based coloring.


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