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The vision screening test before obtaining a driver’s license

November 25th, 2009

We know good vision is a very crucial factor for a car driver to guarantee both the drivers’ and passengers’ safety. So it should be extremely strict with the diver’s vision test.

In fact, the federal government has already carried out a federal vision standard, which includes at least ‘20/40 visions in each eye, 70 degree field of vision from center in each eye, and the ability to identify between different traffic signal colors. The standard is considered the minimum requirements if you are trying to obtain the diver license, which are studied and recommended by ophthalmologists and optometrists. But as the licenses are authorized by each state, the lowest requirement varies a little. If you are going to attend a driver’s license test, you can get the information from your local state.

Whether you have good vision or not you can get your license if your vision is satisfied with the lowest level in your state. If you have excellent vision, you are sure to pass the vision test, and you can at the same time get an unrestricted driver’s license. But if you have poor vision, it means you will receive a license with lens restriction. With that kind of license you have to wear the spectacles or contacts when you are driving, or else you will be fined or not allowed to drive for a period of time.

If you unfortunately fail the vision screening test, you can go to the ophthalmologist to have a full eye examination. The doctor will recommend you to take a right spectacle or even to have an eye surgery which can meet the driving needs. But the vision of 20/200 or poorer is not permitted to get a driver license. So if you have extremely poor vision, please stop driving both in respect  of yourself and others. After the examination, you are required to take a special driving test to assess if you are suitable for driving. There are some restrictions according to different poor eye condition, such as extra mirrors to improve the vision field, corrective lenses needed, daytime drive only, and certain road drive only (freeway drive forbidden). Though it may sounds a little strict, but we are sure everyone can understand the aim to keep each person safe.

Nowadays, there are a lot of ways to improve people’s vision. Laser surgery is one effective method. If you have had the eye surgery and get a quite good vision, you can go to the Division of Motor Vehicles to get rid of the lenses restriction on your driver license. Be sure to take all the relative documentations along with you, including the visual acuity, visual peripheral test results, date of the vision exam, and the signature of the ophthalmologist who give you the examination. Lack of any kind of above file is not allowed to get a restriction free license.

The vision screening test is necessary to keep the society work in an order. Traffic cop may sometimes check if you follow the driving rules including the vision rules, so it is better to keep your lately eye prescription at hand to avoid withdrawal of your driver license.