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Get white eyeglasses for vision correction

July 3rd, 2010

Enabling vision defected customers to get additional enjoyment from wearing prescription eyeglasses has long been a significant task at the side of eyewear manufacturers and designers at brand houses. Using different colors to decorate Rx eyeglass frames has also become a common practice taken by many manufacturers. An obvious testimony to this trend and practical application is the huge variety of colored frames used in prescription eyeglasses, generating green glasses, yellow glasses, purple glasses, peach glasses, orange glasses and any other color that is imaginable. In particular, white as a special color has also been applied to the eyewear industry, bringing white eyeglasses. Most people know that this color has achieved certain popularity in many other fields. But its extension to the eyewear world in recent years has really brought additional benefit to customers who need Rx eyewear.

According to the theory about match-up between eyewear color and the wearer’s coloring, eyeglass frames in colors like peach, orange and off-white are most suitable for people who have a warm personal coloring. Compared with off-white, white is a more neutral color and thus can go well with both the groups with a warm color base and a cool color base. This may partially explain the universal popularity of white eyeglasses among folks of different races and consequently various skin tones. Of course, there are lots of people who choose frame color based on wholly personal preference, regardless of advice from professionals.

There are several ways to apply this color into eyewear designs. And there are corresponding examples or products from different brands. Certainly, regular prescription eyeglasses can be decorated or tinted only in their frames. One typical design is making the whole frame white. Marc Jacobs 28 white eyeglasses are a typical example of this design. However, a frame that is completely white may be too plain for most users. And a more popular design is to use two tones in a single frame. For instance, the front frame can be in white, while the temples are in black or other complementary colors. A variation is to apply white only to the temples, leaving the front frame in any other suitable color.

Get a pair of top glasses for vision correction

June 28th, 2010

For people who have a vision problem like myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, getting proper vision aid is one of the tasks in daily life that have overwhelming importance. This is not an easy task. Today, there are several ways to compromise vision conditions mentioned before. While prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses provide temporary and convenient vision aid at controllable degrees, surgical treatments like PRK and LASIK offer permanent correction. Even if prescription contact lenses and eye surgeries have their own advantages over Rx eyeglasses, these two solutions still have noticeable shortcomings. Thus Rx spectacles have remained as the major solution for many years. Eyeglasses made of prescription lenses are convenient and are capable of offering precise levels of vision correction. No eye infections or side effects would be caused. The problem is likely that choosing a pair of top glasses for vision correction requires many considerations in different aspects. Knowing certain tips is quite important.

It is widely recognized that modern eyewear manufacturers pay more and more attention to eyewear decoration, emphasizing on frame look. However, the invisible, functional aspects related to the frame and lenses remain the most critical. It is quite obvious that frame color and style only determine the appearance of Rx eyeglasses, rather than functional help. Among those critical, functional factors, frame material and lens material deserve particular discussion and emphasis.

Getting a pair of top glasses first requires a customer to choose qualified lenses. Glass lenses have nearly been abandoned due to mainly their heaviness. Superior materials are mostly plastics like polycarbonate and high-index materials. The selection of frame material is probably of second importance. When traditional plastics are still available, the market is largely occupied by modern, advanced metals like titanium, stainless steel and memory metal. These metals have valuable advantages such as lightness and durability. Remember that people who want to get a pair of lightweight spectacles are now not limited to plastic frames. Metal frames can offer similar and even superior benefits.

Get a pair of retro vintage glasses for vision correction

June 27th, 2010

Prescription eyeglasses were for a time unattractive among people who had vision problems. This is largely because of frame design and style that lack innovation and decoration in terms of appearance. Some people may still remember this period and they would likely get quite satisfied with the currently available frame styles in such a huge variety. In the past several decades, attractive and innovative eyewear designs have emerged and continue to expand. This makes modern Rx eyewear users possible to get a customized look which was hardly feasible decades ago. In addition, people who need to rely on prescription eyeglasses living in this time have also an access to retro vintage glasses. These products may bring modern users back to a time when a specific eyewear style was the standard example. Sometimes it is believed that this group of eyewear users is in remembrance of those traditional devices.

Thanks to modern eyewear manufacturers, retro eyeglass frames’ wide availability is really a valuable gift for people living in modern times. Retro vintage glasses come in even more advanced models, facilitated by the improvements in both lens and frame technologies. Taking horn-rimmed eyeglasses as an example, these products are more widely available in recent years than in the 1910s and 1920s when they reached their summit. The key factor is the improvement in material. The original form of horn-rimmed glasses took use of horn or tortoise shell, which could be seldom found. The situation has profoundly changed because nowadays lots of artificial materials have been invented and they can simulate the original effect of horn-rimmed glasses quite well. For most people, the frame look is the key point, rather than the exact material.

Another type of retro vintage glasses focuses on frame shape. U.S. citizens who are born in the 1940s or earlier would much likely know cat-eye glasses. This creative and cute style was one of the most popular eyewear products among Americans in the 1950s and 1960s. Nearly a half century later, these products of a special shape appears as a form of retro eyewear. The unique shape remains completely unchanged even if there have been lots of changes in the eyewear industry.

Farsighted glasses for vision correction

June 4th, 2010

Farsighted glasses refer to prescription eyeglasses that are used to correct farsightedness. While most people know this obvious fact, many of us do not know exactly what is farsightedness. Also called hyperopia, farsightedness is one of the three visual refractive errors occurring on different people. The other two are nearsightedness and astigmatism. These three conditions along with presbyopia are affecting numerous individuals around the world. And there are statistics showing that myopic patients account for one third of the world’s population, while hyperopia affects a fourth of the world’s population. To some extent, farsightedness and nearsightedness are opposite to each other in terms of symptoms and reasons. While myopia causes people to experience difficulty in seeing distance objects, hyperopia makes it difficulty in viewing close-up things.

When it comes to peripheral symptoms, these two conditions are similar that they both cause headaches and eye strain. Individuals with any of these two problems may squint and feel fatigued in the eyes. Farsighted glasses are the most common solution to farsightedness. These eyeglasses are made with Rx lenses which are the key part of giving vision correction. A farsighted person has eyes that are too short than regular. This makes the light rays entering their eyes focus behind the retina, when clear vision is impossible. Hyperopia eyeglasses take use special lenses with specific powers can help the light rays artificially focus properly and directly on the retina. In this way, the irregular eyeball will be “corrected” and normal vision is “restored”.

Some people may think that farsighted glasses are really magic and powerful. In fact, this corrective effect brought by prescription lenses is only temporary. Once the glasses are removed, it is still impossible for hyperopic patients to see clearly. And another solution called prescription contact lenses can bring similar treatment. The use of transparent contacts only masks the fact that a person needs vision correction. Fortunately, there are permanent treatments. Refractive eye surgeries such as LASIK, CK and PRK can reduce or eliminate the need to wear prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Clear eyeglasses for vision correction

June 2nd, 2010

Used for vision correction, eyeglasses are made with specific prescriptions according to patients’ needs. Myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism still affect a large portion of people in this world. When prescription eyeglasses are still the major solution taken to deal with vision problems, more and more Rx eyewear users try to get additional benefit from these devices. Vision correction or compromise is definitely important, but modern eyewear manufacturers make it possible to enjoy more from wearing Rx eyeglasses. The best testimony to this expectation is the diversification of eyeglass styles in recently years. And in particular, clear eyeglasses are a typical example. They refer simply to prescription glasses made of clear frames. Do not mix them with clear lens eyeglasses, which mean eyewear using transparent Rx lenses.

Clear prescription eyeglasses can also be called transparent eyeglasses. They both indicate the state of eyeglass frames. Or we can say the color of the frames. People with certain knowledge of the current eyewear industry should know the widely use of different colors for eyewear frame and lens decoration. In the prescription eyeglasses world, frames can be in black, blue, red, orange and any possible color. It may be surprising that white frames are widely available. In the sunwear industry, both frames and lenses can be tinted. Clear eyeglasses are completely different from those colored eyewear products which represent the mainstream. Most people may have been used to this long-term trend. But it can never exclude other eyewear styles. In fact, prescription eyeglasses made of clear frames are quite unique and will probably create a perfect look on a person’s face.

Frame color is associated with specific materials. When it comes to clear eyeglasses, only plastics are feasible to create such an effect. Plastics in different types are very flexible and they can be made in any wanted colors. For instance, zyl can appear in the color of rainbow. And it can also create light colors on the interior sides of the frames. In some cases, colored eyeglass frames can fade over time, but clear glasses never bring this concern.

Choose best eyeglasses for vision correction

May 19th, 2010

Even if the eyewear industry is now filled with products in various designs and for different purposes, it remains true that the vast majority of eyeglass users buy these products for vision correction. Starting from this purpose, it is a necessity to choose the best eyeglasses. It is true that sunglasses made by many manufacturers play well in helping people protect the eyes from harmful ultraviolet and high-energy rays in sunlight. And most of these sunwear products are produced on a non-prescription basis. There are still many individuals resort to them for fashion in particular. Similar to non prescription sunglasses, there are safety eyeglasses or goggles that are aimed to protect the eyes from injuries while staying in a dangerous workplace. In fact, both of these two basic categories also include prescription versions, like bifocal sunglasses, bifocal safety glasses and even trifocal glasses. So, it is acceptable to say that proper vision correction is still the major concern among individuals using eyewear as a whole.

In general, there are mainly four types of vision problems that may force human beings to wear visual correction eyeglasses. They are myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia, the first three of which are called refractive errors by optometrists and opticians. The eye is so precious that the best eyeglasses are really needed so as to ensure appropriate visual aid. Eyewear products are now manufactured by lots a great number of factories and distributed by a significantly larger number of retailers. How to choose a good pair of prescription eyeglasses for vision correction is really a huge task.

Any one of the four eye problems stated before deserves a form of lens fitting as precise as possible. Taking myopia or nearsightedness as an example, an inappropriate pair of prescription eyeglasses may make the wearer’s eyesight to deteriorate more rapidly than its normal rate. Even if it may significantly improve the degree of visual clearness temporarily, harmful consequence will follow sooner or later. For any one who relies on Rx eyeglasses due to a vision problem, it is an overwhelming task to choose best eyeglasses from a reputable retailer.