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about Tinted Glasses

June 17th, 2015

Tinted glasses are eyeglasses lenses tinted by applying absorbent coatings through the process of vacuum deposition. These thin coatings consist of metal or metal oxide mixtures and can be vacuum deposited only at certain high temperatures. They also have a high refractive index, meaning that they increase reflectance. They are deposited in multiple layers so that the properties of the glass remain intact. Due to the tinting of the metal or metal oxide mixtures, these lenses are available only in brown shades of different levels of absorption. Almost all plastic lenses are tinted in a special dye bath. To do this, several lenses are mounted on special holders and then immersed in the bath. While the eyeglass lenses are in the immersion bath, the dye particles penetrate to about 0.1 millimeter beneath the surface of the lens and become firmly embedded in it. Each immersion basin is equipped with a magnetic agitator to ensure that all eyeglass lenses are tinted evenly. The dye substances used also have applications in the textile industry. It is possible to match every color sample provided, tinting plastic lenses in any conceivable color and light reduction level based on the primary colors of red, yellow, and blue. Lenses with gradient colors can also be produced with special equipment, allowing for a gradual tint transition from light to dark by subjecting the eyeglass lenses to a predetermined exchange speed. This means that it is not only possible to pick out eyeglass frames, but also the tint of the lenses, resulting in eyeglasses with a personalized optical design, even if this means that not all colors can be perceived in their original shade.

Each color of lens is suited for specific situations. You will notice that many of the color properties overlap with each other. Whether they are performance, therapeutic, or fashion tints, each color causes the patient to perceive their surroundings differently. The most common tinted lens color is grey. At its darkest it can hide a poker face, help a deep sea fisherman snag the catch, and improve visual performance when driving. Grey lenses are color neutral, which means that they do not distort the integrity of colors, keeping them true. In fact, grey lenses have been in use by the U.S. Military for over 45 years because of their superior performance in various lighting conditions.

Some people prefer a grey/green lens to the traditional brown, citing that it provides crisper contrast, while being more color neutral than brown.

Brown/Amber lenses are also a popular choice. They provide better contrast and depth perception than grey, but colors are distorted. Brown/amber lenses are great for bright light conditions, but are especially suited to overcast, hazy, or foggy conditions. They block out blue wavelengths, which highlights the differences in greens, which can be helpful for golfers and baseball players.

Individuals who do a lot of driving would benefit from yellow lenses. The added contrast will decrease fatigue and increase visual acuity when driving in fog or haze, in overcast conditions, and at evening/night. For these same reasons, bikers, pilots, tennis players, hunters, and sport shooters can benefit from this lens.

Orange lenses eliminate blue light. They are perfect for sports that require an object to be tracked against the blue sky, such as a baseball. These lenses are often the lens of choice for clay target shooting on a cloudy day, but can also be helpful to bikers, skiers, and hunters.

Vermilion is a reddish/orange lens often used by individuals who like to hunt and fish. It is chosen for its contrast capabilities. There are patients who are more satisfied with this color than with the more common brown and grey.

Red is a robust color that provides contrast and is another variety best suited for specific purposes. Clay target shooters may use this color in extremely sunny conditions. Fishing enthusiasts may opt for this lens when fishing in the early morning or later evening.

Violet deserves mention as more than a fashion tint. Sport shooters and other athletes will use it for contrast in mid to bright conditions. Fashion tints are generally tints applied for the appearance of their color rather than any traits of that color. Common examples of fashion tints are green, blue, pink, and purple.

Tints of any purpose can be applied as a solid tint, causing the lens to be one solid, uniform color, or a gradient tint, when the intensity of the color lightens as it approaches the bottom of the lens. Double gradients and other color designs can be applied. For rimless or semi-rimless frame styles, edge tinting is also an option.

Tinted Glasses-an Inevitable Weapon to Decorate Your Wardrobe

February 29th, 2012

Do you have a special affection for fashion and have an intense wish to look different? If yes, you might own a variety of fashion items, including different styles of glasses, such as oversized glasses, retro eyeglasses and so on and so forth, I suppose. But are you still bothered with the problem of how to match your items and take on a fresh new look? If yes, you might be interested in my article which will talk about tinted glasses next, and you’ll definitely exclaim ”amazing” after getting a full understanding of what they can do to your wardrobe!

As is commonly recognized, glasses have become a must-have for trend lovers, aren’t they? Just has a casual look of various posters, you’ll find that almost all stars appear before the public with a pair of customized glasses on. So this time I’d like to share with you some styles of tinted glasses produced by, one of the world’s leading eyewear vendors. Such glasses with different colored frames will undoubtedly enable you to look as fabulous as those fashion icons. Now let’s come straight to the point.

First of all, as their name tell us, tinted glasses enable the wearer to choose the most suitable color and frame for themselves. No longer will the wearer to limited to the given styles. In this sense, these glasses are custom made and exclusive to each wearer. No matter you want to display a sense of intelligence or coolness, through your thoughtful matching, you can demonstrate your uniqueness to your heart’s content. Second, tinted glasses can also perform the functions of eye protection and vision correction just as well as the transparent lenses can, which non prescription glasses cannot fulfill. Hence, if you can choose between tinted glasses and transparent glasses, why not shake off the conventional dull look of a bookish? Last but not the least, different colors can perform different magic, which means you may change what you look merely by changing your colors of glasses. Wonderful, isn’t it? Since is committed to providing discount glasses online with high quality, you can absolutely afford at least two pairs of glasses in reserve.

All in all, if you love fashion, or if you care about your appearance, just purchase a pair of tinted glasses or two, and I’m sure you’ll be impressed with the new look tinted glasses give you. Action now before your favorite styles is gone since firmoo is so excellent a place providing a variety of cheap glasses online.

Tinted Eyeglasses Seem to Be Good Choices

February 17th, 2011

With the development of technology and improvement of living standards, the tinted eyeglasses have become increasingly popular. And both eyeglasses frames and lenses are more colorful than before. Whether you suffer from nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism, you can choose suitable colored glasses regardless of your personality style.

As the line of eyeglasses has been mature gradually, eyewear users will benefit a lot from it. The range of glasses now is wide and they can meet different needs. Meanwhile, there are different brands to emerge in day by day. When it comes to tinted eyeglasses, they are more favored by young people. And they can be in line with the youthful personality.

The lenses of tinted eyeglasses can be classified into cool colors and warm colors. There are dozens of colors, and you can select them according to time, location, personal preferences. For example, cool colors can make face look more three-dimensional,eyes more charm, and reflect the elegance of a mature woman. Urban color lenses can absorb any shade, and reflect the modernity and fashion as well as generosity of city.

Of course, different shades will meet different needs. Tinted dark glasses are more suitable for outdoor activities an look like dark sunglasses; Moderate and light-colored lenses may be suitable for many occasions; Gradual colored lenses, from dark to light, and then to colorless can not only block strong light, but also can be used in low light places. And wearing light-colored progressive glasses seems beautiful and generous, especially for middle-aged women.

However, you should notice that the inferior tinted eyeglasses are not good for eyes. With so many kinds of lenses, they seem to be good choices in many occasions.

Tinted glasses—guard of eyes

August 5th, 2010

Tinted glasses are now some of the most popular categories in glasses industry. The greatest feature of tinted glasses, as their name indicate, is they lenses are tinted with some specific colors. As the colors of tinted glasses vary, so people can benefit a lot from wearing these glasses.

Nowadays, tinted glasses are the synonyms of fashion. It is very common to see that people of fashion-orientation are very passionate for tinted glasses. Furthermore, designers have melted these fashion elements into tinted glasses. When it comes to any fashion season, tinted glasses are always among the best selling products.

Generally, Tinted glasses can be categorized into the ones with and without vision correction functions.

As for tinted glasses that can be employed for vision correction, they are sometimes are the first choices for people with light-sensitive eyes. Therefore, with tinted glasses, these people can get clear and comfortable visual effects.

As for these tinted glasses that are not vision corrective, they are sometimes are called tinted sunglasses. The major function of the tinted sunglasses is to help people see things around clearly. Tinted sunglasses can ascertain that their wearers can enjoy a high degree of visual clarity and comfort. This is because glares and some many other harmful rays are filtered out by tinted sunglasses. Without any stimulation caused by sunlight, wearers of tinted sunglasses can enjoy endless comfort.

The data has it that the earliest tinted glasses can be dated back to 1928, when Leah Rosales shaded a tint in his reading glasses. Hence that is also a tinted reading glass. It is now very common for people to read under unsatisfying conditions. Then, tinted reading glasses are needed. With tinted reading glasses, people can protected their eyes from be injured by strong or dark lights.

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Tinted eyeglasses for additional visual benefits

June 24th, 2010

Many people may have not imagined that prescription eyeglasses can also be tinted in their lenses. Believe your eyes that these products have been around for many years and they are gaining popularity in recent years. When searching a pair of Rx eyeglasses at a local store or an online one, most options come in clear crystal lenses. These are the traditional products for vision correction. However, the current market offers another solution to correcting a vision condition. Tinted eyeglasses are also feasible to compromise myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, because they use prescription lenses. Even if these lenses are tinted, modern lens technologies have made it a reality to incorporate needed powers into them. In simpler words, these are prescription eyeglasses with colored lenses. Most people know that regular sunglasses utilize tinted lenses, and optional colors include black, green, orange, gray, rose and etc. Now, all these tints can be applied to prescription lenses.

Those tints applied in Rx lenses can offer similar functions as they are used in sunglasses. UV protection is the fundamental functionality they should provide. Since this special type of eyewear combines both UV protection and vision correction together, there is actually another popular name. From the perspective of Rx eyewear, they are tinted eyeglasses. But from the perspective of sunwear, they can be named prescription sunglasses. Knowing this may help customers get a clearer understanding of these products. For people who have to rely on eyewear for vision aid, such a pair brings extra benefits whey they participate in an outdoor activity or sport. Tinted glasses make a statement, provide anonymity, enhance performance and also increase quality of life.

There are many tints that are feasible to be applied to prescription lenses. Before starting to discuss detailed tints, it is necessary to educate patients on a fact that the pigment alone does not block out UV light. Some special materials or UV coatings are the exact part that provides this functionality. Lens tints only bring extra visual help, like improving contrast, enhancing depth perception and offering higher acuity. And different forms of tinted eyeglasses using specific tints are thus suitable for varying situations involving different light conditions.