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Spring Hinge Bifocal Eyeglasses: Function, Convenience and Durability All In One

October 31st, 2011

By category, spring hinge bifocal eyeglasses are a type of multi vision specs, as compared to single vision eyeglasses. The intrinsic value of such glasses is their ability to allow users to have freely changeable prescription powers in accordance to their specific need. This functional edge over single vision specs truly hits home and has subsequently won over millions of glasses wearers who need correction for not only one single refractive error but also two and sometimes even three. Bifocals, as a type of multi vision specs, are specially designed and made for those who need separate powers for seeing things at a distance and things up close. Brought about by the long unsatisfied need to cure duo-vision-errors once and for all and the increasingly rapid development of technology and optical techniques, bifocal eyeglasses combine two different prescription powers on the very same lenses, one for the distant vision and another for the up close one, providing an extraordinary functional value.

What separate spring hinge bifocal eyeglasses from your regular ordinary ones are, of course, the spring hinges. In case you are not familiar with such devices, let’s first imagine a scenario. You are just out the door, hurrying to catch the bus. To get a better look at the road and your surroundings, you take out your specs and try to put them on. Since your left hand is caring all sorts of other stuff, you try to put your specs on with one hand, but the loose temples never seem to stand in place when you need them to and after several attempts, you have to desperate seek help with the other hand.

Such troublesome and nettling experience must be familiar to many. However, to get rid of it is not as hard as you might have thought. All you need to do is to get your specs spring hinged. The springs embedded at the meeting point of the frames and temples will push the temples right at place, erect and firm, at the lightest motion you give them. Such convenience is only shadowed by their enormous durability. How so? Well, as it proves to be, spring hinges are extremely easy to repair. Whether you tend to get them fixed your own at a manual or send them to a professional and have them repaired there, there a huge chance that you will be paying much less than you otherwise would have to pay, buying a brand new pair. So, not only are spring hinge bifocal eyeglasses convenient as hell, they are super durable, to boot.