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Rec Specs Sports Goggles

March 18th, 2010

Rec Spec sports goggles are the most popular brand designed specially for sports eye protection, which was introduced in 1978 as the first Rx-able sport goggles. It is estimated that there are over 20,000 eye care professionals rely on Rec Spec to offer the best possible sports goggles to children and adults.

Most Rec Spec sport goggles are ASTM F803 impact resistant standards compliant for ball games, like basketball, handball, squash, paddleball, and tennis. For other sports, like swimming, jet skiing, skiing and snowboarding and so on, there are also Rec Spec sports goggles to supply the protection you need.

The Rec Spec Maxx range sports goggles are very popular on the market. This kind of sport goggles all have padded nose bridge to make goggles comfortable to wear. There are also several sizes available for children and adults to choose. All of the RecSpecs Maxx frames can be fitted with tinted or Photochromatic polycarbonate lenses which are suitable for all racquet sports and ball sports

We will take the Rec Spec Maxx 21 sports goggles as an example: Rec Spec Maxx 21 sport goggles have a soft impact-resistant bridge inside padding which make sports goggles more comfortable to wear and keep it in place. More important, Rec Spec Maxx 21 sport goggles have a patented eyerim, which is a special locking mechanism that keeps the lenses from working loose or being pushed through the frame. The impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses can provide safer protection. And the headstrap on Rec Spec Maxx 21 sports goggles means no sides/ arms and also more comforts.

Good vision and safety from prescription goggles

January 30th, 2010

Also known as corrective goggles, prescription goggles refer to goggles with prescription lenses. Most of the traditional goggles are non-prescription goggles. They are just created for eye protection during sports. However, people with myopia can not get vision correction from non-prescription goggles. For these people, prescription goggle provides the proper solution.  Wearing prescription sports goggles during activities can get good vision as well as ensured safety.

Sports activities that require you to wear goggles always need 100% attention and clear vision, such as motorcycling and skiing. Prescription goggles allow people who need vision correction to safely perform acts, otherwise eye injuries may happen. Before invention of the prescription goggle, people must wear regular correction eyeglasses or contacts and goggles to achieve both the above purposes. In this ways, their eyeglasses may sometimes get misplaced. Prescription sports goggles just offer more convenient and effective solution. In addition, prescription goggles sharpen much of the clarity that can be lost between two separate lenses. While ensuring safety, these prescription sports goggles still offer clarity as normal correction eyeglasses.

By sports type, prescription goggles also have different categories, such as skiing prescription goggle, swimming prescription goggle, motorcycle prescription goggle, prescription shooting goggles and so on. All these activities require both clear vision for good performance and top priority safety. Among them, swimming prescription goggles are most widely used.

As mentioned before, not all prescription goggles are used for outdoor sports. But with the more intensifying harmful UV rays, prescription sports goggles are recommended to apply UV protection.

Wiley-X is one of the prescription goggles manufacturers.