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Merits and Demerits in Progressive Lenses

April 4th, 2010

Not long ago, if people have both near vision and far vision problems simultaneously, they have to wear bifocals or trifocals. However, there is a great problem in the two glasses- radical vision changes. That’s to say wearers will have to endure some complications caused by this. And they are eager for some much advanced products. And later, the emergence of progressive lenses has successfully satisfied people’s demands.

Moreover, those lenses have some unique features compared to bifocals and trifocals. Of which, the manufacturing of them is really very special. For example, progressive lens designs are just very typical examples. Generally, such designs are completely embodied in progressive sunglasses. Wearers will find that many innovations are made on those sunglasses, as they can be worn for various purposes for different people. If people love to play golf, they can wear certain sunglasses for golf. They can help them perform much better in the activity. Still, those sunglasses are really very nice to look at, keeping with the latest fashion in the industry.

However, regular wearers of those lenses find that some progressive lenses problems can never be avoided at any time. This is because those problems are some inseparable parts of those lenses. One of the greatest problems is almost all wearers have to spend sometime adapting those lenses. And the adapting time varies a lot amid people of different groups. For instance, younger people may spend less time than those older ones; those who seldom wear glasses may spend less time than those regular wearers of other glasses.

In addition, how much do progressive lenses cost is also a frequently asked question by many consumers. Those lenses are really much expensive than other ordinary glasses. Generally, a pair of those glasses will cost $300 on average and such price can not be afforded by many wearers. Luckily, there are some cheap lenses in the market. Such as, the online vendors often sell cheap lenses of different sorts. Also, consumers can also ask insurance companies for help.

Anyway, progressive lenses are really very nice to have on, though they have some demerits.