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Profile on Prescription Polarized Sunglasses of Different Colors

May 9th, 2010

With weather getting warm, plans for vocation in early spring should be placed on agenda. Then a pair of polarized sunglasses must be a necessary accessory, and if you have myopia or hyperopia, prescription polarized sunglasses of different colors are strongly recommended.

The so called prescription polarized sunglass is a great combination of prescription glass, polarized glass and sunglass, which can be easily observed from the name. It indicates that, wearing prescription polarized sunglasses, without contact lenses, you could get a clear vision and at the same time keep your eyes from both harmful sun rays and reflections from water and mirror, etc.. Isn’t is a good way to kill more two birds with one stone?

Then, when choosing prescription polarized sunglasses by color, you must feel dizzy, for there are really a great many kinds of colors. Which kind should you choose?

The first principle people notice when choosing the color of sunglasses should probably be whether it matches with their skin colors or not. However, apart from this principle, for the goodness to your eyes, you should choose the color of sunglasses according to the function each has.

As for the color depths, they can be divided into that of 15%, 34%, 50% and 70%. The darker the lenses are, the more visible light will be absorbed, but the color depths are irrelevant to the capacity to block ultraviolet radiation, which is merely related to materials of the lenses.

The functions vary from one color to another. Gray lenses can absorb any kind of color spectrum, therefore, no aberration will be produced. Vision for gray sunglass wearers will merely get darker. Coffee lenses are able to eliminate a great many of blue light which could improve the sharpness of vision, so sunglasses with coffee lenses are suitable to be worn in environment where air pollution is severe. Green lenses, similar to gray lenses, are capable to increase the green light reaching to eyes, which would bring cool feeling to the wearers. Yellow lenses are also called night vision lenses. They are hardly able to increase visible light, but instead improve contrast ratio. Thus sunglasses with yellow lenses are strictly not included in sunglasses. They are more preferred to be referred as night vision glasses.

Then, with the above knowledge, facing prescription polarized sunglasses of different colors, you could choose the right color and depths of that suitable to your lives most. Just have a try.

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Prescription Polarized Sunglasses and Their Competitive Advantages

April 18th, 2010

Sunglasses are popular, and prescription sunglasses are also very popular. And with the development of technology and urgent demands of consumers, prescription sunglasses are now divided into much more specific series. For example, some prescription sunglasses are mainly used for people with particular eye problems; some are for special outdoors sports activities; some for outdoor uses, etc. And some of those sunglasses have really attracted a lot of people and become leading products in the industry. Of which, prescription polarized sunglasses are just such typical examples. According to some statistics, those unique sunglasses have gained very wide popularity and now still maintained their competitive advantages. If so, what are their merits and advantages compared to other conventional sunglasses?

The foremost important merit on those unique sunglasses is they are polarized. Polarization is a very complicated making process, through which the sunglasses are particularly dealt. After polarization, sunglasses can be used to combat glares that are some of the most harmful rays to eyes.

Glares, as their names indicate, are some of the radiations reflected by other mirror-alike objects when lights are shed on them. They will not only affect people’s vision- many objects can not be seen if there are too many glares around, but also cause great damage to people’s eyes- some may suffer from eye problems and some others get blinded as a result. Still, glares are almost every where around people’ living environment. For example, while driving at night, drivers will be greatly influenced by glares reflected by other cars; people can not see objects in the room if they see from the windows that will reflect sunlight; snow field and water pools are also places of great glares

Now that polarization is mainly for tackling glares; prescription polarized sunglasses can prevent people’s eyes from being damaged by glares in the aforesaid situations. Those sunglasses are good alternatives for people who often drive at night, who often go outdoors, etc. Especially, now some much better series are derived from them- some of those polarized sunglasses can be used for sports use. For example, there are now some prescription polarized sunglasses for skiing; some people who love to fishing also tends to wear those unique sunglasses and so forth.

Another prominent feature in prescription polarized sunglasses is they are highly prescribed. On the one hand, those sunglasses are meticulously and precisely made according to the prescription; still, in those sunglasses are some personal elements of the wearers. Therefore, almost all wearers will find that their sunglasses are special and individualized and their personal elements and elegance are also highlighted.

It is true that people pay more attention to styles and designs other than functions only on sunglasses. But functions are also important or vital for all wearers. And the emergence of prescription polarized sunglasses has ensured that functions, styles, personal tastes can all be highlighted at the same time.