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Buying prescription eye glasses online

January 30th, 2010

For those people who are financially tight and who have no vision plan, shopping online for a pair of prescription eye glasses will be the best choice. advertise themselves as the seller of prescription eye glasses at 8 dollars. This indeed attracts a lot of buyers. Most of the websites offer zero charge on anti-reflective, anti-scratch and UV protection. Until recently people are still worrying about buying prescription eye glasses online. As all our previous experience tell us that such shopping should be done in the optical stores with the optician in front. Even managers of VSP (Vision Service Plan) do not recommend patients to buy online prescription eye glasses. They think buying prescription eye glasses needs a delicate coordination between patient and optician.

Facing all these obstructions, online business of prescription eye glasses is still expanding. The most difficult part of online shopping is that buyers must get their prescription and PD right. As long as the prescription is precise, online retailers can mostly get the prescription eye glasses done with 100% accuracy.

No matter under what names these online retailers of prescription eye glasses are, all the discount prescription eye glasses are made and customized in China. China has become the land of prescription eye glasses.

Advantages of online eyeglasses

January 27th, 2010

Online eyeglasses are gaining more and more popularity. The market channel and operating mode of online eyeglasses are profoundly different with that of eyeglasses in traditional eyewear stores. Under the conventional mode, eye wearers must go to eyewear stores and select their favorite frames, lens. When online eye glasses appear, everything becomes simple and convenient. Online eyeglasses have many advantages.

The most widely acknowledged advantage of online eye glasses is that they are cheap. There is a popular website for online eyeglasses It offers online eyeglasses even classified by their prices, such as $8 eyeglasses, $9.95 eyeglasses etc. Customers will always get online eye glasses that are much cheaper than the same ones from the eyeglasses stores. More importantly, these cheap online eyeglasses sacrifice no quality and variety.

Online eye glasses offer much more colorful choices. Nowadays, eyeglasses stores are chained ones. However, most of the glasses stores have a limitation in types since the area of any location is limited and the rent fee is expensive. When it comes to online eyeglasses, the huge capacity of website can accommodate as many eyeglasses as possible.

Buying online eye glasses is more freely. Once entering an eyewear store, the shop assistant will be your side and makes sorts of recommendation. Some people don’t like it. The worse condition is that if you walk out of the shop without buying one, the face of shop staff changes. Online eyeglasses never bother you because every browse is under your control. You can just compare different online eye glasses sites and make a decision of your favorite freely.

How to get the cheap glasses

October 11th, 2009

Not everyone can afford the high cost glasses of top brands, such as Armani, Ray Ban, Oliver peoples. Generally speaking, glasses are the essential necessity for the people with vision problems, how they can get the high quality also cheap glass may be quite beneficial. Here are the methods to get a high quality while cheap glass.

You can choose relative cheap lenses and economical frames for cheap glass. Basic plastic lenses are much cheaper than high index ones, and simpler frames are lower priced than frames with decorations or with sophisticated designs

You can go to the wholesale eyeglasses markets for the cheap glass. Glasses retailers usually get the cheap glass from a large wholesale eyeglasses center, adding with the expensive overheads and salaries, as well as excessive profit margins, the cheap glasses turn into the very expensive ones. So it is easy to understand that the wholesale center is a good choice for the cheap glass.

With the rapid development of the internet technology, shopping online is very popular among people especially with the adolescents. It is very convenient as you just need to click the mouse before you can get the cheap glasses. You can save yourself up to 75% sometimes 90% on your prescription glasses. You may wonder why the prices are so cheap than the high street glasses. The reasons are quite obvious, the online glasses dealers may be the eyeglasses manufactures, they just sell the glasses directly steering clear of any unnecessary expenses. Meanwhile, the online shops are virtual ones, with the costs massively reduced.

There are also other ways to purchase the cheap glass. For example, you can keep your eyes on the discount information of the local eyeglasses shops, or you can go to the low-price orientated eyeglasses retailers for the cheap glass.

Knowing all of the above things are not enough, the most important thing is that you should pay much attention to your eye test. Professional eye test is especially important to get the accurate diopter power, pupil distance, and the astigmatism strength. You should go to the authorized optometrist’s office to have a thorough eye test and get a copy of your prescription. If you want to make sure all of the parameters are accurate enough, you can also have several eye tests.

Cheap glasses do not mean they are inferior. Cheap glasses just get rid of the unnecessary expenses. We should try our efforts to purchase high quality while cheap glasses.