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How to maintain and keep new glasses?

October 11th, 2009

If you have just purchased a pair of new eyeglasses, you need pay more attention to it. For the maintenance of new eyeglasses is not an easy job. Most glass wearers lack some basic knowledge of glasses keeping, let alone those who have just buy new eye glasses. Some people think it is no need to care too much about new glasses, but the fact is the maintenance of new glasses is essential, for it can decide their longevity.

Following are some basic tips that can help people to keep their new eyeglasses.

When wearing or taking off new glasses, it is better to use two hands. By two hands, the frames of glasses will not deformed, for by a single hand may make the new eyeglasses too loose to wear. And this can also prolong the life of glasses.

When the lenses of new glasses are tinted or coated, it is better to clean them by glasses clean cloth other and never use tissue paper. Because, the surfaces of lenses are to easily be hurt. Paper is made from fiber, and fiber may scratch lenses. This will to large extent damage new glasses.

Do not wear new glasses when doing sports. When people are doing strenuous exercise, glasses might be out of balance and move irregularly. This might cause the new eyeglasses to fall down or be crushed.

Do not put new glasses in any place where the temperature is too high. High temperature may cause the lenses of new eye glasses out of shape or even to be cracked. All the new glasses should be stored or worn at normal temperature.

In addition to what have been mentioned above, there are still many other pints to be noticed in keeping new eye glasses. Anyway, these mentioned points can benefit a lot for glasses wearers in lengthening the life of new eye glasses.