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Men glasses

June 22nd, 2015

The conventional wisdom is that glasses do make a man look smarter. Regarding to men glasses, the color and the shape are less than that of women glasses. While women have a plethora of knowledge at their fingertips to help them pick and choose their personal style, men have it a bit rougher. Too little guiding information exists to help them out, and many men are taught that worrying about fashion is frivolous anyway. But when it comes to getting men glasses, it’s important for men to make a decision that’s going to work for them over a long period of time.

Depending on your lifestyle, there are different types of lenses that can serve as valuable assets to you. Do you work outside a lot, or switch from being indoors to outdoors often? Transition lenses darken once exposed to sunlight, and will protect your eyes from UV rays and from over-squinting. Do you drive often, and experience difficulties seeing through glaring from the sun or headlights at night? Your optician can give you polarized lenses that will cut through this glare significantly and give you a sharper image. Also, if your prescription is stronger than a 4.00, you might want to discuss getting your lenses specially compounded to avoid a Coke-bottle effect over your eyes. You may have more considerations to make before choosing your perfect pair of glasses, but these are the bare minimums. If you don’t yet have an optician, major cities are full of qualified clinics waiting to help you. They can also help you look through dozens of frame varieties, and assist you in choosing the pair that is perfect for you as an individual.

Understanding your own face shape is not only important for choosing the best haircut and facial hair style, it will also help you choose your ideal spectacle frames. If you have a square jaw, you’ll want rounder frames to soften out your angular features. For those with round faces, you’ll do well with rectangular, bolder spectacle frames. A heart-shaped face is more difficult to complement, but you’ll find success in rounder frames that pull the focus from the forehead. If you’ve got an oval face, you can wear almost any type of frames you’d like. Unfortunately, no one pair of glasses will flatter each face the same way, so you’ll want to experiment with multiple spectacle frames to see which ones compliment you best.

Eyeglasses Frames For Men Can Be Bold And Spicy As Well

December 5th, 2011

The history of eyeglasses frames for men has been one of constant changing and evolving. What’s hot or “in” in one particular time period might turn out completely not Okay to wear in some other. The so called fashion value may sound vague, but it is evidently present in every piece of item we use in our daily lives, running down from the most obvious, our clothes, shoes and bags, right down to the accessories, by which we could refer to not other but glasses. It is true. A different pair of frames on a face has the power to immediately change that face into another. Not literally another face of course, but another vibe, vigor or even personality. The importance of a fitting pair of frames can not be over stated when it comes to dressing appropriately for the occasion and the man.

At the very mention of eyeglasses frames for men, most people would immediately think of those same old regular ones, i.e. aviators, rectangular and round John Lennon glasses. While all those styles are perfectly all right and cool, they lack what’s most important in an age of post-modernism, individual expressing, boldness and audacity. Traditionally, men are thought to be supposed to be this symbol of masculinity and virility, so any too complicated or minute designs would no doubt be vetoed as not compatible, not to mention those that are bold and spicy. Lately, however, the trend has been changed completely. The fashion for men’s eyeglasses frames is witnessing a major turn from the simple and conservative to the extreme and bold. Larger and larger frames with daring shapes and jaw dropping details are being worn by more and more gentlemen than ever before, creating a whole new glasses wearing phenomenon as well as revolutionizing the industry and people’s opinion on men’s eyeglasses frames all together.

Nowadays, it is not a sin any more for a man to spend time and money on his looks. More choices in eyeglasses frames for men are definitely in the favor of those who are sick and tired of the old workplace of men and are craving to try new looks. As more and more people are beginning to enjoy the fun of such frames, we can’t only predict such frames’ fate as here to stay long and strong.

Fun Facts About Men’s Bifocal Reading Glasses

October 18th, 2011

Lately, men’s bifocal reading glasses have been causing quite a stir on the optical market. People are rediscovering the multiple merits of this old product and rushing into the local drugstores to buy it. Those who have been troubled by the inconvenience of switching between different pairs of specs for different tasks for years can finally end up with a product that solves their problem once and for all. Others who had moved on to progressives, also known as no-line bifocals, and find themselves never passing the adjusting period are coming back, tolerating the disgrace of have a telltale sign of age on their faces but appreciating the real functional joy bifocal reading glasses offer. Once again, this type of specs whose origin can be traced back to one of the founding fathers of the United States, Benjamin Franklin, is experiencing its heydays all over again.

Well, just how exactly do these specs work? To answer that, you need to be aware of the fact that some of us who have vision problems aren’t just suffering from a single vision error. More often than not, two or even three refractive or accommodation problems are found in the very same persons, that is to say, he may be presbyopic, myopic and astigmatism all at the same time. For such an individual, going about simple daily businesses might turn out to be quite a torture for due to their multiple defects in their vision, they need to constantly switch between specs for different purposes to meet different vision requirements. Bifocal glasses change the whole game by blending two lenses of varing prescription powers into the same frame. With such a uniquely creative design, the wearer can look through the lower parts of lenses, which oftentimes offer short range vision correction, to see things up close and look through the upper parts to things at distance. Unlike progressive glasses which takes a quite painful adjustment to get used to, bifocal reading glasses are easy to use and trouble free to our eyes, to boot.

Many of you might have already noticed the fact that male wearers of bifocal reading glasses considerably outnumber female ones. What’s behind this fun gender difference? Well, as is explained above, bifocal glasses have two lenses blended into one frame. As a result, the vision field for each part of lenses is considerably reduced. Such effect is particularly obvious in the case of women’s bifocal specs in that frames for such specs are often smaller than those for men due to aesthetic reasons. Women’s bifocal glasses, therefore have a huge downside in terms of vision field whereas men’s bifocal reading glasses suffer from no such problem.

Men’s Wood Glasses: Go Eco-friendly with Your Eyewear

August 15th, 2011

With human’s exploitation of the nature causing more and more eco-related issues, the term “eco-friendly” has become the latest buzz word. You hear it in statesmen and politician’s speeches, in interviews of celebrities on red carpets and on commercials of hybrid electric cars. It’s ubiquitous. The fashion world, not surprisingly has been going along with that ride from the very beginning. More specifically in the optical industry, one particular frame type has been the major response to the eco-friendly movement in almost all other social and economical areas. And that’s the wood glasses. Mainly advertised for men, those wood glasses are framed with natural and recyclable wood. They not only give a unique and natural look to your face, but also do many goods to this world we are living in.
Men’s Wood Glasses

Many of you may ask how could cutting down tree to make eyeglasses frames be anywhere close to “eco-friendly”? Well, as a legitimate query as it is, the whole story is more complicated than what’s on the surface. You see, the wood that are used to make eyeglasses frames are mainly from sustainable type of tree resources. And we only use a small amount of wood to produce one pair of glasses. With that small amount of wood lost, we get to spare the utilization of a large amount of plastic or metal alloys that are extremely difficult to be recycled and can thus cause serious pollution. What’s more, because of the better durability of wood glasses, one can just get one pair of these and be good for the rest of his life, saving three or four or even more pairs of glasses made of other materials, which significantly reduces the amount of garbage that’s produced out of glasses. And if these wooden glasses ever get dumped, they are much easier to recycle than their plastic counterparts for sure.

Men’s Wood Glasses

In addition to being good for the planet, these wooden glasses are just a blast to wear. Mostly hand-crafted, they are much more delicate on the details. And besides that, the natural quality of the wood just always give out that simple but not easy vibe. With the motto of the current fashion scene going as “less is more”, these glasses which represent perfectly the simplicity philosophy and lifestyle are sure to lead a trend in the seasons to come.

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Men glasses styles

October 17th, 2009

Choosing a pair of men eyeglasses is as exciting as buying new clothes. Some modern men regard men eyeglasses as necessary accessories. Comfort, fit, durability and style all are priorities while choosing men glasses. To quite a number of people, style may be the main determinant when they choose men eyeglasses. Also, people may be shocked at the variety of fashion men eyeglasses styles.

There are several main styling options when it comes to men glasses. These include, but are not limited to, aviator men eyeglasses, stylish rimless men glasses, sprightly angled men glasses, semi-rimless men eyeglasses, titanium men eyeglasses, large-bold frames men glasses and plastic men glasses etc.

Aviator men glasses are relatively new style. Large-bold frames are trendy for men with bigger faces. The rimless and semi-rimless are known to be quite light and therefore often preferred by lots of men. The titanium styles, on the other hand are known to be the most durable, yet still quite lightweight. Last, the angled and plastic frames men eyeglasses are mostly popular in younger men, with their more fun and funky styles and colors to choose from. Also, plastic frames tend to be more affordable.

In addition, the types of lens in different styles men eyeglasses are also diverse. People can choose from the polycarbonate plastic lens, resin lens or the glass lens. Besides, lens can be made in different colors, which also made the choices diversely.

Men have a variety of alternatives because of there are so many choices of frames and lens which can be made up of so diverse styles of men glasses. Of course, men will be dazed when they face so many choices.